Mar 7 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: The Cheetah Robot Runs Faster than Any Other Robot

If you had a robot pet, would you be jealous if it could run faster than you? We think as wonderful as the robot cheetah is, we’re a little worried it might make our robot dolphin a little sad. What would you name your robot cheetah? We think the best answer is Robot Cheetah.

  1. Shatner talks to NPR.
  2. First scene from The Legend of Korra.
  3. Google says “Douglas Adams got it right.”

Every day Stubby the Rocket jets around the internet looking for links of interest. When Stubby finds these links, they get put in our handy Links of Interest section and sometimes on our Twitter and Facebook! Today’s selection:


Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby can outrun anything. Even a robot tortoise.

Andrew Thomas
1. ThomOfAndr
Oh great, now they are building fast Terminators!
Jenny Thrash
2. Sihaya
Wow, that officially makes the Kratt Brothers masters of predictive fiction. The cheetah robot racing episode of "Wild Kratts" probably airs on your local PBS affiliate every other week.
3. JamesPadraicR
I think you mean the Wailing Wall, or more properly the Western Wall--or even more properly the Kotel.

You know, just to be nitpicky.
4. JamesPadraicR
Okay, went back to Wikipedia, and they mention the Arabic name "Place of Weeping".
So, nevermind?

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