Mar 10 2012 8:26am

Jean Giraud “Moebius”: 1938-2012

Hugely popular and influential French comic artist Jean Giraud passed away today. Under his own name, and his science fiction pen-name “Moebius,” Giraud created thousands of comic strips that proved high art and surrealism could be brought to comics. Giraurd also collaborated with a number of movie directors, influencing the look and tone of Alien, The Fifth Element, and Blade Runner.

“The term ‘visionary’ is applied rather liberally these days. In Jean Giraud’s case, the word is simultaneously appropraote and inadequate....Moebius started on a joureny of spiritual exploration and self discivery and graciously has taken us along for the ride. Funny, erotic, shocking,evocative, inspirational, and unforgettable. Moebius has crated a body of work that challenges — and ultimately rewards— our imaginations. ” —Arnie Fenner on Jean Giraud’s Spectrum Grand Master recognition. 

He was a particular favorite among his fellow artists. Many creatives and readers will mourn his passing. 

2011 Paris exhibit of Moebius’ work.

Jean-Paul Mavinga
1. Jean-Paul Mavinga
A legend.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
2. Dwight Clark
A visionary and adaptive merchant of skilled craftsmanship. Beyond his years, defining a genre, then leaving it in its wake to find another related muse...
Jean-Paul Mavinga
3. Gardner Dozois
I had dinner with him once. A nice man, and a towering creative talent. He'll be missed.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
4. Nøhr
He was a monumental influence on my generation. Wonderful artist.
A giant. May he rest in peace.
Joris Meijer
5. jtmeijer
Great works, amazing in its weirdness, while also bringing realities to life.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
6. Karl Jes
I wish I could give you all the wonderfull houres back that you gave me in comic heaven. RIP.
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
Facebook and Twitter are lighting up like a smoth lined, serene colored christmas tree. It’s giving everyone a lot to smile about today.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
8. GregStott
His artwork is truly amazing, it transcends time itself. His clean lines and lovely coloring has inspired me for years. I scour ebay weekly for hidden gems of his work. I will have to read the Airtight Garage tonight. Thank you Moebius! You may now rest.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
9. GunnarB
His work speaks for it self as some of the most important in the comic world, any genre. I have allways been a huge fan.

enough said.

Jean-Paul Mavinga
10. dalgoda
When the comics boom hit, with the intro of Watchmen and Dark Knight, one of the best things to come out of that time was the openness of American comics readers to writers and artists from other countries. Many publishers were introducing artists such as Moebius to American eyes, many for the first time. This was a grand time to me. Moebius quickly became amazing to me. His ideas and his art just blew me away. I could look at a piece of his work for a long time and just keep finding things. I miss those days of new discoveries. And I will miss Moebius.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
11. David I. Herman
Sid Mead, Jean Giraud, Frazetta - no one can touch them....Men of vision, original, unbelieveable skills. Legends.
Jean-Paul Mavinga
13. Larry L Lambert
A great artist of the human imagination as well as the other we didn't know until Moebius created its presence. From the 1970s to the 21st century, his art stimulated and provoked me with thought and emotion, rationality and weirdness. His aesthetic touch and narratives will be missed, and he was a very nice person to talk with.

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