Mar 16 2012 10:55am

Get Redshirts On Facebook!

Psst! Hey! Over here! That’s right, just sidle on over to Facebook. We’ve got a special little sweepstakes up for a book you might be trying to get your hands on. That’s right, you can win a copy of Redshirts over on our Facebook page. Enter right here, and keep an eye out! More cool Redshirts content will pop up on that page the closer we get to launch!

Good luck!

1. akaSylvia
Hmm. It would have been nice to know it was US only before I authorised the app for my Facebook data.
2. Rancho Unicorno
No more post comments here contests or is this an exception? I don't know how to get onto my FB account anymore. I suppose I could reset my password, but that's more work than hitting submit and doing the captcha (I really should log in to tor).
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
This is just one of a number of sweepstakes styles we run -- we'll keep doing on-site ones as well. Mixing it up a bit.

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