Mar 3 2012 9:11pm

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

Wayne Wilson
1. stylusmobilus
Still think it is the best recreation of a fantasy series to screen I have seen. This includes LoTR.
2. coryj
@stylusmobilus: I totally agree. In fact, so far, I place A Song of Ice and Fire above LoTR, as literally works.

This trailer is awesome. I was wondering how long it would take HBO to use Florence and the Machine music to promote A Game of Thrones. It's a perfect fit.

I'm sure the actress who now plays Melissandre is wonderful, but how cool would it have been if they cast Florence Welch in the role? Also, choosing Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" for the trailer meshes pretty well with the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
3. coryj
I really hope Arya eventually gets her revenge. All that build up needs a commensurate pay-off.

And, I love her line: "Anyone can be killed..."

It would be amazing if HBO remains committed to this show and produces all 7+ seasons of it. Although I doubt something this good, this magnificent can really last.
4. AlBrown
Great trailer, can't wait. Even my wife, who is not a big fantasy fan, loves this series. As long as HBO keeps producing this, I'll be watching!!!
5. adamas
HBO seems commited to make them if people will watch them (i.e. they get a return on the investment)... So far, season 2 was commisioned after the numbers came out from episode 1 of season 1. If it's good, people will watch it, and they will have the budget to keep making it good: perpetuating the cycle. Also, since GRRM already wrote the story (and knows how to write television too) they wont have to resort to cheap tricks or sharkjumping plotlines to draw interest. "hollywood" as it were is learning that if they go out on a limb for a big complex series with enough fans, and they do it right, they can be rewarded financially for giving us exactly what we want. The success of this series will not only be great for getting this story onto the screen; but will also encourage others to bring more great stories onto film. The more we prove we will watch this kind of stuff over the generic formulaic lowest common denominator blockbuster, the better the future of film and television will be.
Anthony Pero
7. anthonypero
I'm very interested to see how they handle A Feast for Crows / A Dance With Dragons. Hope they get that far. HBO has the potential to salvage that crap, by cutting stuff out and weaving the two books together.
8. Baramos
HBO will continue making it. It gets incredibly good ratings for its cost. Those ratings equals subscribers who are usually paying around 16 dollars a month, plus quite a few people are going to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray. I think it gets twice as many viewers or better as Boardwalk Empire (another good show) at a similar cost. Around 4 million versus Boardwalk Empire's 2 million. And even though the price per episode is around 5 million dollars, that's similar to what they spend on Boardwalk Empire.

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