Mar 12 2012 3:30pm

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time Releases in Full Today

The colorful online Doctor Who game Worlds in Time officially released today! For those unfamiliar, Worlds in Time is a Flash-based browser game that where you join the Doctor as his companion in a series of missions with one overarching threat. (You even get your own sonic screwdriver and a room of your own in the TARDIS!) The game and the settings are entirely interactive, so along the way you’ll run into other folks playing through their own missions. Because time has been broken, and it’s going to take a whole lot of you to repair it.

Since the open preview launch in December 2011, the BBC and Three Rings have worked to make more Doctor Who environments available in the game, as well as introduce additional virtual items and create engaging communal features. We took a look at the staggering pedigree of knowledge behind the game about a month ago and came away well-assured that this is a cute game by fans, for fans. Also? It’s free!

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1. Zora
The fact that Three Rings is involved is a good sign. Their Puzzle Pirates game features good design and absorbing gameplay. (Their former game; they recently sold it off.)

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