Mar 30 2012 10:00am

Could The Hunger Games Really Happen?

The eponymous competition at the heart of The Hunger Games is a brutal event, which means death for all but one of the competitors. At first glance, it seems nearly impossible that the gruesome premise behind these fictional games could ever become reality. But can we really be so sure?

Let’s face it, as a species, we don’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to treating human life with tenderness and care. In ancient Rome, watching gladiators, prisoners, and slaves battle wild animals, and each other, to the (often gruesome) death was a popular, accepted, and often celebrated form of entertainment. Back in Medieval times (the era, not the dinner theater), nothing drew a crowd like a good ol’ execution—many of which were all-day affairs involving nearly unimaginable forms of torture.

‘Sure,’ you might say, ‘but that was the past, and far away, in distant lands! Now we are super classy modern Americans! That could never happen today.’ Perhaps not “today,” but as recently as 1936, public executions were still drawing crowds in the tens of thousands, right here at home.

Of course, the premise behind The Hunger Games is much closer to gladiatorial events than public executions. However, the latter does prove that until rather recently, Americans were still cool with getting together to watch other people die. As a society, could we go back to that mindset again?

It’s an important question, because at the end of the day, the chances of a real-life Hunger Games won’t depend on whether or not television channels will air it, or if companies will buy advertising on it. As long as there are viewers—consumers—watching, advertisers will pay big money to show them ads, and producers will keep making the programs on which to show them. So the real question is, would Americans be willing—eager even—to watch a real-life Hunger Games? Take a quick look at what America’s already watching and it isn’t hard to imagine.

“Reality” TV isn’t going anywhere. It has become an established and lucrative format, which, since 2002, has dominated TV viewership. In the great race for ratings, it seems that each season of reality programming pushes some kind of boundary just a little further. In terms of taboo subject matter, today we can see more, more easily, and in more places than ever before.

Advances in technology are definitely driving this rapid change in the acceptable versus the taboo. Back when television was a wee baby, viewers would be scandalized by the mere depiction of a double bed in a married couple’s bedroom. It didn’t matter if the couple was even in it. There had to be two beds or…SCANDAL! OUTRAGE! SHAKING OF FISTS AND TALKING LIKE ANGRY JIMMY STEWART!

These days, no one bats an eye at a full hour of spray-tanned seaside smushing, or teen dramas with more sex and booze in a single episode than most adult viewers have enjoyed in their own lives over the last 10 years. It’s not just about lower standards on TV. It’s that what was once taboo has suddenly become mainstream. That opens the door for much of the programming we see today, the bulk of which we couldn’t have imagined being on air fifty years ago.

“The internet, and everything on it, is mainstream now.” —Crooked Little Vein, Warren Ellis

But that’s not just television’s fault. Thanks to that wacky series of tubes, the Internet, you can find a video of almost anything you ever wanted to see—or never wanted to see—in a matter of seconds. Though pornography is the easy example here, the effects of this quick and easy access to the creation and proliferation of media is really much more pervasive than that. Leaked videos from military prisons, kids recording themselves beating up classmates—real-life depictions of real-life violence that are readily available for public consumption. What’s more, it’s not just that people make these videos, or that people can find them easily—it’s that people, many people, want to watch them.

Back to Angry Jimmy Stewart Voice: But surely, we would draw a line where the children are concerned! Surely, we would never pit innocent children against each other for mere entertainment!

Are you sure Jimmy? Yes, it’s true that, in many ways, kids in America have never had it better than they do today—no one is shoving them down a coalmine to work at age six, or marrying them off at age 12. But again, it wasn’t all that long ago when child labor was the norm, and pretty much accepted by society at large.

It’s easy to watch shows like Toddlers & Tiaras and instantly feel like a genetically superior, fully actualized human being, snarking the crazy antics of stage moms and weirdo judges. But don’t forget, even as heavily staged as that show is, those are real kids under all the body glitter and pancake makeup (and those are real creepster men sitting in the back row). Clearly, competition on Toddlers & Tiaras is a far cry from popping the little princesses into an arena and watching them fight for survival (but TLC, call me!). However, we’re certainly not above creating some pretty ethically questionable material involving children, just for the sake of entertainment.

So, does any of this mean we’re headed straight for Panem ourselves? Truthfully, I don’t think so. I’d like to believe that some of our gains as a society (and as a species) are permanent and that any attempt at creating a real-life Hunger Games would never be allowed. But, then again, perhaps future-me will be rereading this post on my iBrain 3 (Apple, call me!) with a touch of bitter irony as I prepare for battle in the 2060 GeriGames (“Social Security, You Have to Earn It…Again”). Either way, may the odds be ever in your favor.

When Nancy Lambert doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she’s busy cutting down restless draugrs in Skyrim and putzing around online.

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Patrick C
1. Patrick C

I think there are three things that have to be in place in order for an event like The Hunger Games to exist in any society. A controling government, and event that causes a group of people to disconect themselves with another humanity, and finally a broken group to pull the children from. It is not hard to imagine that after 9/11 Bush could have enforced a no dissention policy on America, declared that Afganastan must give up 24 children to fight to the death on live tv, and threatened to nuke Afganastan if it doesn't. There would have been resistance but it would be silenced and 74 years later, it would be a part our life.
Patrick C
2. JulesW
America already sends its young people - overwhelmingly from among the ransk of the poor - to fight in wars. Hunger Games is here.
Patrick C
3. Rancho Unicorno
This morning I read in the paper about a group of Crips that were forcing at least ten local teens into prostitution. Granted, these outstanding young men are all adults now, but there is a little part of me (I think it's the part that thinks about my daughter) that would enjoy pitting these types in a Hunger Games type scenario.
Patrick C
4. Kendra Kitten
The Hunger Games - live and on TV - would be supported by a large percentage of US residents. Just do the same thing, but instead of having the contestents be kids randomly drawn, have the contestents be "terrorists" (notice the quotation marks), which of course would be any person the government deems is a "terrorist" (of course without any trial).
Patrick C
5. Rapter
We already have death and destuction as entertainment in the form of video games. how far is it from killing an avatar on screen to watching real people do battle on screen. Everybody is facinated by death and destruction as depicted in news broadcasts, movies and fiction. Watching others die affirms our own continuing existance.
Marcus W
6. toryx
High School football is one of the most popular events pitting young men against each other in the U.S. and it's pretty brutal. Sure that's a long way from the Hunger Games but I've always thought it had the same sort of appeal. Every football game I've ever watched with a group always rose to a crescendo on the biggest, most painful looking hits. Hockey's the same way.

With Reality TV's popularity and the increasing poverty I wouldn't be that surprised if we're heading in that direction. It may be a long way off but it does seem like a very real possibility to me.

There's also been talk by someone out west (can't remember who or where right on the top of my head) about bringing back hangings. You know that'd be publicized if it actually happened.
Patrick C
7. joyceman
Bush could have enforced a no dissention policy on America, declared that Afganastan must give up 24 children to fight to the death on live tv, and threatened to nuke Afganastan if it doesn't.
Really? So Bush could have repealed portions of the contitution & the Bill or Rights, overtly threatened to violate the no first use policy (sure the Russians, Chinese, NATO allies, Pakistan, & India would be fine with that right?) and created a televised death sport with little problems?

Because the American people where just so thirsty for revenge that they would be interested in seeing Afganistani children killed on live TV? This in a country where a show is cancelled because horses died during production.

How old where you in 2001?

As to the original question, realty TV right now consists of people willingly making asses of themselves for exposure, publicity and money. We are a long way from killing people on TV, let alone forcing people to kill. When it proceeds to Running Man-esque type mutiliations and such, I'll concede the point.
Patrick C
8. Saddened
We already kill tens of thousands of children a year, in doctors’ offices, it's legal and people defend it as some sort of basic right. We are way past Hunger Games.
Patrick C
9. Sfinkle
Our society is getting to be more and more the haves versus the have nots. All you have to do is offer the poorest group the "opportunity" to sacrifice one of the several children for the rewards of a secure life, (enough food, medical care, decent housing, citizenship, etc) for themselves and their other children and you might see people jump at the chance. The reality may be closer than you think.
Patrick C
10. Syllabus
Human nature hasn't changed a bit. If anything, it has worsened. Given the right set of circumstances, this is (if not on such a grand scale, at least on a smaller one) a somewhat plausible reality.

Yeesh, I've got to stop reading Hobbes.
Barry T
11. blindillusion
My wife and I were discussing something that happened in the Philippines a few years ago. It seems a political candidate took his challengers entire family out into the woods, killed all of them and buried them in a shallow grave. I looked her in the eyes and said it didn’t surprise me. Point being, I realized right about then that there is nothing that one human could/would/will do to another human that would surprise, or shock, me.

Is Hunger Games on the way? I’m not sure we’re near that level of inhumanity, but then again, it wouldn’t surprise in the least.
Sky Thibedeau
12. SkylarkThibedeau

If Bush is Snow that must mean Obama is Coin? If the 99% are the Capitol then Occupy must be District 13. Will I be hung up in chains if I sneak an extra piece of bread?

The very name of Panem comes from the latin Panem et Circenses (Bread and Circuses). The Roman Satirist Juvenal writing in Satire X stated "...
Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.

The People of Rome gave up their Civic Duties and Rights to politicians in exchange for a Full Belly and Entertainment.
Patrick C
13. sofrina
i think the key notion here is oppression. the hunger games work because there is an everpresent military to enforce it and many other harsh rules. as katniss points out, people in district 12 keel over from starvation all the time. that's almost an exact quote. the desperation of constant hunger is key in how the capitol subdues panem and compels its citizens to go along with the games. they don't have the strength to fight back. they see no future but more of the same. their real lives hold no hope of improvement, BUT if one of their own won the games... well, that would surely trickle out to the rest of the community. katniss believes that if she doesn't win peeta should because at least that would be better for their district and her family.

look to the irish famine. people so hungry they ate grass. so desperate they sold their little plots of land and went into the poorhouse in exchange for a bowl of soup everyday.

hungry people will do anything. and desperate people will leap at a chance to feel better about their lot even if it's by enjoying someone else's misery.
Sky Thibedeau
14. SkylarkThibedeau
It's the Hunger Games too because you can get extra flour and oil for your family if you accept extra tessarae for your family at the cost of having an additional chit for yourself added to the bowl at the reaping each year. Gale had 42 chits in the 74th reaping for district 12. The hungrier you were the less the odds were in your favor.
Sanctume Spiritstone
15. Sanctume
How about just Bully Games?
Put all the bullies in a pit and let the baddest rise to the top!
Patrick C
16. joe_heron
wasnt this premise of kids fighting till only one survive done in Battle Royale (japanese movie)?
alastair chadwin
17. a-j
There is a terrible danger in the assumption that we are morally superior to our ancestors. It can lead to a dangerous complacency about our own societies. An interesting game to play is to try and imagine what aspect of our society will be viewed with the kind of horror that gladiators are by us. The game is alarming because it is impossible to tell. Eating meat? Pollution? Wars? Third World poverty? Burning fossil fuel simply in order to save having to walk? Gun control? Lack of gun control? We can never assume that we have a moral superiority simply by being alive now. It is our descendants, not us, who will stand in judgement.
Patrick C
18. Gerry__Quinn
Rapter@ 5:"We already have death and destuction as entertainment in the form of video games."

And even before that there were novels.
Patrick C
19. Katy Ytak
You all know you want it!

All the adults know they would love to watch a competition between youngsters in a fight for survival. All the young kids know they would love to train and fight for the title of champion.

Let’s make it happen!

This girl is getting ready. When she turns 18 she will be prepared to fight, hunt and survive.

Apply here or have your kids apply here.

Good luck!
Patrick C
20. Eric Saveau
@joyceman -

How old where you in 2001?

PatrickC's age is unknown to me, but in 2001 I was in my mid-thirties. 2001 began with the vice-president inviting the leaders of all the energy companies to closed door meetings whose proceedings were declared top-secret but which the American people later found out involved dividing up a map of Iraq. That same year terrorism was dismissed as a wierd obsession of the previous administration... right up until it literally blew up in our faces and was subsequently used as a pretext to invade a country that had never attacked us. As the decade wore on the administration in power declared that torture wasn't really torture if practiced by Americans on other people and that anything the President did or enacted was legal by definition, regardless of what the Constitution said or what was established in legal precedent. Anyone who spoke up against these things was warned off by the administration and openly declared a traitor, mentally ill, or both by the administration's mouthpieces in the media. It also later came out that the President had signed orders into law giving him the right to declare a state of emergency (and reserving for himself the sole right to determine what constituted such a state) in which armed forces could be deployed against American citizens.

PatrickC's hastily sketched scenario is a stretch, true. But it is a stretch extrapolated from things that powerful people actually did, and what else they did not do but were thinking about. We may derive some comfort from the fact that such scenarios have not come to pass, but it may also be unwise to blithely dismiss them or those who posit them.

How old were you in 2001, joyceman?
Jen Vaughn
21. Jen_Vaughn
Ha! I love the GeriGames. Reminds me of Looking Backward: 2000-1887 a utopian (dystopian to me) by Edward Bellamy where the old go to fight the wars with memories of their loved ones in their hearts. It was written IN 1887.

Great article.
Patrick C
22. eilidhdawn
i don't think it will happen anytime soon
but they are basically televised executions that the districts were forced to participate in and watch
the captol was where it became part of the entertainment industry almost a bonus
Patrick C
24. Hungergamesfan
I love the hunger games books but if we did have a real hunger games, then would all the 50 states of America would be forced to watch and participate? That means we would have to fight 100 kids and it would be much more brutal! That also means that we would have 50 districts and California's district would probably be for I dunno sand? Lol! But it wouldn't take that long for us do get closer to Panem. Just today I saw a first grader get beat up by a pack of 7 th graders! They kicked him in the head and socked him in the mouth so I would think those kids would be careers. Anyways happy hunger games! And may the odds, be ever in your favor!
Patrick C
25. collie
I think they will happen after all it may bring peace not only to america but the world! think kids fighting for food all over the world to all world leaders im eleven 1 year younger then the requested this could happen!
Patrick C
27. Ilayna Benoit
I really think that the Hunger Games can happen to be like real about that movie i think what Katniess did was very goood because Prim would not servie.
Patrick C
28. While We Sleep
I am reading the third book of the trilogy, and today was struck by the realization that the Capitol could be the U.S.--TODAY. We're getting fatter, and more hedonistic; adorned with tats, earrings and hair of every color. 24-7 we are plugged into electronics, craving entertainment. "Talent" and reality shows dominate the airwaves. We watch them on our gigantic HD televisions (which are most likely watching us right back). Most of us can't be bothered to vote, and many remained indifferent to, and even zealously in support of, Bush and his cronies while they screamed "red alert" and dismanteled our rights via the Patriot Act, and sent our kids to fight a bogus war that made bizzillions for their corporate pals. The five corporate whores on the Supreme Court find time and time again in favor of big corporations, and ultimately grant them the same status as individuals under the Constitution, ensuring their right to buy elections. Wall Street execs and bankers rob us blind without consequence, while our representatives bail them out.

Meanwhile, you can find us waiting in long lines, sometimes overnight, to be the first to have the latest gadget produced by the "Districts" (less-develped countries, paying substandard wages in deplorable working conditions). Local businesses close because they can't compete with the likes of Walmart, which forces its suppliers to move their production to Districts (like China) so it can boast "Always Low Prices." Television stations are owned by mega-corporations with ties to oil and chemical companies, big pharma, etc. They decide what we will hear, and what is true and what isn't. We in the Capitol celebrate, without question, the torture and mistreatment of anyone or any District that our government labels an "enemy." We live relatively easy lives of abundant consumption, oblivious to how this affects the Districts.
Patrick C
29. me!!!
In all honesty, making The Hunger Games real could be a good thing. Of course kids fighting to the death is not that great, but if we started now, it could possibly stop world overpopulation. And it would be pretty cool to actually live your favorite book. Hmmm... I'll meet with the President to talk about that.
Patrick C
30. me!!! (again)
And we would need to do this very soon! Admit it, being in the Hunger Games would be the coolest thing in the world. Even if you died, you'd know that you did it for a good reason. Let the games begin! NOW!!!
Patrick C
31. james magumbo
I think that we should just get all the countries in the world in one bowl and then draw out twelve countries and after should draw out two people, one boy and one girl, from the selected countries. Then they shall fight to the death. LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!!!!! and MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick C
32. socks12ful
I think that an event like The Hunger Games could exist. Maybe not in the near future but, think about it. In a post-apocalyptic society, the earth got destroyed by flash floods, earthquakes and fires. So most of the records about the roman days were destroyed so a new government tirency what ever would be born so they would make the new rules with a Hugner Games. If this makes any sence...
Patrick C
33. Jocylin
Some of these comments... i.. they break my heart. They make me feel like this is a very real possibility. Such as Sancrust saying to throw bullies in the games, i don't care if it was a joke or not... It truly makes you wonder what this world is coming to. Recently i watched a video with my drivers ed class which was classified as "Comedy" about a car getting knocked into traffic and hit by an oncoming truck which crushed it to pieces... everyone laughed histerically.. admitidally i laughed a little too. But after i felt sick to my stomach.. that person died. There could of been a family in there, little babies even. Not to mention the greif it brought that Semi truck driver. It got me thinking that if we could sit there and laugh at someone getting hit by a semi and obviouslly killed gone from this earth? Well, how far off could it be till we watch them kill eachother on TV? "Hey its not me in there, so who cares?" Have you ever caught yourself saying that? Or something similar? Ya, you probably have... ugh
Patrick C
34. Ashley Robinson
The Hunger Games is on its way here. Think about it, in movies the U.S. makes tons of movies showing kids fighting to the death, escaping death, etc. Lets face it most americans love seeing ppl fight and die for entertainment. If the U.S. keeps going like this ,then lets face it the Hunger Games could become a new nightmare for kids.
Patrick C
35. #1 HungerGames fan
i am 12 the required age for the hunger games. i think that this could actually happen. i mean if u think about it countries today r threatning nuclearer war. if all the countries do this then the u.s. will be basically like panem. if this actually happens then kids will be forced to fight to the death. this would be grusome but would be very entertaining to the world and americans. if the games come real then good luck in the reaping!!!
Patrick C
36. IdiotBoxGuy
Could this happen? I'm 13 and this is something I like. I mean till its in video games like 'Minecraft'. But in real life, I would not like to die!
I have my mother to care of lol!
Patrick C
37. Clove
Yes, i think the hunger games will happen....think about are aconimy today :/ its full of technolgy and it just keep getting bigger, i dosent suprise me if they make a hunger games if they do the will annonce it publicly on T.V and annocne what district u will be. But i think it might be called something else besides the Hunger Games. I Want the hunger games to happen... i know kids fight to the death but......wouldnt u love to live ut Lovely Nightmear? :D btw im 10 o.e
Patrick C
38. Elmet flyrose
I think it would happen cause I have had 2 visons one was I saw a mocking jay shaped cloud last month and the other was I had a dream of being in the hunge rd games plus today people would pay to watch spmething like the hunger games so its a possibilitg it will happen in a few years
Patrick C
39. Lalalalala
Ur. Murr. Gursh. This could totally happen, hands down. Look guys, wether u want to admit it or not, at the rate were going, something along the lines of the hunger games could happen. It is terrible to think about, but there are millions of people out there that would willingly host it for money and advertisement. It's scary, yeah, but it's reality.
Patrick C
40. jenna
I personally think we should have a hunger games with fake knives bows and arrows but yet still have to survive but u could get food sent to u! I also think that yes it could happen and yes america is going down soon enough it will happen!
Patrick C
41. Obsessed
I really feel like it will happen. But they question is will it happen during our lives. To be honest, you may think I'm crazy, I want it to happen during my time. And I see nothing stopping somebody who's willing to do a hunger games type thing in the next 5 years or so. Let me just say. Something like the hunger games isn't impossible.
Patrick C
42. Fine
Not in the way we see it on television I think, cause I can't imagine the technology rising to such a high level. But have you ever seen Survivor? I think in this kind of tv-show we could find something comparable. And guess what? Everyone will watch it and the stupid people will love and celebrate it, cause they'll eat what others feed.
Patrick C
43. Savvy
@Saddened Your words a pure truth! In contrast, we really are already a sadistic, blood-soaked entertainment seeking nation!

Some of these comments sicken me. Wishing to cease overpopulation? That is the most pathetic, braindead reason If I ever heard one.
Look at yourselves. Anybody with eyes can see, clear as day, that The Hunger Games is not far from happening. Our current president(although I detest referring to him with such a label) is already a sadistic, meddling liar who finds pleasure in the death of innocent life. If he didnt, he would have surely illegalized it.

I just hope and pray that it doesn't happen in my generation. I've already chosen not to birth children into this wretched economy; with no sign of recovering anytime soon.

If perhaps it does happen in my generation, I would like to know where I can find some nightlock.
Patrick C
44. Pielover888
Every night i think about it. Could this really happen? Well probably knowing this world it will. I Would never watch the show because it's sickening watching children die escpeacilly if there you'res. I am 12 and i just hope it does'nt happen i want to live and not have to worry if it will happen. Why would you want to watch kids die for??? It's terrible and for somewone to want to is seriouslly sick. =C Please don't let this happen.-Arianna!!!
Patrick C
45. rosela
If i truly ask myself this question ,the anwser would be yes.In the world we live in today,where murder has become a part of daily life, this isnt so far fetched.So whos to say the hunger games won't become reality?Anyone with a brain can see that its very possible.
Patrick C
46. Madds
Possible? Of course! I believe our world could easily be there. A couple things are out of place, such as: revolutionary medicine, controlled environment/arenas, motive, extreme poverty etc. half the time we may never have a victor since we don't have the medicine to save someone so badly injured. We may think we can control arenas, but not in the way they do. Cameras capturing everything, animals, the weather it just wouldn't work very well! That doesn't mean it couldn't happen. One thing that I know for sure is; people may want extreme entertainment, but at what price. Same as the Capitol, they only wanted it when it didn't hurt them. They only wanted the games when it wasn't their own children/friends/family. I can say right now, that anyone who loves their children and has young children who could possibly be reaped would never vote in favor of the hunger games! You say it would be for a good cause though? Good cause my ass! World peace will never happen! It didn't happen in the books, their wasn't really peace, just revenge. Wherever there is war there will always be war. If you believe otherwise you are ignorant or possibly insane! I would never give up my innocent child for a "maybe," of world peace anyway, and I'm sure most mothers would agree! Anyone who believes there should be a hunger games in real life should offer themselves as tribute, instead of being cowardly and offering up kids! Most people wouldn't vote for it if they themselves would be entered into it or actually compete just by saying yes! Anyways, whether or not it could/would/will I swear on everything I am, you'd have to pry my children from my cold dead hands first!
Patrick C
47. Reidster
To be honest I would love it to happen. It would be so cool! It would be very interesting to see how they would portray it in real life.
Patrick C
48. blang72
I think it could potentially happen, but they would probably reap on murderes and rapists in prison.
Patrick C
49. Lauren_Sparks
Honestly, this is more than likely going to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened before 2016. Obama already has got everybody running around like chickens with their heads cut off, he's trying to reason with terriost that are not going to listen to anything we're trying to say, he is a terriost himself, think about it, Gun control, a reason to ban guns is because it's easier to take over a country that has nothing to defend itself. Abortion, we are killing children EVERYDAY, and the worst part about this is that it is legal, so if we are aloud to kill little children that has not even seen the light of day, who's to say that we wouldn't be interested in having teens fight to the death, until one stands as a victor. Our goverment is just too big anymore, it has got more power than our Fore-Fathers wanted it to have, we might as well toss the Bill of Rights and The Constitution in the garbage because the goverment isn't following any of the rules that are in it, they have taken God out of the school systems, now kids have no morals, the pick on and torment other classmates just for the fun of it, there is prostitution all over the U.S, we let out children play violent video games, they watch violent videos, the internet has no boundrys, there are videos of kids bulling other kids, kids and teens posting suicide videos, pornagragh, and all this stuff is avalible with just a few taps of a button, we have lost out country, it went under the day Obama took office and nothing will change that until somthing major happens, there will either be an other world war, or The Hunger Games.
Patrick C
50. RLY?
Saddened and JulesW, 1. What about all the kids who are SAVED by Western medicine? 2. Most soldiers volunteer. So, OH, RLY?
Patrick C
51. My god
Are you guys serious? Would some guys REALLY like to be in the Hunger Games? You'd probably die and it would suck big time.
Katniss Everdeen may be the shit and some of you kids may look up to her because she's a strong victor and such, you wanna be like her, the books may be super cool but you should not want to be in a Hunger Games arena. seriously that's just sick and fucked up; you'd probably die, leave your family, friends, hopes and dreams behind... Why'd anyone who isn't suicidal want that for real?
Patrick C
55. Etreus
I think not many people realise that The Hunger Games is from the beginning a metaphor of the world we live in today. Every single aspect of the movie or book depicts exactly what is happening in our world. Obviously the author uses artistic or fictional ideas to disguise the facts and events that occur in the "real" world, but nevertheless it is an attempt to warn or wake people up to the fact that our "leaders" are already doing all that brain washing and manipulation through the media and consumerism, just like in The Hunger Games, keeping sheeple entertained and getting fat and sick on their comfortable lounges while they enjoy their millionare lifestyles in abundance and squander. It is an attempt to show people that we, the citizens of the world, as the majority need to wake up to these fictitious world order rules and customs that they inflict on to us to keep us under their spell.
We need to realise that there are enough resources for everybody in this planet if we only took what we need, not ten fold just because you can afford it and then end up throwing it away. We should be able to do and have everything we want now. But we need to learn to respect each other's rights and differences without making excuses to have the bigger piece of the cake for ourselves. I think some change is already hapenning and the wheels are slowly starting to roll towards a more understanding and free-thinking world.
Patrick C
56. maddie c
(sorry for spelling in advanced) honestly i think that contoling govermet (snow/capitol) could be north koriea in a few years beacuse they are sadly already gaining power and humans are pretty selfish people so i mean it would make since if we did split up into "districts" and have "peace keepers" around our home and on our backs 24/7 which would all probaly be north koria but still and we are only advancing in technology and most of it is either coming from apple microsoft ect. or places in asia. The whole mocking jay and there is only one person tha can help seems a little fictional but for all i know i could be the savior (highly doubt it) but still its the same idea. I think teh "hunger games" will probaly not be called that but all the fake technology they usdin the movies could become real and maybe even bigger and for the most part better. but thats just my opinion

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