Mar 17 2012 7:31pm

The Full Prometheus Trailer

Patrick McGee
1. AeroHudson
All I can say is, wow! Friggin awesome trailer.
Ryan Hodge
2. Ryan Hodge
Sure looks like a new shuffle of the same old deck.
Ryan Hodge
3. politeruin
Now that's the stuff.
Ryan Hodge
4. Lokidragon

If anyone can shuffle an old deck and make it awesome I think Ridley Scott can...he is just one of those director's that (in my opinion) never falls short.
Ryan Hodge
5. Andrés Valenzuela
This is looking fine.

I don't want to rush into things, but the trailer kind of gave me an idea on what could maybe happen to connect Prometheus with Alien directly (beyond the obvious Space Jockey thing, of course).

It seems, according to the trailer, that mankind sends this guys to the planet following the hints left behind by aliens on Earth. They arrive beleiving it's an invitation but find that it's not something friendly at all. The aliens (Space-Jockey) want to go to Earth with nothing too-good in mind. Since it seems that there is only one, or at least very few SJs, they maybe (this is completely product of my disturbed mind, so don't take it too serious) they are the last of some kind of great race and want to go to earth to harvest us in order to rebuild their own kind (or something).

The point seems to be that our space team has to stop them from reaching Earth (or even leaving the misterious planet).... soooooooooo.... My guess is (and this is proof that I'm just speculating)... maybe Humans created the Alien (capital A) o stop the SJ. That would not only explain why SJ was obviously killed by an Alien, but also why we don't even see Alien eggs arround (or any hint of Aliens, unless you count the green goo). It would also explain why the Wayland Yutani Corp. seems to have known the existence of the Alien fom the beginning... maybe they helped to create it?

Well.. this is obviously just speculation based on... a trailer... so it's probably worth nothing (but it's always fun to let you imagination complete a picture... isn't Science Fiction all about that in the end?).
Rich Bennett
8. Neuralnet
wow, still not 100% sure what this movie is about, but it doesnt matter... cant wait to see it
Ryan Hodge
9. politeruin
Think i prefer the international trailer now i've seen it, it's more in keeping with alien than aliens.

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