Mar 4 2012 5:58pm

10 Minutes of John Carter!

Our resident Burroughs expert had some good things to say about John Carter of the Movies, now Disney seems to be trying to prove it is worth seeing (in the face of what many are claiming a botched ad campaign) by releasing ten full minutes. 

1. AlBrown
I think people will care a lot more about John Carter after seeing this clip. Since Disney decided to take Mars out of the title, and focus on the man, at least they have now given us a glimpse of who this man is, other than someone who leaps around, performs feats of strength and growls a lot.
I am invested in this movie regardless, having loved these stories since I encountered them nearly five decades ago. I hope it reaches a good audience, and does well in the theaters.
2. Joseph P.
Saw the movie at a pre-screening. I've been a Burroughs and Sci-Fi fan since I was a youngster. I was hoping that this movie would be worthwhile. Without going into details of the movie, it departs so dramatically from Burroughs original that it left me wondering why Disney even paid ERB Inc. for the use of the names and characters. I was dissappointed at the plot changes. They just made no sense to me whatsoever. It is a very cartoonish version of Barsoom and John Carter. About an hour into the movie I concluded that it was big mess. Just not for me. However, quite a few of the other people there seemed to enjoy the movie. So like everything else, don't trust the reviews, just see it for yourself.
3. DaveMB
The final location in this clip looked a lot like the place in Silverado from which the good guys retrieved the settler's treasure box (slightly outside of John Cleese's jurisdiction).
4. AlBrown
Dave, I think you are right, I swear I have seen that canyon before!!!
5. AwesomeAud
Kind of misleading. Anybody who doesn't know much about the movie will think it's a western.
6. politeruin
Wait, that's not what happens in the book! One would think they need to hammer home what a noble, honourable person this is and not just a retired confederate gold prospector out for profit...oh, that's exactly what they did. Shame. The multiple escape attempts were good though.
j p
7. sps49
Ten minutes and all that money on what was glossed over in 3 pages? Um.
I don't know who is in charge of promoting this movie, but this may be the same mistake as Firefly promos- a shades of brown Western, not action adventure SF.
I'm still going to see it with my 10 year old on Saturday.
Constance Sublette
8. Zorra
The clip suggests that that tired old Hollywood trope as to the motivation of the protagonist to be a badass is that his wife was killed by Union soldiers or something like that -- he's a confederate of the VA cavalry, like Marian C. Cooper's (King Kong) uncle was, IIRC -- or his father -- one of his near male relatives.

Woman exists only to be killed as motivation for the Hero trope has worn out its welcome also.

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