Feb 7 2012 6:00pm

What if the Empire From Star Wars Was British?

Along with being a rather momentous anniversary for Charles “Chuck” Dickens, it’s also comedian Eddie Izzard’s 50th birthday! In celebration, let us view his 1999 bit about what it would be like if the Empire in Star Wars was completely British. “The Rebels are here?! Do they want tea?”

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1. sps49
I was pretty sure the Empire was British, especially once Peter Cushing took the stage.
Chris Lough
2. TorChris
@1. Yup. And Izzard's commentary on it is an in-office favorite.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
3. pnh
Eddie Izzard is the funniest comedian in the world named after a pair of Tor editors' onetime fanzine. Okay, he may actually be the funniest comedian in the world. ("Travesty executif.")
5. Andrewr05
I love Izzard, the skit about American movies versus British movies is fantastically funny.
6. Derek J. Goodman
Oh come on, you can't post that without posting this:


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