Feb 16 2012 2:50pm

The Release Date for A Memory of Light Has Been Set

A Memory of Light release date has been set

The first novel in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time®, The Eye of the World, was released on January 15, 1990. Now more than twenty years later, Tor Books is thrilled to announce the official publication date for the final novel in the series.

A Memory of Light will release on January 8, 2013, in the final month of the Year of the Dragon.

A Memory of Light is one of the most important titles that Tor will ever publish. Many of the principal players have been involved with the series since its inception, including Publisher Tom Doherty and Editor Harriet McDougal, who worked with Robert Jordan on all of his books, and who is working with Brandon Sanderson, the writer finishing the series from Robert Jordan’s outline and his notes. This is a landmark publication not just for Tor but for millions of fans of the late Robert Jordan, who eagerly await the conclusion to his epic tale. Everyone involved with the project is committed to making this an ending to remember.

Over the next few seasons, Tor will continue to release new Wheel of Time material, including trade paperback editions of the early novels with new art, new graphic novel editions of the The Eye of the World comics, and other material related to A Memory of Light as we get closer to publication date. 

What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

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Sean Arthur
1. wsean

End of an era. But... can't wait. :)
Zayne Forehand
2. ShiningArmor
2013?!?! I understand wanting the milestone but then to not just make it the same day 23 years later since it's only 7 days apart seems silly. I'm very disappointed that i have to wait that long to finish this amazing series.

Bad Call Tor, bad call...
3. Paytonius
That late of a release date is pretty ridiculous.
4. dannels
Yeah January 2013 is a huge slap in the face.
5. Rancho Unicorno
Oh my dear and fluffy fluffiness. Suddenly I'm not so sure I want the Mayans to be right.

Ah well, at least this means that Leigh should be able to get through rereading ToM before the release.
Larry Scroggins
6. LeisureSuitLarry
If the world ends in December I'm going to be so pissed at you.
7. RDMaxwell
Please Please Please, release the ebook at the same time as the Hardcover.
9. DebL
seriously, it takes a year to put out a book?? They put out whole movies in a year. Shame on you TOR for using this just for a publicity stunt.
10. Bettyboop
Eagerly anticipating the release...very dissapointed to have to wait nearly another year... I understand that he is done the re-write and now its gone to editing, with this being such an epic conclusion to an epic series I dont understand why this process will take nearly 11 months...
11. chosen
Well that sucks. I guess we cant complain that TOR is holding it back just to make more money before the holidays.
12. Carfax
For a whole minute I screamed out in rage. But it seems Mr. Jordan's wife knows best, so we'll just have to endure the long wait
13. Hammerlock
Ouch. Sure you can't make it a month earlier? You're missing the holiday season completely.
Vince Ranalli
14. Vincer40
I'm really sick of how hyped this whole dead series has become. I was looking forward to it ending since it's taken WAY to long to finish and now after we were told 2011 we have to wait till 2013? I am sickened about this whole stupid mess. They should have not even attempted to finish the series. BAD BAD BAD!
15. Desertpaladin
Awesome! Can't wait.

For those that are complaining just remember that finishing up a book takes time, especially if you want it done right (i.e. the way Robert Jordan himself would have wanted it).
Maggie K
16. SneakyVerin
This does seem very random....An anniversary of sorts trumps out the holiday spending season? ugh I get so annoyed at publishers...
17. JDW87
For those of you who are pissed about how late the book is being released, it's only about 2 months later than what we've been told to expect all along. I'm more than willing to give them extra time. I'd even be willing to give them an extra year, if it meant a better book. This will be the final WoT book. Let's give them the time to get it right.

(Although I am rather hoping that the Mayans weren't right. It's been a joke with my friends that I didn't care if the world ends in December, so long as AMoL comes out in November, like was estimated. Lol.)
James Whitehead
18. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Well, I would like the book released sooner, obviously. But I am glad that a release date is set.

A big thanks to Brian Sanderson for taking on this monumental task of finishing another writer's life's work & doing, arguably, a very fine job.

19. SavingsViking
Extremely disappointed at the release date. Even December of 2012 would have been preferable to January of 2013.
jon meltzer
20. jmeltzer
But will the secret of Jon's parentage be revealed? Will Dany become queen? And will Tyrion find someone who can outsnark him?

(Sorry, wrong multibook series ... )
aaron thompson
21. trench
I have nothing to say to this, I am happy to have a date to shoot for and all, but it just sucks way to much to get me excited.
22. RytonB
To all those moaning that it's gonna take another year;

a) Brandon only just finished the first draft, he hasn't finished the first edit yet, he will probably do 2 or 3.

b) Would you rather it was rushed through for a November release but was full of plot holes, typos and/or missing names? I sure wouldn't.

Patience is a virtue, and in this case it will be worth it.
23. shivam
A slap in the face? Any true fan of Robert Jordan knows that to be a fan of Wheel of Time is to wait. Three years between books has been standard since like book 7. I'd rather it be late and be awesome than be early and suck.
24. SomeLameName
guys, calm down Harriet sets the dates and when the ebooks come out. TOR is just honoring her wishes.
25. Silvano DeVesci
As Patrick Rothfuss, another great author, has stated, in the end every reader would rather have a beautiful and outstanding book a little late, than an ok book with some little errors sooner. I'm hoping that's why they have the release date so late. That, and the timing does add a little beauty to it; the ending of the year of the Dragon occurring with the ending of the Third Age. Ending with the Dragon.
I'm not pleased with having to wait, but it just means they'll be able to make the book that much better :D
And Vincer40, I believe you are wrong. If you read the series twice through like I have, you will discover how epic, beautiful, and astounding the series is. Although I only picked up the books 6 years ago, it has been well worth the wait.
Ty Margheim
26. alSeen
So, since it's that long of a wait, why not just shift the date back another week and make it the same as the first one?
Kristoff Bergenholm
27. Magentawolf
Oh, joy! Trade Paperbacks for me to hate!

28. JDW87
Also, despite what a couple of people have said, Brandon hasn't even finished his second draft yet. He's still got another few weeks of work to do. Then Harriet needs to edit it, which could take three to four months. Then Brandon needs to make the changes she deems necessary, which could take another two or three months. Then Harriet needs to look them over again, to make sure she didn't miss anything and that everything was changed to her specifications. You also need to give the new cover artist time to get the cover painted correctly. Then it needs to be formatted, and then you need to line up printers, distributors, etc. Release dates also depend on how busy the company's schedule already is. The later release date could also be because they couldn't find a printer that could print that many books between July or August (roughly when Brandon will turn in the final draft) and November, so they had to wait for the printer's schedule to open up some, so the release date got pushed back to January. And since there's not a lot they can do about it, they're putting a better spin on things and acting like they're releasing it in January because it's closer to the anniversary of the first book's release. Hundreds of unrelated things can go into choosing a release date. It doesn't mean they're waiting to deliberately make you wait longer. Don't you think they'd want to release it sooner, so they can make people happy and make their money sooner?
29. Mike123
part of me wishes they had pushed it back 1 more week so the final was the same day as the first...
30. An Eager Fan
Yeah, not to join the chorus of complaints or anything, but this is much later than expected. Goodness, a whole 'nother year...
Peter Ahlstrom
31. PeterAhlstrom
Towers of Midnight had 11 drafts before it went to copyedit, and no one involved was happy with how rushed it was at the end. This is going to take time to do right.
32. chosen
I love all the comments from the satisfied people telling the complainers to get over it, we are allowed to be mad you know, IMO this date does suck. Its not like TOR has much to worry about though, were all still gonna buy day 1.
33. Aminarra
Wow.. Been waiting a long time for this. It's so unreal!
James Hogan
34. Sonofthunder
Seriously, I don't get how you all are so upset...sure, it's a while. But we already knew it was going to be late 2011 anyway, and this isn't much worse. And...this is the end. I'd much rather have it done properly. I have confidence in Team Jordan and Tor that they're doing all they can to produce a fitting end to the series, and I'm just happy to see a date unveiled. Let's treasure this next year, as we look forward to the end of an era.

January 8th, 2013...roll on.
35. randAlTor
Aaaaaaaaaaaa Can't beleieve it !!! :))))) It's all going to finally turn the Wheel of Time !!
36. Syd
"The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and the Wheel wills us to wait for an amazing book!"

Thank you Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson!
37. Falier
Comparing to the time needed to build Rome... it's an instant of patience...
38. Alexm451
Please make sure the ePub book is released at the same time. It is a pain to have moved to ereader and the publishers dont lets us have the same ability to read at the same time as regular books
39. FDM
I'm with Sonofthunder. I'm much more concerned about them getting all of the many loose ends tied up (can't wait for Mat and Tuon to see each other again :D ). I actually feel better that they're not trying to rush it - take your time, get it right! 'Cause after this, it's all over!
Bethany Pratt
40. LiC
Hey, that's great.

Now when's the re-release of Towers of Midnight? I'd appreciate a hardback edition that's not full of spelling/grammer/continuety errors.
41. Boda
Great, if the Mayan's are correct none of us will get to read the last book.
John Pigott
42. AbEnd
Forget what Gaiman said, they "owe" me this book! /s
Mary Buchner
43. HeyMaryHi
Nuts! Right when my last semester of my master's program starts. Oh, well. At least it's not during finals!

Also, I want to duplicate the sentiment that if the world does really end in December, I will somehow find time to be upset about this between all the gnashing of teeth and such.
44. Asalyn Sedai
Stop all of your whining before I hire a Red to balefire you. Wait, I am a former Red, I can do it myself!!!! Seriously, be patient for Light's sake!!! DO a re-read and be in the groove when it comes out!!!
45. prufrock
@complainers... Why does the date matter? Was there some deadline you had to hit, and this changed things for you? Are you waiting on a marriage proposal, and your beau has said it could only come to be if WoT were complete?

Yes, feel free to complain. And I will feel free to call the waaaaahmbulance for you. To compare you unfavorably to my five-year-old. To order a nice glass of white whine. To offer you a quarter to call someone who cares. To plane you in front of the whole concent. To dismiss you as trolls.

I mean this in the nicest possible way, of course. :)
46. Sera
Totally throwing my vote in with the "The Mayan's better not be right!!" and wishing that it was coming out early enough that I could get it for xmas! Also - huge agreement with "Why not release it on the anniversary?" It's even a Tuesday!

I'll also echo: Would rather it be a good book and late than hurried and lacking but released today. (unless the Mayans ARE right.)
Philbert de Zwart
47. philbert
As a wise man once said: Team Jordan is not your bitch.
Tina Pierce
48. scissorrunner
"if you're going to do it, do it RIGHT"
so says my da

I'll wait, it's worth it
49. Mark Buehner1
Is this an editing decision or a marketing decision? It misses the christmas shopping season so I would think its an issue with editing. That's ok, get it right thats fine. But if the book is going to be sat on for months just to drum up hype... we've waited long enough we deserve better. The books done, it shouldn't take a full year to publish it.
50. jnemesh
So close! Unfortunately, its 19 days after the comet is going to hit...hopefully someone will get ahold of an advance copy so we can read about the end of an age before our age ends!
51. Strider
Only on the Internet can people be so stuck up that they would take this poorly.

Personally I'll be happy when it's done... Brandon has taken up the torch and led the charge to Tarmon Gai'don, and I for one has apreciated every ounce of effort that has gone into that!

It just gives a little more time to re-read the whole thing! :) I'm on my second pass and just got back to Book 12. :)
Bob Milne
52. BobMilne
Based on the past release dates, I was really hoping for an October 2012 release.

It's going to be a very long year . . .
53. Miranda R.
I'm just concerned that Tor is going to miss out on a lot of holiday sales by having the release date in January.

I wonder if they could do some kind of "pre-order" delio, where you'd get a nice certificate or something that you could give as a gift to let the recipiant know their book is coming?
Nadine L.
54. travyl
8 january 2013 is the last day of the year of the dragon
- on a series with so much symbolism this date is perfect (better than to wait another week to meet the date of aniversary).
I just hope this isn't a spoiler for the end: I so wish Rand will live.
And: Yay, now we know.
Larry Scroggins
55. LeisureSuitLarry
i might even camp out the night before just so i can get it as soon as B&N opens. Unless it's released as an ebook on the same day, then I'll just be telling my kindle to look for new items all night. It doesn't really matter when the release date is; I'll be buying this thing in any available format the first day it's available and my employer can expect me to be "sick" until I finish it. Twice.
56. JonoH
I started reading the series in May of '96... 16.5 years later, it'll be done. I know it's a year away, but still it's settling in that it's really ending, finally finishing. I've been reading this series for more than half of my life, by a good margin.

A part of me wishes they would get it out for Christmas so that I know I'll have a couple of days off where I can just hide myself away with coffee, cocoa, a bottle of wine and my new book... but I guess I'll just have to plan ahead and book some vacation time and make it happen in January.

Heh... I'll get out all of the books and have them all around me, waiting for cross referencing and looking back to see when we first met which characters and why they're significant. The first read-through shouldn't take more than 10 hours, then I'll get some sleep, re-read and then go back for all the details in a third read.

After reading that last paragraph and evaluating how happy it made me feel, I must conclude that I am a complete and utter dork. *sigh*
57. Programmer
Will Rand win?
58. Skavoovee
I just started reading this series, so I'm glad the release date is so far away. It gives me about 25 days for each book, which means I'll get to take my time and read other things in between books as well.

I'm only halfway through The Eye of the World now, but I'm still so excited for this last book to come out.
59. RMee
My first reaction was a little bit of frustration. But like others have said, we've been waiting for this conclusion for a long time... and I want to see it done right. I was at JordanCon last year (can't make it this year, damn it) and I remember the comments about how rushed everything felt for ToM. I've really come to love Brandon's writing and the way he's finishing out the books, so let's all give him, Harriet, and Team Jordan the time they need to make AMoL a fitting tribute to RJ and to the fans.

Though, if the Maya are right, I think I'm going to have to stick around just to make sure I can raid Brandon's computer to get The End. :)
60. AbellCauthon1
I agree wholeheartedly with SonofThunder! That date did surprise me with an initial flash shock of disappointment. However, I've been reading since 1991 and, in the end, I have no problem waiting a little longer to give everyone time to get it all right. Besides....I'll be too busy before Christmas to spend my customary, 2-3 days of "everyone stay out of my hair", to fully digest the book. The last month of the Year of the Dragon is wonderful symbolism!! Common everyone - a little less Wieramon and a little more Loial!!
61. Homeschool
Man, I've been so super-excited about the impending release (which was supposed to be early 2012)... And now it's another 11 months to wait.

At least I'm in good company, if the other commentors are any indication!
62. PolarT
To be worth this wait, it better blow my doors off.

It is my favorite series, only a couple of others even come even close, but Jan 13? Really? 20 years to publish a story that covers just a few?

This may be the last big series I let myself get hooked into. It's just not worth it. Besides, I wouldn't live to finish it!
63. Phacious
Do it right, but quicker ;)
64. Latecomer
First reaction: January 2013... I was hoping for November 2012... sad face.
Second reaction: Actually, I should be bloody grateful I am getting an ending at all - Kudos to Tor, RJ's team and BwS for making this happen.. no matter what the date. And of course taking the time to get the quality "just so" is important as ultimately this book will be a huge factor on the final perceived legacy that RJ leaves. I cannot fault his wife for wanting it just as perfect as he would have wanted it.
Third reaction: This is actually the perfect date. Now my husband can give me the perfect Christmas present ie the pre-order. And I can actually spend quality time with the extended family rather than buried in the book and ignoring everyone. But of course I won't be back at work so will have ample time to read once the book arrives.
So.. Yay.. the PERFECT time to release. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been involved in the series.. I am looking forward to .. not the end, but an ending.
Love & peace out!
65. Kainos
I started reading the series when the Great Hunt came out. I am excited about the release date announcement but also going "yet another delay." This series has been by far the most often read books in my collection and I find myself picking them up all the time to read different portions when I have nothing to read. I have recommended it to numerous people over the years but if I would have known the extent of the waiting I would have never started the series.
66. Ajfurst
It's over twenty years since I started reading The Wheel of Time and the most disappointing book was Towers of Midnight. Not because it was the most boring (hello Crossroads of Twilight!), but because of the mass of avoidable spelling, grammer and continuity errors that were totally avoidable if it'd been held back a month or two to undergo further edits and proofreads by beta readers.

The way it should be looked at is - It can be 'late' only once or it can be rushed and be bad forever. After eagerly awaiting the latest installments of Wheel of Time books for more then half my life I'd rather wait that bit longer and have a final book that does justice to the story that hooked me so many years ago when a young farm boy saw a man in a coat that didn't move in the wind.
Cynthia Ahmar
67. tenkuu
Frankly, this is really disappointing, especially considering that everything seemed to be hinting for a release in December of this year that might even come out a little earlier. I was hoping for November or October. As long as its ending is not disappointing, the wait will be worth it, at least.

Ryton@22: Where did you read that? According to his website, the second draft is 80% complete.

prufrock@45: Is such arrogance and self-righteousness really necessary? We're all entitled to our own opinions, especially disappointment, and you're hardly entitled to judge anyone.
Anthony Pero
68. anthonypero
Can we ask why not January 15th, for symmetry's sake? It's a drop date. Is there another book coming out that day? It seems liek this particular title should be bullet-proof, sales-wise. Is there another Tor book coming out on the 15th that you don't want to compete with?
Kimani Rogers
69. KiManiak
Yes! The date is set! Thank you, Team Jordan!

I hear all of you who have complaints about the long wait. Some are (possibly) valid points, even.

But for today, I will celebrate the fact that we know when we will physically be able to have AMoL in our hands (or on ereader, if that's your cup of tea).

(For tomorrow, who knows...)

Still... Thanks TOR folks. Thanks Harriet. Thanks Brandon. Thanks RJ. The end is in sight...
70. Kevinb
Ok it's later than I expected, but I'd rather everyone involved take the time they need to deliver their best work, so we get the best book possible.

As I understand it ToM was rushed to make its deadline and imo it was noticeable: relatively a lot of typos, minor conitunity errors and also the pacing that felt off to me. I rather wait longer than compromise on quality.
Tomas Gerst
71. IamnotSpam
I so thought it would be cool to have this book out in the year of the dragon but oh well if I die before the finish just read it over my grave.

Nevermind just checked out the chinese new year doesn't start till Feb 10 2013 so it will still be year of the dragon when it comes out. Still cool then.
Juan Avila
72. Cumadrin
After reading the first handful of comments I'm sure I didn't miss much good discussion skipping users I didn't recognize from the reread.

Perfectly acceptable release date. I await it eagerly.
73. Karan
Gah, here I was expecting the news to be "July!" instead of November, but clearly speed isn't an issue for the people behind WoT...

oh well, at least I get a chance to plan my re-read before it comes.
74. The Fisher King
I almost never post here, but this is too ridiculous for words. I will simply paste - word-for-word - what I posted on Dragonmount, who, as of now, is being understandably silent in terms of vocalizing reaction from their own TPTB:

Dear Dragonmount and anyone from Tor (who, disapointingly, dsallowed feedback to this news on their site - what is THAT cowardly act all about???) who may be perusing this; I have ONE question and one question only for you in response to this news, yet, before I ask it I simply ask that a read of the comments above mine be performed...the comments where: Trench says he "can't be too happy" and Elgee refers to being "miffed" and MyKillK ask if this news is an early "April Fool's Joke."

I think I can stop there and still get the jist across. ... Now. My One Question:

Brandon, Harriet, Tom, Tor, Tor.Com, Dragonmout....did ANY of you people have ANY clue how angry many would be when this was released?

That is my question.


P.S. I also added that this is 100% about building hype, marketing and milking. I find it disingenuous and despicable.

P.P.S. Earlier today, was not allowing comments regarding this news on their site here. Obviously that has changed. That is a small step in the right direction but far too little to actually make the situation right.
Karan J
75. karanj
A follow up: is this the international release date? (I'm in Australia, and in the past we've had it the same time so here's hoping...)
76. Gabriel P
What a load of bull! I remember way back when, before the publishing of Gathering Storm, when Tor said the last three books would come out November of every year since 2009! I was eagerly waiting this book to be warming my bookshelves last christmas, but now i have to wait almost another year?! I mean seriously, have we not waited long enough TOR? Or do you love sucking up Brandon Sandersons time? This is terrible! Screw you TOR!
77. Gabriel P
Please excuse my initial outburst. I recant the last sentence, but still am quite upset, though hopefully these extra months will them to not have as many typos as there are in the other two books written by brandon sanderson.
78. The Fisher King
anthonypero is correct: The fifteenth IS a 'drop date' (a Tuesday, which, for those unfamiliar, is the traditional release day of the week for books, cds and dvds).

Sooo much about this makes no sense. If you are going to release in January then make it the official EOTW Anny. Otherwise, does late November (the traditional release month for WOT novels) REALLY make you lose so much crucial ''editing/perfecting'' TIME??? ...After almost an EXTRA YEAR already being devoted to just that...especially when the SECOND draft is almost SEVENTY PERCENT complete at the beginning of THIS year??? Come ON. Come ON, Tor.

Im reminded of an old saying, Tor: Don't try to Bulls... a

Its repugnant, disingenuous're not very good at it.

I will GUARANTEE you that another show will drop in this matter and that that other shoe will be marketing-related. I guarantee it.

And how disgusting will THAT be?

Tor's rampant engaging in marketing, hype-building and massive profit-seeking from this book's release is almost enough to make me feel literally overcome with disgust. The attempts at maximizing marketing potential for this book ontheir part should make Tor feel deeply, deeply ashamed of themsleves.

79. Josh Langley
So not only does it take you guys a year to put out a book, but according to Dragonmount's post on Facebook, because I read books on my iPad, I have to wait a "few months" past that even? What's that all about?
Craig Barnett
81. Ommadawn
I will admit I am a little suprised about the release date; like most of us I expected it to be earlier. Having said that, I'm prepared to wait and see it done right. It's the last of the series and Team Jordan want to make sure it's done right as well, we can hardly blame them for that.

I am not that surprised at some of the negative reactions either, but you all need to remember, it's just a book. A book we all eagerly want to read of course, but at least we will get to read it. One thing - please, please consider releasing the ebook at the same time!

For now, I'm keenly waiting it's release but have plenty of other books to read until then.
82. Vayra
Chill guys, the book is coming. Let Harriet and Brandon work their magic until the book is well and truly finished. If they rush it we risk ending up with a poor ending to this amazing series, and NONE of us wants that. Be happy that Harriet decided to have the series finished and give them all the time they need to make it a worthy finish.
83. chosen
Well I guess the ebook will have to come out in March 2013, atleast I wont have to wait that long. It wont come out with the hardcover seeing as Sanderson had to persuade Harriet to release ToM 3 months after the hardcover instead of with the paperback.

Wow, look at that I found a bright spot.
Jeremy Goff
84. JeremyM
I have to agree with Vayra. Chill! They didn't have to find someone to finish this series at all. Personally if Harriet and Brandon feel they need that much time then I'm inclined to give it to them. They are the ones in fact that know the most about it. Not only that but Brandon has consistently said that the book more than likely wouldn't be put out until late 2012 early 2013. If my math is correct this date falls precisely in that timeline. Sorry, I have now stepped of my soapbox. Thanks for keeping us informed. I absolutely cannot wait for this book.
Rikka Cordin
85. Rikka
It was either coming out in like October or in February. I'm actually surprised at January. Normally Nov-Jan ain't the best for books, but with such a loyal fan base...
86. TravM
Kindle version at realease please!!!
Skye Peters
87. Eilastri
Hey, some of us are just waiting for Brandon to finish writing Wheel of Time so he can get back to writing his books exclusively.

I'm just happy I finally have a date for the end of this "one book hiatus" that turned into three massive books.

Thank goodness for The Alloy of Law or I'd have gone into true Sanderson withdrawl by now!
88. The Fisher King

Please recheck your facts.

''The book is only coming out a couple months late.''

This repeated obfuscation really makes my ears steam. Originally the final book was to be released in November of 2009, in one volume. The volume was then, predictably, split in half - then, into THREE volumes.

In an attempt to assuage outrage we were PROMISED November 09, November 2010 and November 2011.

What happened to that promise? How did we get from THERE to January of 2013? These are the questions nobody wants to examine - much less answer.

But when there once was a point in time when we were told the ''final book'' would be released in 2009, do not call january 2013 being pushed back a ''paltry couple of months.''

89. e-Rik
I'd prefer that the book came out yesterday, but I'm going to wait another year to buy a book I've been waiting 20 years to finish and I'm probably going to finish it in 48 hours.

I'm more upset that my 20 year relationship will be over this time next year. The Harry Potter kids got nothing on us.

If it takes a little more time to put off my relationship ending, I can definitely wait.
90. Tor Nichols
Tor Books: Please consider donating a portion of the proceeds from the final WoT book to the American Heart Association. If Mrs. Jordan and Mr. Sanderson agrees, I think this would be extremely appropriate and it would help honor Robert Jordan's memory.... a memory of light for him.

My father died from heart disease the year before Robert Jordan. He was a big fan of this series. So, this hits home with me, too.

One idea would be to offer the eBook version day and date with the hardback and a portion of the eBook sales could go to a good cause. With proper promotion this could help improve eBook sales. Personally, I never buy an eBook for the same price as a physical item, but in this case I would because of how the money is being used. eBooks should not cost as much as a physical book, but in many cases they do and that is a huge turn off to buyers. If it was clearly marked that a significant portion of the proceeds served a worthy cause, that would make all the difference.
Anthony Pero
91. anthonypero
I don't know what all this whining is about... almost every book takes a year from the time the manuscript is turned in until it is released. That timetable was almost halved for Towers of Midnight... and the backlash to all the errors was immense. Not to mention, this book will probably require more drafts and more edits, because it's THE END. Tor probably decided that a November release date wasn't feasible with the amount of work left to do on the book. December wasn't going to happen (you can't ask Sanderson to tour in promotion of the book over the holidays), ergo, January. End of story. There's no conspiracy here.

The only thing you can look at and say "You messed this up Tor!" POSSIBLY, is that Patrick Neilson Hayden insisted that Brandon put out a new book of his own in 2010. Which is just good business sense, in looking out for both Tor's interests, and Brandon's, one of their top authors. If it wasn't for that, A Memory of Light possibly would have been out last year.

When Brandon agreed to finish The Wheel of Time, he was writing one book. It wasn't going to throw his own publication schedule off much at all. Things obviously didn't work out that way. Then they said 2009, 2010, and 2011. After turning in ToM, however, Brandon knew he couldn't keep going at that pace. This was all discussed in Brandon's blog several times, folks. If you're surprised by this, you're not paying attention. If you're angry about this... well, there's no reasonable explanation why, but as Colin Cowherd says on ESPNRadio all the time... fan is short for fanatic, and reason doesn't come into it.

To the murmurers, complainers, and whiners, there is good news... while you're being forced to wait for A Memory of Light, there are about 10,000 other great books you can read to pass the time.
Anthony Pero
92. anthonypero
88. The Fisher King

The answers to all your questions have been addressed ad nauseum on Brandon Sanderson's blog. If you don't accept the answers, fine. But please don't pretend that they were never addressed.
93. The Fisher King
Wrong. It has not. In fact, as someone who was on Brandon's site just a bit ago, I am devestatededly disapointed in his refusal to get out ahead of this backlash and address the news on his site. Addrss the news, not POST the news. His refusal to address the backlash is almost debilitating.

Again. Originally, one book final volume set for November 2009. Now, January of 2013.

Sorry guy - that is quite a change in circumstances no matter how you try to say that it is not.
94. The Fisher King
There is one easy way for the writers and publisher to PROVE that this move is NOT about money-making.

Release AMOL in January 2013......For FREE.

That's right.

Haven't they made enough on WOT by now?

Also, they said initially it would be one book. They charged for both TGS and TOM so they have all made exactly DOUBLE what they intended already.

How greedy can you be?

I'd like to see Tor do The Right Thing here.
Anthony Pero
95. anthonypero
What news are you talking about? He addressed the decision to split the books into THREE volumes (two was never an option) back before it happened. That's when we found out about 2009, 2010, and 2011. Then, he addressed the decision to write The Way of Kings, and said AT THAT TIME, that this would put paid to the 2011 release of A Memory of Light. He originally said early 2012. Then, after doing the massive reread of the whole series for the final book, he announced on his blog that there was no way he was going to finish the manuscript in time for an early 2012 release. He said maybe late 2012, but more likely 2013. He hoped for late 2012, but said not to be surprised if it was February or March 2013. Now, do I need to actually link to these posts (which will require a moderator to approve my comment some time tomorrow), or do you think you can find them yourself? (HINT: Google is your friend.)

For the record, I never said the circumstances hadn't changed, I challenged your assertion that no one had addressed them.
Anthony Pero
96. anthonypero
My God, Fish, you are approaching loony bin territory now.

Heaven forbid, publishers should make decisions based on money. It's entertainment. A business. It SUPPOSED to be about money.

EDIT: (Subject of post objected to my use of this word) Idiot.
97. BlackAjah
"A Memory of Light" will come out exactly when it's meant to, for the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and feel blessed that you're getting any "Wheel of Time" at all. Now plead for thy salvation all ye HATERS!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Pero
98. anthonypero
Here's the real question...

While I certainly see how having to pay for 3 books instead of 1 will make Tor more money... do you really think they could have been written in one volume?

And if you think Tor is purposely holding back the final volume longer than necessary... in what way does that make them more money? How is it POSSIBLY in Tor's financial interest to not have the book out there right now MAKING MONEY?
Anthony Pero
99. anthonypero
We used to go three years between single volumes of the Wheel of Time. Now, we're getting three books in four years. This complaining is unbelievable. Anyone who WAITED three years for that piece of sh*t known as Crossroads of Twilight isn't complaining about this.
lake sidey
102. lakesidey
Thanks for the date, Tor.

2013 is a long way away indeed sigh. But then I have been waiting for the "next instalment" for over a dozen years so I am fairly used to it. I guess most of us who have been reading this for ages (including me!) wish we could get the denouement as soon as possible. But I suppose we should be willing to wait, for quality work - like many others, I was a little put off by the numerous typos in the last book, and would rather see this one done right. (I remember the latter half of Pat Rothfuss' dedication in "the Name of the Wind" : And to my father, who taught me that if I was going to do something, I should take my time and do it right. And boy....did he do it right!)

I know people who have just started the WoT. And others who plan to wait and start it after the last book comes out. And I am sure there will be millions (a conservative estimate, I trust) who will, in ages to come, begin this series. I believe Tor, Harriet, BWS and the whole of Team Light Jordan are doing the right thing by ensuring that we have a good enough ending that those unknown millions don't wonder what all us oldies were making a fuss about when we used to rave about the WoT! Take your time, folks, but do it right. And thanks for all the fish trouble.

I am tremendously thankful, especially, to Brandon Sanderson for doing this - it takes courage to step into the shoes of someone with such an enormous (and sometimes rabid, I've been guilty of that too now and then) fanbase. I know plenty of people have said it before, but imho it can't be said enough. May he always find water and shade.

Now to go find something to read while I wait.... (GRRM, I'm lookin' at you;)

Irene Gallo
103. Irene
Fisher King:
The only reason the site was not taking comments was because we crashed under the influx of traffic. We were able to come back on briefly during the initial surge and, at that point, posted a link to our Facebook page so people could continue the conversation. As soon as we were able, we restored commenting. Everyone is free to express their opinion as long as they do so with respect.
104. The Fisher King
Irene, thank you - and I would advise you to see post 96.
105. Kartikeya GS
Damn it!

May be this is one of those trick situations where Tor is deliberately putting out such a far-off date - if they release it a couple of months earlier, fans won't grumble as much and will be all praises! Orwellian!
Anthony Pero
106. anthonypero
Fish... have you read your own posts? Your hostility towards Tor (which I might add is made up of people) has been palpable. Someone else responds to you in kind, and you ask a Mod to take a look? Really? And you complain about how this site gets nasty, and wonder how this thread got nasty?

Dear Dragonmount and anyone from Tor (who, disapointingly, dsallowed feedback to this news on their site - what is THAT cowardly act all about???) - Post 74

Its repugnant, disingenuous're not very good at it. - Post 78

This repeated obfuscation really makes my ears steam. - Post 88

His refusal to address the backlash is almost debilitating. - Post 93 (also an outright lie)

Also, they said initially it would be one book. They charged for both TGS and TOM so they have all made exactly DOUBLE what they intended already. How greedy can you be? - Post 94

Every single one of these statements is charged, sarcastic, mean, or downright malicious in intent. Some of them are intentionally false, as well. You may think that belittling an author or a publishing company is somehow different than belittling a childish, self-absorbed commenter, but it's not, because the people who make these decisions are people just like you are. Especially the author. You are entitled to nothing. I suggest you go back to your Occupy tent before the NY City Police tear gas you.
lake sidey
107. lakesidey
@104 Fisher King: See posts 74 and 78. Cowardly, despicable, rampant, repugnant....were all these words so full of respect?

If it is all right for you to bandy words and insults and meaningless alliterations (really....devestatededly disapointed? not to mention
debilitating?), you have little room to complain if others choose to do the same. If you don't show any respect, don't expect any. I am reluctantly forced to agree with #96.

Don't take the trouble to reply. I know plenty of long uncomplimentary words and will consider them uttered.

109. Linz1961
I started reading this series in 1991, the year my son was born. I have read each book at least three times, and am currently reading Knife of Dreams for about the sixth. I can't believe it is going to be over. Waiting for the next book to come out, watching the characters grow as my own family grew, has been part of my life.
So while the wait for the last book seems an age, I wish it were longer. And for all those of you who wish it were sooner, remember how long it takes to do things right, and how much anticipation adds to the pleasure of anything worth having.
110. yasiru89
While I doubt the date is purely for the symbolism, why not the beginning of the final month of the Year of the Dragon? Tarmon Gai'don is as much a beginning as an end. Certainly people will be happier for it being within 2012 (which I think is part of the reason for the grumbling- 2013 just makes it seem very far off), and from the publisher's side it fits neatly into the spending season.

There's still some little hope, at least going by Brandon's blog entry on the subject, that the date might be pushed up as we go. Even if not, there's nothing that can be done, and never a question of buying this book whenever it is that it does come out. So I encourage those who are disappointed (as I am) to leave off perhaps expand your fantasy horizons before coming back to finish this, whenever that may be (as I intend to).
j p
111. sps49
What? The final book isn't coming out in 2009?

112. adam10012
I hate to ruin everyone's day, but your all assuming we'll actually be holding the book in January of 2013. The date's been pushed back before, who says it can't again?
113. trueglich
Guss i will break out all my audio books june-ish and start playing them.. should finish just in time.
114. yasiru89
Disregard the final month thing, I seem to have misread that. What I was going for was an early December release.
115. Jeff S.
I don't comment much as I much prefer to lurk and enjoy the conversations about the books and characters. But tonight, I just have to get out the soapbox. This is directed at any number of the early commentors and no, I will not be offended if you get all junior high frothy at me for it.
You all want this to be over sooner? Seriously? Disregarding all the conspiracy of publishing talk but seriously? I have 20 years invested in this series and frankly, I'm approaching AMOL with mixed feelings. Ecstatic that even though the master has died, we still get to see the end of his vision, and devastated that this will end even though the wheel does not.

This is not just about you and your entitlement attitudes. This is not about instant gratification. This is about getting it right.

Steps down from the soapbox and heads to the bunker to have a drink with his friends. Opens the door and says, " I brought 2 bottles of Bushmills, wheres the glasses."
116. Len Goldstein
I just love all of these boneheads who say waiting that lenght of time is too long to wait for this great series to conclude. "All good things to those who wait". Don't forget, Brandon Sanderson is very busy and he's got his own series 'The Stormlight Archive' to work on so give him a break. Novel writing is not an easy task. I'm a published author myself and I know what it's like.
Alice Arneson
117. Wetlandernw
anthony & lakesidey - Pssst - Bunker party - we're not letting the whiners in - especially not any that are overworking the thesaurus looking for long uncomplimentary words to make bad alliterations. :)

Seriously, while I can understand a measure of disappointment about the remaining 10+ months of waiting, I find some real amusement (albeit cynical amusement) at the irrationality of a few. There are some simple realities in the publication of a book, not least of which is human stamina and the desire for a finished product that is everything we all want it to be - and none more than Harriet McDougal and Team Jordan. In reading Brandon's blog post today, I found these two paragraphs particularly poignant:
Secondly, Harriet is very, VERY worried about getting this book right. It's the last book in the series. There are no chances to change things after this, and revising a book like this takes time. Harriet would probably prefer even more space than this publication date gives us. She also isn't capable of pulling the long hours she might once have pulled. (And she shouldn't be expected to.)
I realize that all you care about is getting your book, and this sounds like a lot of excuses. But here's the thing. You'll get the book when Harriet is ready to give it to you. Not before. If this were just me, I could work a big pile of 16-hour days and get it to you in the fall. But it's not just me, and beyond that, the last time I did that (on TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, which went through eleven drafts) we ended up with a pile of typos and wore Harriet out so much she said she didn't recover for well over six months.
Amidst her grief over her husband's illness and death, she has poured herself into finishing his work in a way that would have pleased him. She's not trying to milk it for all it's worth in some cheap fashion, trying to spin it out for hype or money. She only wants it to be done, and done right - and she's smart enough to know that, in spite of the naysayers here today, the true fans of this epic are with her in that. As so many have said already, those who love this series would far, far rather have a great book next year than a lame one full of editing holes and typos today. Or in November.

At risk of sounding sappy and repetitious, I can only bow deeply in their general direction and say a heartfelt "Thank you!" to Brandon, Harriet, Maria, Alan, Tom and TOR for being willing to do what it takes to give us that great book. So: "Thank you. Take all the time you need to do what you need to do.

"Oh, and... please send me an ARC."

BUNKER PARTY!! Sugar cookies, anyone? Oh, and several boxes of chocolate truffles! Sonofthunder - have you got the scotch? I haven't seen Tinaa around here lately...

EDIT: to indent the quotation. Can't believe I forgot to do that last night... not that anyone cares today... oh well.
118. Carl A. Anderson
As someone who has written several books, I can tell anyone who hasn't that the writing process is long, complicated, and full of unexpected twists and turns. Writers and publishers set deadlines with the best of intentions, but unexpected things happen. Revision and editing take a long time. And driving the whole process is the desire to get a book just right, even if that means taking more time. Am I disappointed that A Memory of Light has been delayed? Sure. Am I surprised? No. That's how writing usually goes. When the book is finally out, I'm not going to care that I didn't have it a month earlier. I'm just going to appreciate that despite the tragic death of Robert Jordan, Harriet and Brandon Sanderson and Tor made sure that they saw the story to its completion. And then I'm going to have a heck of a great time reading it.
Jennifer McBride
119. vegetathalas
I don't understand the people accusing Tor of pushing the date back for monetary gain. Holidays are the best time to sell books. If Tor were really looking only at bang for buck, they'd release it at Christmas 2012...or Christmas 2013.

And I can't believe we're still arguing about the one book thing. No one could have fit everything that happened into one book. When Robert Jordan claimed their was only one book left, I shook my head. Just too many plot threads.

Color me bittersweet. I wish the release date came sooner, but I'm willing to trust the people involved's judgment.
Brent Longstaff
120. Brentus
I'm just glad the date is set; it will take careful planning to time my re-read to coincide with the release date. Looks like I'll be starting the New Spring audiobook in September.
121. RandomFan
Everyone above, suck it up.

I'd rather he takes extra time writing the conclusion to the most epic fantasy series of a generation than to mess it up by rushing to meet your deadlines.

He can release it whenever he damn well feels like it, so long as it's written properly and faithfully when he does.
Marcel xxx
122. lowlandr
I'm highly anticipated about the last book. I don't care about the extra months, as long as it is pretty damn good. Brandon/Harriet can take the time they need to make sure the mistakes/typos are gone and the book is honoring mr. Jordan.

@ Wetlandernw (117): thnx for making a lot of sense (as usual)
James Hogan
123. Sonofthunder
Wetlander - yep, scotch is on me. I'll take a few of those sugar cookies too!!
Birgit F
124. birgit
Because this website (especially the forums related to the rereads and blogs) is WIDELY known for things being as nasty between posters as this particular thread is somehow, mysteriously, and sadly, becoming. Widely known.

Actually the site is known for remaining polite even when controversial topics are discussed. The only exception are the trolls who appear whenever a new book is published and insult the publisher. Then they are annoyed when someone (politely) diagrees with them.
Some people would complain that it took too long if the book were published today (and then complain again about the low quality). Be glad you don't live in the Middle Ages when books were written by hand.
And if you don't want the author and publisher to earn any money, why don't you work some years for free on someone else's books?
125. gilbetron
Ha! Well, I was hoping for a fall release, but this release falls precisely on my 30th birthday. How cool is that?
126. Orderofolde
Another year AFTER the 1st draft is finished? They can fill the bookstore shelves with biographies within weeks of someone important passing away, and you guys need a year? This doesn't smack of manipulation for 2013 awards. Not at all. "Last month of the year of the dragon?" Did you guys forget we've been reading this series more than 20 Years and might have some impressive College Educations and the smarts to see through all the marketing and manipulation? We didn't like the idea of November, now January? This better be followed with some good news about the Outriggers or something...
Anthony Pero
127. anthonypero
Yep, 1 year after the manuscript is turned in. That's normal for fiction. Happens all the time. That timetable has been rushed int he past for the WoT, and Tor (and Harriet, the editor) have been bashed for it. It will probably take 3 or 4 months just to find all the continuity editors. Then there are all the Beta readers (I don't think they even GET the book till after the first round of edits.) They will make suggestions, some of which will be adopted, and require ANOTHER round of rewrites and edits. Then Tor gets the manuscript again. It goes to a copy editor, who will inevitabley make changes Sanderson doesn't want, those will have to get fixed AGAIN... then the ARCs will go out, and they'll find errors in that, and it goes through editing AGAIN. Then, finally, it can go to the printer. There's not a lot of printers in the world that can handle this volume, so they will probably use many printers, who all have other work to do, then they have to be shipped back to the US some as far as from China (shipping from china by sea can take 3 weeks), til they are all in Tor's warehouse. Then there's a quality control inspection (you know, all that stuff that DIDN'T happen for ToM that had us screaming at Tor), then, FINALLY they get shipped to the bookstores. Plus I didn't even mention that NY Publishers are shut down for three weeks in December... January 8th, for a major release, is amazingly close to Christmas.It means they expect to get the books back in their warehouse before Dec 15th, probably.

So, yeah, a year. Its quite reasonable considering how many steps are involved. If even one of them goes wrong, the entire year is necessary.

Please note that the date can be pushed up if things go well. TGS was pushed up because they were done earlier than they thought. January 8th is a safe deadline.
Nadine L.
128. travyl
Orderofolde: GOOD NEWS: you won't have to wait for any outtriggers - they won't be written. This will be the last novel of WOT, I'm sure you prefer a finished book rather than the reading first draft.
There are plenty of reasons why the book will be released when it will, as stated above, read for exaple lakesidey (@102), AnthonyPero, wetlander and other comments.

In opposition to the outrage, let me add my shouts:

THANK YOU Team Jordan, THANK YOU Brandon Sanderson and THANK YOU Tor for making your best efforts to present a great book, as close to Robert Jordan's imagination as is possible. - Especially Harriet: take as much time as you feel is needed.
(Sorry for the Caps Lock)

Wetlander: I use the thesaurus / dictonary quite often :-) Just yesterday I was looking for the correct spelling of a word to find out it's not listed as a word at all. - But then I this doesn't qualify as overuse opposed to the example you stated. (edited to change typos)
John Massey
129. subwoofer

For reals? There be a drop date:)

I'm doing a happy dance with the Easter Beagle:)

I'm not going to get all preachy to those hardcore "I want this before Christmas" people, I will point out two things.

1. This book is way too big for a stocking stuffer.
2. If you really are that hardcore and only want it for Christmas, wait and it will still be there for Christmas 2013.

What's that? Can't wait? Well then buy the darn thing when it comes out, just like you did with the other books.

Lovejoy used to say, "when you have to stick yur hand up a horse's arse, shove it right up to the elbow"... in other words, if you are going to do something, don't half arse it;) Go all the way.

Let's have some time to properly digest our feelings about a series that has spanned a good part of our lives. I for one will wait and be happy that it is coming to a close. It will be bittersweet, but hey, that be life.

Happy endings:)

Susan Brownhill
130. SusanB
I haven't posted on the WOT threads in a while, but I was so annoyed by all the negative comments that I felt it was necessary to add my positive ones.
First, to all the naysayers...when was the last time you wrote a book, how long did it take you? Personally, I could not write anything with as many words as a WOT book; certainly not anything that would make sense. So I applaude Brandon & Jordan for the beauty, depth & breath of these books. I would not want THE END crammed into one book. We would have lost so much of the story. I was VERY happy when they announced AMOL would be split into three. It meant more to enjoy.
I am also amazed at the speed with which Brandon writes. I think these books have come out very quickly. I fully expected to wait longer than I was originally told, simply b/c I could not believe anyone could write that fast.
We also should not forget that PEOPLE write, edit & publish these books. Not robots. These people have families, friends, lives & interests outside of these books. We cannot expect them to work 24/7 on this, its unreasonable. This is their JOB, so I would expect 40 hours/week. And I expect them to get paid for it. And so, I expect to pay for the books. I will buy this book on the day it is released in whatever format it is released in. And I will be happy about it (and a little sad b/c its the end).

I apologize for my ramblings. On a final note, I would like to thank Harriet for allowing the books to be finished & for making sure they are done right. I would also like to thank Brandon for taking time out of his life & his own writing to write these books. And thanks to everyone else involved for making sure AMOL is done right. THANK YOU!!!!
131. chosen
Nice to see all the sheep are getting in line to defend this drop date, because as we all know it takes much longer to edit a book, 11 months, then it does to write one, 9 months.
Wayne Wilson
132. stylusmobilus
Princesses, please. Suck it up, for His Noodlyness' sake.

Does it really matter that much? It is common knowledge Team Jordan was not happy with the amount of mistakes they believe occurred in the last two books. Also, if Tor and Jordan FC want to milk this for all it is worth, so be it. It's a big cow, well worth the milking.

I'm in with the sheep. This gives me time to finish several subjects of my degree course unhindered, and I can do shitloads of rereads if I want. I'll probably tuck in a couple of GRRM's TV series as well. TBH, it wouldn't have worried me one iota if the WoT Alliance didn't release a drop date. I know the book is coming, that is good enough for me.
133. PeterLOZ
My suggestion for a more appropriate release for AMOL is September 2012. After all, this will be 5 years after RJ began his personal next turning of the WOT.
Anthony Pero
134. anthonypero
Oh, I'm sure we'll have a preview chapter on that date, PeterLOZ.
Jay Dauro
135. J.Dauro
Yes, Orderofolde and chosen, it usually does take longer to edit and revise a book than to write the first draft. Especially when the book has 13 prior installments requiring extensive continuity checking, as well as being the final book in the series, so you have to make sure to close out everything you intend.

The Gathering Storm went through 16 drafts.
Towers of Midnight was rushed and went through 11 drafts.

Yes, when RJ started, the books came out fairly quickly. But starting with Book 7 the waits were

ACOS - 1.5 years
TPOD - 2.5 years
WH - 2 years
COT - 2 years
KOD - 2.5 years

When Brandon started to finish the project, it took almost two years to release TGS, with TOM following 1 year later. And, as has been said, that was extremely exhausting for all of Team Jordan, and they were not pleased with the number of problems that were in the release.

With this release date for AMOL, the wait will be 2 years and 2 months.

Oh, and shall we look at a couuple of other waits.

The Wise Man's Fear - 3 years, 11 months
A Feast for Crows - 5 years
A Dance with Dragons - 5 years, 8 months
136. deebee
Good point-AMOL will be pored over for years to come to tie up all those dangling threads (see how they`re woven into the Pattern)
When you have a series of this complexity, and with a fanbase checking everything you write in the minutest detail, it must be pretty daunting to say "there, finished, it`s as near perfect as I can get it"
And it`s not as if you can assume the readership will cut you some slack if there`s some small error somewhere or someone`s burning question never gets resolved. Because the fans aren`t known for patience, tolerance, generosity, are they?
137. Shadow
For all those of you needlessly complaining about a release date you're actually getting (since TGS us fans really haven't had ANY reason to whine), please go to Brandon Sanderson's website and read his own blog entry before you post unnecessary drivel.

Harriet won't publish something she doesn't want to......and until she's ready to deliver it, deal with it.
138. Shadow
Stupid posting rate.....nonetheless.

Seriously......all the negativity on here by those of you with ignorant selfish minds is simply idiotic. I want it now, I want it fall 2012 release date?!?!?! wahwahwah.

Good grief listen to yourselves....
139. SaidinRick
I have no problem with 1/8/13. I want Harriet and Team Jordan to finish this masterpiece as best as possible. As a 15+ year fan of WoT, I am looking forward to the conclusion, and yet am saddened by the end of the Third Age. If Harriet and Brandon need time to make it perfect, so be it. ( I just hope the Mayans were wrong!!)
To the complainers, we've waited much longer.
John Fitzingo
140. Xandar01
@53. Miranda R.
Great Idea! I would buy a nice pre order certificate for the book.
Ron Garrison
141. Man-0-Manetheran
Well, yes, I’d love to have it in my hands right now, but not if it is rushed and an unfitting end to a grand story. To rush it would be a terrible ending to RJ’s legacy. I say, “Harriet, you go girl! Give yourself enough time to make it perfect."

And to the red-letter whiners who haven’t discovered spellcheck: “slap in the face” “how greedy can you be?” Seriously? The series is called The Wheel of Time, people! —not Wheel of Instant Gratification!
142. Wheel_Fan
I guess I might be the only who feels torn about this? On the one hand it is another year until it is finished, but then again it's only a year until it is finished! I'm already suspecting that I will be more than a little sad, to see a series that has truly become a part of my life over the past 15 years, end.

Go ahead Team Jordan, take as long as you want. I can wait a little while longer.
143. Sigh.
First it was estimated March '12, then it was pushed to late '12, and now Jan of 2013? Sigh. I seriously don't get what takes you guys so dang long.
144. bill1
I expect the date will eventually be moved up, but they are covering thier bases. Its one thing to say that the date is November and then be forced to push it back, its quite another to say January and move it back to November.
I'm not happy about it, but it makes sense. One thing that does bother me is all the people saying they just want it to be done right...Every time I see that I think about books 8, 9, 10, and 11...
The other thing is this idea that Tor is doing us a favor by finishing the series...There is no way they would not have finished this series.
Scott Silver
145. hihosilver28
@135. J. Dauro- Thanks for putting stuff in perspective! It's always good to have a little reminder of how often previous WoT books came out, especially when you compare it to Martin or Rothfuss. (I'm also not disparaging either of those authors. I would like to read things in quick succession, but I would prefer the books to be excellent.) So, really, it's not as bad as everyone thinks it is. I was about to say all of that, then looked and someone beat me to the punch.

The main reason I'm not too upset about this is two-fold. 1: The book will endure for a very long time. I want it to be as good as they can make it since it is the end of a 14-book epic. For that alone I would be willing to wait. 2: Brandon has been nothing but transparent with the entire fan community through his blog and twitter. He also has a career of his own and has managed, miraculously, to juggle both his work and doing an excellent job of finishing up The Wheel of Time. For that, I have nothing less than the utmost respect for him.

All that said, if you haven't followed his blog, and this is the first you're hearing of it since ToM came out, I understand your knee-jerk reaction of disappointment. All I can say about that is read his blog and you'll get all the information about the writing process and info on AMoL.
Anthony Pero
146. anthonypero

The other thing is this idea that Tor is doing us a favor by finishing
the series...There is no way they would not have finished this series.

Actually, Tor doesn't really get to decide that. The estate of Robert Jordan does. Tor doesn't own the work, therefore they couldn't have arbitrarily decided to publish more WoT books without Harriet's (Robert Jordan's widow) approval. And that was no certain thing. Robert Jordan was on record, as late as 2003 as saying that if he died before he finished it, he didn't want it finished. It wasn't until he realized that he wasn't going to be able to finish A Memory of Light that he changed his mind.
147. Bernie M
It's been about 20 years already. What's one more? Brandon Sanderson did a phenomenal job of rushing the first two parts of the finale out. He deserves time to work on his own novels and spend with his family. We'll have the final book in less than a year, so why are so many people upset? I, for one, welcome this news, and I am thankful to Harriet McDougal for choosing a fine author like Brandon Sanderson to finish her late husband's masterpiece and to Brandon Sanderson himself for devoting so much of his time to someone else's work.
Philip Wardlow
148. PhilipWardlow
Hell I would be fine if they said there was another book after this one that they said they still had to write....who really wants it to end....just keep going and going,going, and going, going, going and going and going, and going....I can always keep my self occupied with other good writers out there writing other good epics....Like Brandon Sanderson himself for one in his own book " Way of the Kings"....another classic fantasy epic in the making that everyone will be talking about in forums and threads, and blogs one day just like this...:)
149. CorDarei
@Sigh 143,


i seriously don't get why people can't read other comments in this thread, that detail reasons why a book release can take so long, and then complain that they don't know why it takes so long.
150. Taylos Bow
I am gutted. I have been with this series since it first emerged. And now I have to wait another 11 months. CorDarei, I do understand why it takes so long (I started my working life in a book printers, so 35 years ago!!!), but it dosen't make the waiting any easier. Just want to get to the book, just want to know, well everything really, who did what to who, and why. I think I'm just going to bite my lip or something, as I get older I seem to get more impatient. Still I'm sure the wait will be worth it in the end. Roll on the end.
151. Lane Jantzen
Really? January? oh for the lack of publishing vision. and i'll bet you don't day and date the e-book. Tor, the end of a series, the end of an era.
Chuk Goodin
152. Chuk
Man, a lot of people seem freaked out. I agree with those who think an anniversary release would have been cooler, if a week later. I also would love it if the ebook came out at the same time (or earlier, that'd be good too.)
Anthony Pero
153. anthonypero
Once again, as has been stated many times, Harriet, Robert Jordan's widow, decides if the eBook gets published at the same time as the hardcover, not Tor. For TGS, the eBook came out with the MM Paperback. Brandon convinced her to release the ToM eBook a few months after the hardcover, so people didn't have to wait a whole year. Its quite possible that she will be convinced to do a simultaneous release this time around. There is now almost a whole year for people to convince her that it is safe, and won't hurt sales. In fact, it will improve sales.
154. Joel S
Wow...people really get riled up about this, don't they? I'm firmly in the camp that says they should take whatever time they need to get it right. I'll survive until January 2013, and I'm sure everyone else will as long as the Mayans were wrong!

I have two suggestions for Tor (and when I say Tor I'm including all involved parties, including Harriet and Brandon) that I think will both maximize their profits AND show the dedicated WOT fans the respect and thanks they deserve for staying along for the whole ride. Before someone jumps down my throat - no, they don't OWE us anything, but doing these items would demonstrate their attentiveness to our expectations, and be an appropriate way to thank us for our support.

1) Release the e-book at the same time as the Hardcover edition. As a fan, I'm more than willing to give them all the time necessary to finish the series properly. I do have a problem, however, with waiting any time beyond this because of simple corporate greed. Charge a slightly higher price for the e-book (I'd personally be OK with up to 19.99) during this early period, if deemed necessary for some economic reason I won't pretend to understand, but do not force your loyal fans to choose between waiting longer for the book they've been so patient for, or buying 2 copies of the book (one hardcover, one e-book).

2) In conjunction with the January release of the book, have a pre-order period starting in December. Anyone who pre-orders the book during this period receives the prologue e-book (which should be out by then, obviously) immediately for no additional charge (or, a extremely discounted price, if deemed impractical) . These prologues are designed to get some material out to the "super fans" as early as possible, and to generate a buzz for the book, and this move would accomplish this wonderfully. While this works as a great thank you for fans, it also allows Tor to take advantage of the Holiday season and the sales opportunities it provides. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Two simple and reasonable anyone listening??? WOT has been a cash cow for Tor and everyone involved. There's a simple choice here - do you take a couple steps that will help leave fans with nothing but positive memories of the series, or do you leave them with the impression that you've strung them along as long as possible, and sucked every last bit of money out of them?
j p
155. sps49
Joel S @154-

I do not expect any major work's e-books to EVER be released at the same time as the printed book. It's too easy to put online somewhere, and that would eat into total sales too much.
156. Joel S
sps49 - Thanks for replying, but I don't get the difference. Someone could go out and copy all of the pages of the hardcover book, then place them online in a .pdf much more easily than breaking the code for an electronic book. Yes, I know it wouldn't look pretty, but 1 person working carefully for a few hours would be able to copy an entire book on any copier, and put the book online in a format that anyone could read. There certainly hasn't been a flood of e-book piracy (especially not on machine specific formats like those for the Kindle and Nook) that I've heard about. Am I totally ignorant, or is it just a convenient excuse?
157. Devin Rose
Great to know a date is set.

One suggestion: please don't end the book, after the cataclysmic battle, with some kind of thing about how the wheel turns and this will all happen again/nothing really ended blah blah blah. Let the ending be a real ending.
Brent Longstaff
158. Brentus
@sps49, @Joel S - I think e-books are delayed for two reasons:
1. NYT used to (maybe not anymore) neglect to count them for the bestseller list.
2. They want to treat them like paperbacks and release them later to make more money from hardcovers.
Noneo Yourbusiness
159. Longtimefan
Hooray for a publish date.

However I think some of the cranky could have been moderated if the release of the information would have been posted closer to the release date.

Yes, I know people have been waiting for decades. I have and while I am happy there is an end in sight and there is even a little sign saying the end is nigh and it is this very specific day it is a little odd that it would be a whole year (almost) from the date the information was posted.

A nice post saying it is getting closer would have had some of the cranky but not as much. (maybe I am wrong.)

But the waiting, as they say, is the hardest part. When you know you are waiting it sometimes seems more difficult.

Not that I expect Mr. Sanderson and all of Team Jordan to not finish on time but for their own sake it may have been better to announce the soild drop date when it would be only 5 months away. Just because it seems closer than a full year.

It is not the waiting. the waiting will happen. things do not exist until they are but the mind is a tricky little bastard.

In this case it might have been better to trick it into waiting a shorter amount of time by posting the January drop date in a September news story. (even though you know the date right now)

Just saying. In case some one else starts writing a 15 book series that they might get a little lost in from time to time. ;)

It is a lot of work manageing all those words and the people who read them.
Theresa Gray
160. Terez27
I heard the comments here are scary, and since I like to think that I have a monopoly on scary, I won't read them. Just wanted to drop this here.

Alice Arneson
161. Wetlandernw
Longtimefan @159 - The problem with that idea is that if they waited until September to say "January", with everyone expecting a November release, it would be doubling the wait. On the other hand, by September the natives would be getting really restless about the lack of dates and previews and things. Not sure if that would make it better or worse. I think the reaction would be pretty much the same no matter when they made the announcement.
John Massey
162. subwoofer
@Fish- hey, if you want to stick it to the "man"- really show him who is boss, don't buy the book. I am sure that will be a devastating blow to TBTB.

If anyone has a problem with the release date, show them! Don't buy the book.

I'd rather have the end of this massive series done right than just done. Sure it is going to be a while, but I'll just suggest, if anyone thinks they can do a better and faster job, do 800+ pages of fan fiction between now and then, post it online and let us be the judge.

Give 'er.

Alice Arneson
163. Wetlandernw
Tor, I want a "Like" button for the comments... :)

Give 'er, indeed!
Sam Mickel
164. Samadai
Sub, Can they be 800 seperate pages? ;)
Hugh Arai
165. HArai
Longtimefan@159: If you follow Brandon's recent posts and tweets at all, you quickly come to the realization that a) he was being bombarded almost continuously with questions about the release date and b) that he didn't have any real say in what it would be. Given that, and being the very upfront and genuinely nice person he appears to be, poor Brandon would quite likely have gone mad if they waited much longer.

samadai@164: I'm sure your thread posted stories count.
166. Geckomayhem
Just 11 months and it is all over. Wow!!

Not one to stay up with book news except what Tor feeds me. But this has me excited, as it is the most epic series I've delved into. So I've got 11 months to re-read the first 13 books eh. Better get cracking. ;)
Anthony Pero
168. anthonypero
@sps49, @joel S, @brentus:

Illegal ePub, mobi and pdfs will be on BitTorrent sites before the release date, so, no, holding back the release date of the eBook has nothing to do with piracy.

Now, whether Harriet knows and believes this is another issue. I'm sure Tor knows it.

Hardcovers have a higher profit margin than eBooks... much higher at the volume they are printing. Also, they are going to print all those hard covers, and they need them bought. So, they want people who really want to read the series to buy the hardcover, since the cost money to print, and ship, and store, etc...
169. MarcoPolo
15 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a 50 percent chance of surviving within the next five years. Oddly enough, one thought I had was that I couldn't croak until the day I saw the end of the Wheel of Time. Yes I'm serious. A lot of wierd sh-t goes on in your head when you're staring death in the face. Am I disapointed that the date is slightly later? Yes! Angry? Definitely not! I'm still around to see the end of an era. Whoevers angry about such a triviality lighten up and enjoy. Some people never got to see the end of this masterpiece including the great RJ himself.
a a-p
170. lostinshadow
Thank you Team Jordan...take whatever time you need to make this the best ending to my favourite series ever...

just a teeny tiny wish to the powers that be (from the comments I gather it's Harriet)...please please for the sake of those of us who don't live in North America (and are likely to have a much later release date) let us get the e-book on the same day as the N.American release...

unless you also profit from shipping fees I'm sure that my purchase of ToM actually benefitted the shipper more than the publisher. I paid 35 GBP in shipping (with the book being 12.99 GBP) and lent the book to my other friends who were not willing to pay similar shipping fees (and possibly lose the book to customs as has oftened happened to many of us which is why we prefer ebooks)

Had ToM been available in ebook format on the date of release, at least another 4 of my friends would have bought it immediately instead of waiting for their turn to read my copy.

So if at all possible...again same ebook and hardcover release date would be the best bday present ever!
Anthony Pero
171. anthonypero
Let me add to the chorus who want to see a simultaneous release of Hardcover and eBook. I own the whole series in hardcover, and will, of course by buying it in hardcover, but I'd really like to buy the eBook as well, and read it on my Kindle.
a a-p
172. lostinshadow
oh yeah, will definitely buy the hardcover to complete the collection but preferably without the exhorbitant shipping fees just to get my hands on the story (plus these books are big, it's much easier to display them at hope and cart them around in the kindle or ereader of your choice)
173. DMDegilio
Tor, as you probably well know, don't listen to the critics that are harsh about the release date. I would much rather the time be taken to have the conclusion written and edited perfectly than rushed. Thank you for publishing RJ's and BS's novels.
174. Malweth
TL;DR... to sum up all previous comments:

1. People are complaining that the book is coming out 11 months too late.
2. People are complaining that the book is coming out 1 week too early.

(FYI: If it came out on the anniversary it would no longer be the Year of the Dragon).
eric s
176. silverprl1
@JoelS - It is EXTREMELY easy to rip a book from any e-format to PDF, just as it is from iTunes, Audible, and protected MPx. It is so easy in fact that I am amazed it doesn't happen more often - which is probably more a statement on READING BOOKS, than it is on anything else... and the fact that the Music and Movie industries fight for their contect tooth and nail, and leave books out of their downloading lawsuits, or "terror suspect" Arrests of file-sharing websites. Heard of the "Material Supporter" Kim Dot Com in the last few weeks? MegaUpload certainly contained some libraries of books in PDF, certainly more than the supposed "terrrorist" material, which was most likely things like the "anarchists cookbook" rather than plans, maps, and coded JPG's.
178. Swirlyman
@MarcoPolo Exactly the perspective to have. Getting mad at something you have no control over is a futile exercise. Some are saying they are "allowed" to be mad. You are also "allowed" to grow up and stop being babies throwing tantrums when something doesn't work out the way you want it. If you are one of the ones throwing a tantrum now, and then you are one of the firsts one to line up and get the book, you really look like a childish fool.

Let's all enjoy the fact that a series that has been a part of some of our life's for nearly 2 decades is finally finishing. In a way, it will be like the death of a dear friend or pet. While I am anticipating greatly the release of the content, in a way I am saddened and in no hurry to see the end of this presence in my life. That may sound odd to some of you throwing a fit, but you are "allowed" to not understand.
179. BoredOfTheWait
To all those that reckon we shouldn't complain. Well we spend the cash to get these books, so if we want to complain why shouldn't we.
John Massey
180. subwoofer
Ahem... like I said, if anyone has a problem with the release date, show them! Don't buy the book.

IIRC when RJ had the series books were not being released like clockwork either. I don't recall all the protesters in the street raising a din.

I dunno, complain all you want. For me I just don't see the point. I could go through life whining about the injustice of everything or I could handle life and enjoy the good stuff that comes my way and let the bad stuff pass and roll off my back.

The choice is really up to you.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden
181. tnh
AnthonyPero, SubWoofer, and all you other helpful commenters: Thank you.
182. Redneckcauthon
Am I disappointed with the release date? Sure! I've been reading this epic since before my 20 yo daughter was born! But ya know what? Mr Sanderson must write 360,000 that Mrs Jordan must edit to the requirements of the late, GREAT Mr Jordan. Therefore, just like Perrin, I must needs be patient....but I will be extremely irate if those damned mayans were correct.....
183. Blindillusion mean the final book will be released in '13? Sweet!!! But then, any who know me can probably figure out why.

As for any real I'll be in Korea at the time, or perhaps Afghanistan, depending on circumstances, I simply hope the audio version is avaiable upon release of the hardcover.

And that'd be about it. I skipped many of the comments above...what's the point if 90% of it is negative and leans towards feelings of entitlement. None of these people owe anyone anything, yet they are giving us their best. I, for one, greatly appreciate that.

Simply put, I'm sooo looking forward to the upcoming bunker party. It won't be the last, I'm sure, but by god, I'm sure it will be the biggest.

Rich Bennett
184. Neuralnet
I am so happy to have a release date... any date. C'mon gang just a few years ago it looked like it might not even get finished. This is a great series that we have all loved for decades. I'm happy to get an ending.
Jay Dauro
185. J.Dauro

Good to hear from you. Hope things are well for you and yours. The audiobooks has been released the same day as the hardcover for TGS and TOM, so I expect it will be for AMOL also. Audible has had it the day of release too, which may be easier (if you can access Audible in Korea or Afghanistan, I don't know.)

Hope we get to see you again some year at Jordancon, but I realize that's a bit difficult, at least for now. Good Luck

186. Nvrmor
On Brandons blog he is laying the blame on Hariet and TOR, meanwhile he has written 5 books of his own and is constantly on book tours and doing conventions. He is totally in the wrong here. He was contracted to finish this series, and now we have to wait almost another yesr for it. Rediculous. Sorry Brandon i will never buy one of your books again.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
187. tnh
So, Nvrmor, you think Brandon Sanderson isn't entitled to a career of his own? I think he'd disagree with that. I know I would.

You could find writers who'd be content to do nothing but finish someone else's work, but I doubt you could find a good one who would.
Anthony Pero
188. anthonypero
Actually, Brandon has only written two novels during that stretch of time. The others were written before he started working on the Wheel of Time. (source: He also started working on a short YA novella entitled Scribbler, but set it aside after a few weeks.

People, when you're upset (which you have a perfect right to be... you are allowed to feel anything you want regarding this news), and you spout off "facts" that are untrue, and the truth is part of the easily accessible public record, you will get challenged, and you will look like nothing but a whiner to anyone who has actually been paying attention to news regarding A Memory of Light since 2008.
Birgit F
189. birgit mean the final book will be released in '13? Sweet!!! But then, any who know me can probably figure out why.

They could publish it on the 13th as a compromise between the 8th and the 15th. Or you could count January as the 13th month of this year. The last book will have to include a solution to the 13-13 at the Black Tower. There should be enough 13s for you if you look hard enough. (While we are waiting, we can reread the first 13 books.)
190. Warg
Cant you set the release date at the 15th of january instead?
I seem to remember "the eye of the world" was released on the 15th 1990.
191. cwt
While I'm glad to finally have a date, it sucks that it's 2 full months later than I was anticipating. I started re-reading the series several months ago so that I would be finished sometime in late October, just in time for a November release with all the previous books fresh in my mind. Now there will be a two month gap with nothing to read (If I try to read something else I'll get the plotlines mixed up). All that planning for naught. :(
Anthony Pero
192. anthonypero

You can always slow down your re-read... and when you get caught up with the re-read thread here, you can go at Leigh's pace. Something tells me we'll be finishing up ToM sometime right around December 20th.
Philip Wardlow
193. PhilipWardlow
I've got my tent set up, my sleeping bags all laid out, my pillows fluffed and my sterno is on and brewing some nice fresh hot Kaf....I'm already in line waiting to pick up the last book in the series .... no cuts either!
Noneo Yourbusiness
194. Longtimefan
I think one of the nicest things about Brandon Sanderson is that he is so interested in keeping his audience up to date about what he is doing publishing wise.

I do realize that no matter what people who were thinking the book should come out in November would be upset if the book had been moved to a January release date.

6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

the book will be finished and there will be much rejocing.

and then a few weeks later there will be much sadness as people realize the longing for more will linger unfulfilled.

Which would be worse. the years between books, waiting and knowing there would be more or the long years ahead of just re-reading and having no new book to look forward too and cherish and complain about and dream of?

195. A.W. Goold
That Sucks, I was okay with the original release date, but this not really.
I think that A Memory of Light should come out in a couple of months, just the problem with that is it would not be perfect. We all want it to be perfect and awesome. it should be amazing and I cant wait till it gets released.
Anthony Pero
196. anthonypero
For the record, this is the first time (since the book was split) that Tor has published a release date. Any previous dates that you have heard were either total fabrications or speculation by the author (who has no say, input, or influence beyond when he turns in the manuscript). And I bet BWS wishes he hadn't speculated out loud right about now.
Alice Arneson
197. Wetlandernw
anthony @196 - And I bet BWS wishes he hadn't speculated out loud right about now.

You're probably right, and this is something I find terribly sad. Brandon is so very transparent with his fans; he does his best to be open and honest about his own contributions, as well as making it clear that there are certain things over which he has no control. It really bothers me to see so-called "fans" take his openness, pull it kicking and screaming out of context, and use it as a club to beat on anyone involved in the process of releasing this book.

I'm thinking he'll be greatly relieved when this is out, if only so that he doesn't have to be so carefully guarded in everything he says. It clearly doesn't come naturally to him; there is a distinct difference when talking with him about his own books vs. WoT. He loves talking about the WoT, but he works at trying to make sure he doesn't say something he shouldn't. When you ask him about one of his own books, he's much more relaxed, because he knows what is and isn't safe to say. Which is not to say he doesn't keep secrets and give RAFOs regarding his own stuff - he learned from the master! - but he seems to me to be much more casual about it.
Anthony Pero
198. anthonypero
That makes sense... he's not accountable to anyone else regarding his own books the way he is with the Wheel of Time. If he chooses to say something, no one who matters gets pissed off.
200. TwoRiversTabac
@Fish...come on now...why go and ruin a perfectly good apology by taking a shot at RJ's widow??!! It seems the only way to solve this is to either throw you though a Death Gate, or get an Oath Rod. Just too difficult to tell whom you serve!

Hey friends of the Light, we have one final installment to anticipate. However countercultural the sentiment may be, I still hold to delayed gratification as one of the greatest keys to sustained enjoyment. As it is, we truly are blessed of the Light to even read these final installments:)
John Massey
201. subwoofer
Now that was a post worthy of the 2 hunny... no comment on the "delayed grantification";)

Teresa Nielsen Hayden
202. tnh
TwoRiversTabac, thank you for responding so reasonably to Fisher King, but I've unpublished his comment both here and in the current re-read thread, where he duplicated it.
203. Craig Biles
wait wasnt the first estimate end of 2011, then march 2012, then summer 2012, and the maybe a christmas 2012. Now i have to wait even longer :(
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
204. tnh
Craig, Brandon Sanderson is a fast, hard-working writer, and Harriet McDougal is a talented editor. We'd all like to see the book come out sooner, but if they say it's going to take longer, it's because it's going to take longer. It's the work itself that's intractable, not the people doing it.
Rob Munnelly
205. RobMRobM
One thing to think about are the hundreds of points left open by the previous Baker's dozen of books plus prequel. I'd be surprised if part of the editing process is Maria saying to Brandon - "Hey, why don't we finally explain how Morgase became acquainted with the speech of the Two Rivers" as mentioned way back in EOTW - and Brandon giving it some thought and responding "I don't see how we can fit it in - save it for the WoT Encyclopedia to come." Or having Team Jordan telling Brandon that his resolution of a particular point failed to address X piece of prophecy spoken by Egwene, and that an added scene or two would address it. One of the things we love about the series is its complexity, and that means for a longer process to make sure all possible issues are addressed in crisp fashion. For my part, I want as many hanging chads as possible addressed in AMOL, so I want them to take the time to get it right.

Anthony Pero
206. anthonypero
@Sub, I'm just really glad TFK's comment landed on 199. What a shame if the 2 hunny had been... that.
207. justAreader
this comment is mainly for Tor but also for Brandon: I love the series and all but these delay's have killed it. know this, myself and others like me will NEVER start another long series unless it is already complete. from now on, I will buy a series already completed rather than start another series with no end in sight. this is the reason I WILL NOT buy Brandon's new epic series that will end who knows when or if. Tor and Brandon should take note of this because there are many that feel this way. Brandon says he has nothing to do with deadlines, well unfortunetly this will effect him. sorry guys, you blew it on this one.
Anthony Pero
208. anthonypero
I would just like to point out that The Wheel of Time is a completely unique phenominon, an is truly the first of its kind. No single story has ever been this long. L. Ron Hubbard had a ten volume novel in the 80's, but the total word count for that was about 1 million words. WoT surpassed that after book 3. Nothing like this existed in 1990, when the WoT came out. There were series of novels that took the same length to write, maybe even with a higher word count (such as Pern), but those were stand alone novels, or groups of novels, not one great big story.

There is now a second series like this, A Song of Ice and Fire, but if GRRM stays on track, it will come in at about half the size of the WoT.

Obviously BWS intends to write something almost as large an ambitious, but for the most part... the Wheel is a one off. I doubt anyone will do something like this again.

I guess my point is, allowances should be made for the most ambitious work of fiction ever attempted.
James Whitehead
209. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Can't believe this is still going on and I'm terribly glad I missed the posts that tnh booted.

As I said earlier in this thread I'm just happy Harriet agreed to have the series finished. That Sanderson agreed to finish it, putting his own writings on hold I might add. And that the end of the series is nigh!

I would've loved it to be competed when originally suggested but delays happen. I do not want this thing churned out w/o the level of editing & other end work needed to ensure that this final book lives up to my expectations.

I want epic, people; with a freakin' capital 'A!' And if I have to wait a few more months to get that, then I have no problem with that. Just like with miracle workers & their miracles, you rush a writer you get a rotten book. ;-)

I came into this series in time for The Dragon Reborn to be released so I know waiting. Also, anyone who thought Sanderson could finish the series in the proposed binding breaking final book wasn't thinking straight. Even Jordan wouldn't have been able to accomplish that; not and produce an ending he'd be proud of.

210. Faculty Guy
I'm on board with being patient. One of my feelings of unease over the series being finished at all is the dread of disappointment if there are major unaddressed resolutions of prophesies, etc. I can imagine myself doing further re-reads in future years, finding "foreshadowings," and knowing that they will NEVER be addressed/fulfilled. I think that would seriously impact my liking for future readings.

So: I say take whatever time is needed to make WOT as "tight" as humanly possible (knowing that perfection is an unrealistic hope).
211. The Fisher King
tnh - please email me. I'd like to privately clear up what has been an obvious misunderstanding regarding my post.

Thank you.
Hugh Arai
212. HArai
justAreader@207: As you say, there are many that feel the way you do about unfinished series. However, that is hardly a fact that will come as news to Tor or Brandon or anyone else involved in book publishing. It's not going to stop Brandon from writing the series length story he wants to tell in book length chunks, and it's not going to stop Tor from publishing it in individual novels as he goes. Brandon wants to tell it and there are plenty of people that want to read it as it comes out.

I just hope for your sake your favorite authors all feel like writing a lot of stand alone books since you're likely to have long periods (years!) you'll be intentionally depriving yourself of their output otherwise. Here's hoping!
213. Philip Andrew Wardlow
I for one love a good series...whether it be a trilogy,tetralogy,pentalogy,decalogy, etc....I agree with Anthonypero's comment that the WOT is a one off and new to the status quo in it's uncharted territory for testing a reader's patience for a storyline to be resolved.... even though it's a one off I hope to see that trend for series such as these to increase....I want Branderson to write as many books as he sees fit in his Way of the Kings series... my patience be damned...and when did readers turn into such whiny babies about waiting. I personally think every book in a series if written well can stand on its own...a little world unto to itself..for story, character development, etc.. I like the Harry Potters,Dark Towers, LOTR, and the rest... I would hate for the writer to be constrained to a formalic writing style just to appease the masses...that's not writing for an author..that's penmanship slavery and a handicap to their creativity...
Anthony Pero
214. anthonypero
I really don't see mega-long, multi-volume single stories (beyond the trilogies we are currently inudated with) catching on. I didn't read Harry Potter, but my understanding was that each volume was self contained while moving a larger story arc forward (much like Butcher's Dresden Files). I actually think the trilogy story-arc will go away mostly as well. I don't think the poster who complained about series is alone. I think a lot of people feel that way, because we are getting burned by big name authors not finishing series. Melanie Rawn now has two series dangling in the wind, without a contract for the next book in either series. While publishers will push an author to write a new series to fulfill a contract (that has a better chance of selling than the old one) I can't imagine that they like doing that... it's just what's financially sensible for both parties when a series just isn't selling well.

Obviously much of this is skewed through my own personal bias. I love long series, but I'm finding that after reading the Dresden Files... I love that more. I love that serialized format. And I think it will be the dominant genre format in the future. In order to make the same money they used to make, most authors are having to write more books in a shorter period of time. They also have to be able to remain flexible to hit the market with books the market is currently buying. Writing series made up of self-contained volumes accomplishes this. You can set it aside for a few years and write something else, as the market shifts. You can have three or four different series going, and your fans aren't livid with you, because the stories are self contained.
Hugh Arai
215. HArai
anthonypero@214: I think the market will simply continue to contain a spectrum. For instance the Malazan Book of the Fallen (excellent re-read here on!) ran ten novels roughly in the WoT size range. I would say each is more self-contained than the average WoT novel but much less self-contained than a Dresden Files installment. They were all published 12-18 months apart though, so the level of complaint was much less. Not every writer is Steven Erikson though, and as much as I love his books I wouldn't want them all to be. David Weber has 4-5 long running series active at the moment and most of his fans seem happy enough as long as he publishes something for one of them on a regular basis, even though it can mean multiple year waits between books in any given series.

The people who complain about series are a real segment of the market no question, but they're only a segment not the whole market. You didn't burst into outrage and stop buying the Dresden Files because Changes wasn't completely self-contained did you? The wait for the next book there was just as painful for me as for the next book in pretty much any other series. Heck the itch waiting for Cold Days to be published is nasty right now! :)
Anthony Pero
216. anthonypero
But from a publisher's perspective... traditionally, series decrease in sales as the go along. There are obvious exceptions. But they are exceptions. Authors need to expand their audience, not shrink it, especially in today's market, as margins get lower and lower.
217. riggs
This is disgusting, this late a release date is purely about tor trying to peddle a load of crap between now and then to drag every penny they can from this series and to hell with the fans
Hugh Arai
218. HArai
anthonypero@216: Do you have a cite for that? It seems contrary to what I observe. The usual response to finding a book with characters,setting and plot you enjoy is "more of this please". There are plenty of series that start and dry up rapidly, but there are plenty of authors who write a stand alone that never have another. The sheer number of series being published tells me they can't all be exceptions and if the industry expectation is poorer and poorer sales, why are they being published in the first place?

riggs@217: Thank you for that well informed post from someone who clearly knows the situation far better than the author, the editor and the publishing house. Care to educate us on the meaning of life, solving global hunger and ending warfare forever? Since I'm sure you know everything there is to know about that as well.
Anthony Pero
219. anthonypero
I can't say that I have a specific stat... it's just anecdotal. Maybe @tnh can tell us if it's true or not. Its certainly true for television series and other media. The point is, yeah, if you like the book, you'll read the next one. But not everyone will like the book... so they may have bought it, but not the next one. You are far more likely to lose readers than gain them, as time goes on. Now, obviously, the top series don't do that. They gain and gain. But 95% of series aren't the top series.
Hugh Arai
220. HArai
anthonypero@219: Well stand alone or serialized novels would only handle that situation better than a series if the author and publisher made a conscious effort to make each stand alone clearly different to the last. Otherwise, you try the author's first stand alone book, you don't like it, and you don't buy their second stand alone because it looks too similar to the first. And if the author and publisher did that, they could quite possibly lose all the people that liked the first one and did want more.

Really I think you just need to make people like all your books, series or not, which I think has to be the real thing that separates the "top" from the rest, and is much much more elusive than picking the right format.
Anthony Pero
221. anthonypero
There are far more working authors who never gain a large following who write in multiple sub genres then there are authors who are highly successfull who only write in one.

For the midlist author, it's all about piggybacking on what readers are looking for. It ain't art, it's a job.
222. Nine over Thirteen
After reading updates on Brandon Sanderson's site I have to agree with Mr. Sanderson. This series is one of the most epic and expansive ever written. Once Mr. Sanderson gets the final draft revisions back from the publisher and makes those changes, goes through the text again to make sure everything stays congruent, and nothing cut out and left unfinished, is then must be weighed up against Mr. Jordan's notes and recordings made before he passed away to be sure it retains his original vision.

But, before the publishers get to print a single page, Harriet must say that the text is what it should be. No one else can really make that determination except her. Think we as the readers have dedicated a chunk of our lives to this series?? Think about the time and sacrifices that she has made since the first raw notes were penciled in on a random page. She wanted as much time to edit it and perfect it so as to make it the crowning piece that finally encapsulates her husband’s brilliant vision. And for who? Her late husband most of all, but for each and every one of us. To her I'm sure that this last book is to be no less than perfect is critical. To honor Robert Jordan's memory, to finally be able to present his vision completed, and to bring this story to a close for all of us. AND for her. By looking so many negative comments about waiting, about how not fair it is, can you imagine the comments (from its FANS) would be left if it was published as anything less??

My dear Harriet, I thank you for taking great undertaking to see this work complete. Imagine that it cannot be easy. Not just the raw mechanics of this project, but it must seem not only a part of your husband still there with you, and as a child you've raised about to be gone from the house and on his own. That must be an awful lot to resolve within yourself and still make sure it’s finished works resolve the story within each one of us. Thank you.

Take your time, and when you can point to it and say it is complete, we'll be ready. Despite the statements of my fellow fans, to release it as anything less would find no justice with anyone.

-Nine over Thirteen
223. cg
First, rj already wrote the ending. Bws has stated that will be left exactly the way rj wrote it. Yes, I was hella upset about the release date but, after reading all that BS above I'm just glad there is one. I don't care about the "greedy"marketing BS. I'm still gonna buy it. As for doing something for all us LOYAL fans how about after amol is released (with or without the ebook) put out box sets in leather with the wot symbol engraved on them. I will happily make you more $ by buying them as I'm sure all other LOYAL fans will. Thank you for finishing this extremely complicated and fascinating series. Can't wait.
224. WOT Fan
Hummm...2013. Same year as the release date for the movie. Look up The Eye of the World on IMDB. :-O
225. AndrewH
Doesn't matter how long it takes. It's the last one and once published there will be no more waiting, no more books. Thankfully, blessedly it will finally be over. And I'm both elated and saddened with that fact. I started reading the series in 1994 and I just got finished with a complete re-read last month. I don't really know how I'm going to feel that there will never be another WoT book.
226. Get it together
Horrid. Was expecting it this fall, now next year? Hire more people and give it to us sooner. This wait is ludacris.
Alice Arneson
227. Wetlandernw
Get it together @226 - Fortunately, with your spelling and editing skills, you aren't likely to be under the gun for a project of this nature any time soon.
228. Diemond
@subwoofer. I won't be buying the book myself, i'll still be reading it but they won't be getting my money for it :)
Anthony Pero
229. anthonypero
Diemond@228: Arrr! Plunder ye booty and begone with ye!
230. Philip Andrew Wardlow
Time for a new thread on WOT series ...other this one I'm thinking....:)
Alice Arneson
231. Wetlandernw
Diemond - And can you honestly say that is purely a result of the release date? Or would that have been true anyway?
232. Diemond
Purely the release date since I had already planned on buying it to begin with
233. Freelancer
I see that Children's Hour drags on. Ahh, yes, a book can surely be finished faster if you just put more hands on it. I'm certain that you can expect a job offer from Tor at any moment based upon your incisive grasp of the field.

So, show of hands, how many here insist that Han shot first? Hey, if a pot is going to be stirred, it may as well be one worth stirring. Whingeing over when Harriet puts the final seal of approval on her late husband's Magnum Opus is well past rude. Supposing that greed is the motive is well past ignorant. And expecting that garbage to get by here without return fire is well past nuts.

Thank you, Team Jordan, Harriet, Brandon, and Tor, for making the conclusion possible at all.
Hugh Arai
234. HArai
Get it together@226: You're one of those people that think 9 women can have a baby in one month aren't you?

Diemond@232: Sure you did. The extra few months just forced you over the edge and you just have to make stand for all that's right and holy. Heard that one before.

Freelancer@233: Of course Han shot first. It was the logical thing to do in the situation and it provided a baseline for his character to highlight his more heroic and less practical actions later in the story. What's the point in arguing about that? :P
235. Diemond
Actually it was the extra few years, last book I bought was Gathering when it was originally supposed to be the last one but still read ToM as soon as it came out and didn't buy it just like I won't this one and still read it. Have a lovely day :)
236. Murphy1911
I am so thankful to finaly know when this book will be released, I picked up The Eye of the World around 12 years agao and have since read and reread all of these books around 10 times.... and every time I start at the begining and read untill the end. Each and every time I find something I missed the first time around... so to all the people pissing and moaning about waiting another year I say take the time to reread the story you think you know, I promise you, you dont know the half of it.. and to all of those people involved in the task of compleating this epic tale I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Theresa Gray
237. Terez27
Diemond—You know you're essentially punishing Brandon for something that is ultimately RJ's responsibility. It was always three more books. When he died, it was still three more books. No one else is surprised. And Brandon has finished each book quicker than RJ was able to manage after LOC, on average. I think even if you average in 1-6, Brandon still wins. But go on with your bad self, you pirate you. And watch out for the ninjas. ;)
238. Guru101
I'm smoothing my skirts as we speak...
239. Rounder
First, add me to the 'I hope the Mayans are wrong' club. Second, this book is going to be all kinds of amazing. Starting my re-read now, and I intend to take the release week off work, and maybe read the book twice :-)
Jerry Blair
240. Linekat62
As I progress thru the WOT series again (13th time "starting with New Spring") I should end just in time for the release of A Memory of Light in Jan. Seems to me once before Tor moved up the publication date on an earlier book. Many thanks Harriet and Brandon for finishing the series otherwise we'd be looking at an ending with Egwene as a prisoner of the White Tower. Ya hope the Mayans were wrong.
Anthony Pero
241. anthonypero
The publication date of The Gathering Storm was bumped up... by two weeks. Mostly due to the printers getting done faster than expected, I would imagine. Which should prove one thing without doubt--Tor isn't holding these books back. They changed the publication date on a major best seller by just two lousy weeks simply to start collecting checks that much sooner. The entire book publishing industry is strapped for cash right now. Tor would much rather have the book on the shelves right freaking now then wait until January 8th. They aren't pushing the release date back to make more money, or anything else. It actually takes that long to release a hardcover book.
242. WotFan
I've been a big fan of Wheel of Time for a while, started reading it back when Lord of Chaos was new-ish. I'm excited to see the ending here finally. :)

But if anyone from Tor is reading this, know this: I'm not buying a print book of this. End of story. It will take patience, but I will just wait for an ebook. Not only is it insane to carry around a giant book like this when I can use my tiny Kindle, it's a waste of trees.

I doubt one (happy to see it out at all) person matters, but I bet for every person you have commenting on here about it, there are hundreds more who aren't speaking up.
Alice Arneson
243. Wetlandernw
WotFan @242 - FWIW, trees and the paper made from them are a renewable, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable resource. Batteries, electronics and the chemicals used to manufacture and "recycle" them... not so much. The environmental argument doesn't hold up very well. Stick with "easier to carry" - it's much more convincing.
244. Ajax
I read the books in German
they cut it in 3 maybe 4 parts
with luck i get the last part in January 2014, maybe later
Theresa Gray
245. Terez27
Wetlander@243—To be fair, those books do add up after time, and it takes equipment and fuel to make them, especially when they have to be made overseas and shipped here, which is pretty normal. That being said, loggers keep trees growing. And it takes more energy to recycle paper than it does to make paper in the first place. If you're going to recycle, try aluminum and plastic, the latter of which is a big landfill problem, the former of which takes little energy and resources to recycle.
Alice Arneson
246. Wetlandernw
Don't get me wrong, I like my nook. But the proliferation of handheld electronic devices is a nightmare for disposal in any form. Some of it can be readily recycled, and some of it involves highly toxic processes for either manufacture or reclamation. Just saying that the "environmental impact" argument isn't all that valid. Then again, I'm a logger's daughter, and I see the timber industry from the other side.
247. Philip Andrew Wardlow
[b][color=rgb(0, 0, 0)][b] [url=][b] Terez2[/b]7 & [url=]Wetlandernw[/url] -...I personally miss the stone tablet days..but oh man when you drop them on your foot it hurts like the dickens...:)
But then you can recyle them and make a lovely rock garden in your back yard....perhaps a nice yin/yang symbol....
248. JenM
I will also add my voice to begging for e-book release to be the same date has hardcover!! PLEASE!


PS Yes, the date is later than I anticipated, but I am just thrilled that it's being finished at all! I'm on book 10 of my re-read. I guess that just means I'll have time for another re-read before it comes out.
249. cyn0113
The amount of whining on this page is pretty incredible. We fans are extremely lucky that we actually get to see a conclusion to this whole saga.
250. Lini
I keep seeing posts about how expensive and time consuming it is to print these books.
Save a tree (and my wrist)... Please release the eBook at the same time!
251. Dragon reborn
Tor and everyone involved lied. Plain and Simple. One a year for three years.
252. Philip Andrew Wardlow
Well I just hope what "may yet be" does not fall under the shadow.. long as it gets done it gets done..sheeesh....look at it this way....would you choose to read the book late or be the ingredients between two slices of bread for a trolloc.....?
Anthony Pero
253. anthonypero
@Dragon reborn:

Have you ever had an assignment due at work, and not been able to finish it in time? Did you LIE? Or did you fail?

Did you ever set a goal for yourself and fail to acheive it in the time allotted? Did you LIE? Or did you fail?

Do you have children? Have circumstances ever conspired against you to make you unable to fulfill a promise you made to them, but in due course you were able to make it up to them? Did you LIE? Or did you fail?

Have you ever told your parents you would have something done at a particular time, but due to circumstances outside of your control (like, schoolwork) you were unable to accomplish it until the next day? Did you LIE? Or did you fail?

Tor, and Brandon Sanderson, due to perfectly reasonable circumstances that have been laid out time and time and time and time again, have failed to meet a goal that they set for themselves in 2008. By 2010, they had already informed everyone in the world via this site and Brandon's blog that this goal would not be met. Did they LIE? Or did they fail to meet an objective in the time they desired?

Really? They lied? How did I know you were going to say that? Oh yes, because your statement was unreasonable in the first place, so there was no reason to expect you to be reasonable now.
Deb Dennis
254. DJADewolff
I agree with almost everybody in one way or another. YES - the time until we get to read AMoL absolutely sucks! However if it means a better book then I'm all for it - MAYBE if we cut him some slack BS can take the time many of US have and REREAD THE D__M books!!!! Perhaps he will pick up more knowledge of the characters that way. While he has gotten slightly better at giving each character their own voice he simply has NOT kept the voice/personality with which RJ created the characters I love so much!! Really - has anyone actually ever heard a monarch in ANY nation of the WOT world speak so horribly snobbish as the way Elaine speaks to Perrin in TGS? Go back and re-read how Morgase treated Rand, how she spoke to him & Elaine after the garden incident in EOtW - Or how she spoke to Mat in TDR - listen to how Mattin Stepinaos (sorry I listen to audio books & can't remember name spellings) speaks to Elida and to the Red Ajah and to Egwene herself. Arrogant they were to be sure, especially to Tallenvor - but never, ever did ANYONE speak with the voice/character he gave Elaine. I shudder each time I re-read (or re-listen) to the last two books. WOT monarchs just don't talk that way. One of the endearing aspects of the unveiling of the future is that it is being seen through the eyes of the young - just look at all the mistakes Elaine, Nynaeve, Egwene made when pretending to be Aes Sedai because they did not have 100yrs to grow snooty. Think of how Elaine treated the Aes Sedai in Ebou Dar, or how she treated the Kin - where did that girl go? How did she turn into such a prig? (BS thats how) And No- putting a crown on her head did NOT turn her into THAT!!! She is still barely 19yrs old!!Part of what RJ wanted us to see was how the future could be changed, even improved, when we abandon preconceived notions of what is and is not possible and JUST DO IT ! When did all the characters (especially Rand) start explaining themselves in detail and at length every time they were questioned? There are better ways to tell a story, and leaving actions unexplained by endless introspective jibberings gives us all a chance to project some of our own interpretation upon the book and characters (remember, ART is interpreted differently by everyone who sees/reads/hears it!!! BS seems insistent that we buy into HIS take on the motives of our characters. (Got many of these examples - anyone else want to talk character personalities?)

I am eagerly awaiting the final book - and hoping that not only the Events themselves but the Characters and the Journey to Tarmon Gaidon be authentic to the world and Characters so lovingly created by RJ.

If this happens it is well worth the wait! Please - edit & rewrite away! Quality is better than quantity - if all you want is quantity there are tons of crappy books out there with only 6-months effort put into them- go there and stay busy reading crap for the next year while the staff & writers get this final book right!
255. Alvin Thomas
Thy absolute best book in the world. I mean books..... Talk about a movie!!!!!!
256. Stu Watson
Began my TWOT journey in the Spring of '91 and now it's almost over.

A truly fantastic trip thus far...very excite for the final stop.

We've all waited "almost" 23 yrs...a few more months is nothing ;)

See you in January!

ps - the Myans forgot about leap-years, so it's really 2013 already...guess there are no true endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time, only different beginnings ;)

Warm Regards to All,

Anthony Pero
257. anthonypero
I've heard this Mayan thing going around for a week now, lol... We do all realize that whether or not the Mayans calculated a Leap Day into their calendar, our scientists and linguists who translated the calendar most certainly would have included it in their translations, right? Its hard to believe that when they tell us the Mayan Calendar ends on December 20th, 2012, that they (our scientists) didn't account for an inaccuracy of .27 days every year.
258. Philip Andrew Wardlow
@ DJADewolff I understand your concerns regarding the book to a degree...I have re-read and listened to the series many times over like yourself but am personally content with Branderson's take on the characters...I noticed little things as well that Jordan would not have done...but for me it has not taken away from the story but added to it in certain aspects...Harriet picked BS for a reason and I respect that decision and respect BS for taking on the project and putting everything I believe into he canin making it a fitting complement to Jordans legacy & work...I expect nothing less from the final volume as well coming out in Jan, 2013....
259. DJADewolff
Philip Andrew Wardlow: I'm sure BS is doing the best he can - I'm sure Harriet picked him for a reason. Perhaps he adds to the story - I'm looking forward to discovering how the events unfold, and to the resolution of all the bits and pieces of foretellings. But I maintain that BS has changed the characters and even the language of the WOT world. RJ wrote 11 books over more than 20 years and every character and people had their distinct cultures and attitudes and fears. We had Wise Women, Mother "somebody", healers, Wisdoms, Aes Sedai, Wilders, the Kin, Damane, and more terms that don't come to mind at the moment. Each persons character had a distinct race, background, belief system, etc. When RJ said the name "Wilders" you knew who/what they were and if you knew the world you knew the background of both the person referring to a woman who touches the true source as a wilder. It must have taken more intelligence and memory and diligence to detail than I will ever posess to create and maintain such depth of character. We knew "Wise Ones" would take one attitude about using the one power as a weapon than a suldam did, and we knew it conflicted with Aes Sedai oaths. Personally I could see the ranks of allies, separate but working together like they did when Perrin was going to Masema. Not to BS. To him they have no INDIVIDUALITY. To him they are all "channelers" not worthy of separate mention. It's like describing something as being "rainbow colored" rather than telling us that this is blue as deep as the blue of a clear twilight sky, red as bright as the most beautiful apple, green to shame the new spring grasses. There is no depth to calling the Aes Sedai, Ashaman, Wise Ones, Kin, Red Belts, apprentices, etc "Channelers" and this is just ONE example of the way he has blurred the distinct aspects of the WOT world and did not add to the characters by having them go thru endless self analysis or explaination, or introspection, mainly because it is endless and most people skip over it to get to the meat of the events. RJ never said that Stone Dogs were stubborn, he let others attitudes and the jokes of the maidens give us clues into the temperament of a Stone Dog, letting us discover this in the same way we do in real life, by watching the interplay of the characters.
Take Mat, for example. In Ebou Dar he had so much difficulty finding the words to leave a note for Elaine, Nynaeve, and Avienda about Jachim Carridin that he stood by Tylin's writting stand chewing on her pen. This is the only instance of Mat writing or being literate in the entire series. In BS version of WOT - in his first book he has Mat not only writing but posessing many pages of good paper, pen and ink, and he is writing scripts for a group of men to take into a village, obsessing on what story each is to tell to the point of writing it all down and handing it out. Had I been a character in that scene I'd have said "Matrim Cauthon - are you taken by the Dragon? What's gotten into you!" to which he may have responded "Blood and Ashes DJADe, can't a fellow try something new?" all the while he would be either blushing or angry or both. Mat never planned anything, and he resisted the memories that told him differently.
BS adds words like channelers, medic, medical aid, and a dozen more words & weapons most of our characters are or were unfamiliar with. For example when RJ introduced miners to the rescue of Carhien (sp) he allowed Mat & Lan's knolwedge of that aspect of primitive war to educate those of us who are not fantasy combat fans. BS used weapons I had to ask my husband about because I had no idea what they were. If I did not know then a few of the village characters would be unfamiliar as well and RJ would have described these things in conversation. BS just added the terms, skipping the ancient warcraft descriptions.

These examples are blatant. The subtler aspects are beyond me to describe, but anyone who actually reads and absorbs the world as well as the story has to notice it. RJ had depth, BS has a superficial style and perhaps a superficial knowledge of the WOT world and puts into it things from other worlds he has written about that are inconsistent with the wot world and our simple village youth characters. Rand had been taken over by Lews Therin, so I can accept those changes as I never knew Lews T except as a mad voice, so I did/don't know how he would react.

I'm not satisfied with any of the characters, the races are not even consistent anymore, in fact everyone is the same but with different names. You could call any person DJADe but unless that person has studied me she would fool no one who knows me. We could call anyone Phillip, yet your closest friends would notice if he behaved out of character. Mat, Perrin, Rand, Min, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elaine, Lan, Thom, etc are like old friends and to see them act so out of character drives me crazy - even if the end result is the same.

And I talk too much ! I only hope the last book is better than the first two. RJ made his mistakes (blatant-he had Renna escape trying to kill Ageanin because "she was the only one who knew her secret" when it was Bethamin that Ageanin held in her basement in Falme, not Renna - Seta & Renna were the Suldam who trained Egwene when she was captured in Falme and whoever found them (Suroth?) kept their secret and let them be Suldam, but never allowed them to be complete.

Hope everyone has a good year waiting.... it could be worse!
260. Kirk Yuras, Author/Artist
Calm down! The Mayan’s didn’t have a leap year, so the world should have ended 6 months ago. We’ll be okay. The Wheel of Time will see the next book churned out, even if Sanderson bites the dust. (I’mma rez him if that happens, btw, cuz I’d rather he finish it. I haven’t enough worthwhile material to clone Jordan but I got plenty of Brandon while trolling around in his dungeon… Um, disregard that last comment Mr. Sanderson, and also the suspicious looking duct tape on your home security panel.) As a writer, I know what it takes to finish a book of quality, let alone perfectly end an entire series. 2013? 2014? Whatever the date, I’m in.

Author/Artist Kirk Yuras
Alice Arneson
261. Wetlandernw
FWIW... When I was at a Sanderson signing in Seattle last November, he commented briefly on the status of AMoL. At the time, he still had some writing to do, and he needed to tie in to the ending RJ had left, but it was mostly done. His statement at the time was something like, "You will get to read it. It's done enough that they would be able to publish it if I got hit by a meteor tonight." You can only imagine the amount of applause that generated!
262. Content
Well....we'd be waiting a lot longer I guess if Sanderson didn't take over.
263. Ashaman3000
I started the series in '93 and have re-read it every time a new book released since lord of chaos... admittadly skipping perrins chapters. (just cant get into his story). Thats ballpark 90k pages total and I'm willing to wait another year. Kudos to B.S. and team Jordan for all the work done. Each installment feels like a long letter from a good friend living on another world. Eager for the finale, but will miss them all terribly when it's over...
264. Philip Andrew Wardlow
@DJADewolff Thanks for your examination of your take...some points I agree in regards to the new terms such as "medic" and such. but for me terms don't distract me. As far as BS lumping a group or race or culture into one homegenous being and not being able to show a distinction between the two I just don't see it or feel it..and I trust my gut not semantics or political correctness when it comes to writing. BS gives them depth his way not Jordans way..and that's fine....whether is through interior monologue or out right via a character saying something out loud to another character... I have read the BS books and carefully and yes I see characters shifts...but not damaging ones that make you seem to want to pull your hair out like it seems to affect you.

To address your point about Mat's writing the letter to warn his friends. (the difficult girls as I liked to call them at that time in Ebou Dar) I see Mat as a two sided coin when it comes to who he is....he can be very a calculating and deadly oppponent with the knowledge in his head but when it comes to ANY woman he's calls a friend (or lover) He has this Two Rivers mentality of respect for them (alot like Rand when counts all the woman who have died in his service) . To me its a running joke for all three on how there personal lives with woman either conflict or drive what they do in the stories that play out. I don't see it as character conflict...and he has planned MANY campaigns with Bashere and Rhuarc, and Rand..they have metioned his abilities in many instances..through out the books he has come to accept the memories and use them with little reservation to keep him alive (didnt want to advertise his memories of course)...and I always assumed all three boys and the woman for that matter not to be country bumpkins. I'm sure if you look hard enough you can pick apart things in ANY story out to discredit the writers talent especially a guy trying to fill anothers shoes...give him a break is all I'm saying....sure the trip may have little turbalence along the way but you will land safely and enjoy the vacation....:)
Alice Arneson
265. Wetlandernw
My current favorite analogy when it comes to apparent character differences in the Sanderson books is this:

Suppose you and I are looking at a globe. I'm standing where I look straight at the west coast, while from your position, you're looking at the east coast. For you, the most prominent feature might be the Florida peninsula, while from my angle Alaska and the Aleutian chain stand out the most - but we're looking at the same globe, the same earth. This makes for good discussion, and not much more, as long as nothing changes; but now something has changed. Instead of simply looking at the globe from our various perspectives, someone is telling us what it looks like from where he's standing. He's describing the very same world (or, in a specific case, the very same character) that was originated by Jordan, but since he sees each one from his own angle, the presentation may differ from our expectations.

BWS is telling the story RJ wanted to tell, but he's doing it in his own words and from his own perspective. Since with any given character or concept, his perspective will be somewhat different than yours or mine, we will find it more or less disconcerting depending on just how far or near our points of view turn out to be. The difficulty in matching is, I think, a testimony to RJ's creation of multidimensional, realistic characters.

For myself, I can only say that I'm grateful. The style is different, but the storytelling is excellent. The angles are (for me, very slightly) different, but they are still clearly the same people, in the same world, finishing the same story. For all this, I am profoundly grateful: to RJ, for creating such a great story and for carefully leaving such good material to work with; to Harriet, for choosing wisely and working so hard to make sure it will finish well; to Maria and Alan, for continuing to work with a new author to make sure everything matches up (as well as humanly possible); to Tor, for their commitment to seeing it through; and finally to Brandon, for having the courage and the humility to take up someone else's task and finish the work on behalf of the one who was unable to do so.
joseph bendix
266. shadowswaiting
well that date should give me time to reread the entire series about 4 times before i get to find out how the dice fall.
268. shadowbane2099
Seriously? An entire year of editing. I don't know if I should be thankful so much thought is going into the final book, or if I should be pissed that I have to wait yet ANOTHER year for it. You know, most of us have been reading this saga longer than some of the characters have been alive in the books by now! *sigh*
Alice Arneson
269. Wetlandernw
Which do you enjoy more, being thankful or being pissed? It's your choice. I prefer the former, myself, although I know people who apparently think the latter is more fun. They tend to be pretty miserable most of the time, though, so I think they have a strange idea of fun.
Anthony Pero
270. anthonypero
What I want to know is why people think 1 year is an inordinant amount of time to go from 1st draft to on the shelves? It's right in the middle of common. You'd think they think the people involved were only working on the one book, instead of dozens at the same time. Even Brandon is working another book during all of this. Editing, at least.
271. Tiredofdoublestandard
What I want to know is why all the White Knighting that goes on here is deemed acceptable. It sickens me, and I am speaking as someone who has been with, the Wheel of Time, and the Internet (all the way back to the rj.recarts/wotfaq/usenet days).

For those who may not be familiar with the term, ''White Knighting'' is NOT a complimentary term in netiquette, but it applies here. What I see shamefully WKed here (most often in the WOT REREAD Blog) seem to be:

Leigh Butler
Team Jordan's handling of the release delay
Brandon Sanderson

And I don't get it!

Let me share ALL the ways Tor and Team Jordan BOTH may have gone about the Delay News with a bit more consideration. Let me list ALL the mistakes in Towers of Midnight and The Gathering Storm and blatant mischaracterizations by B.S. Let me repost or link to all the times Leigh has basically flipped the middle finger to her readers over an issue.

I doubt this post will stay up. Tor doesn't work that way. Free speech...not so much here. I have friends who have had even the slightest negative post deleted here. This post uses no vulgarity, profanity or namecalling - and uses examples to back it up. But it will get toasted.

If by some miracle it doesn't, however, I would like a return to the original point here...Why all the White Knighting here? And about those four categories in particular? And why so much in the WOT REREAD forum specifically?

Anyone brave enough to answer that?

Or answer why ANYONE who so much as dares to suggest that Leigh, Team Jordan, Brandon or Tor make mistakes is always so immediately ganged up upon?
Kimani Rogers
272. KiManiak
Tired@271 - So are you going to
"share ALL the ways Tor and Team Jordan BOTH may have gone about the Delay News with a bit more consideration. Let me list ALL the mistakes in Towers of Midnight and The Gathering Storm and blatant mischaracterizations by B.S. Let me repost or link to all the times Leigh has basically flipped the middle finger to her readers over an issue"
like you said you were, or just state that these things exist somewhere out there in the ether, and then not produce them?
(I'm just asking. A number of commenters here are pretty good about addressing the facts of the situation; not just whining. Come with something valid, and you are likely to get a valid response. Although any problems with grammar or editing mistakes in TGS and ToM would probably be an argument for delays for AMoL to make sure it's done right, but whatever; make your case )

As for free speech, well you can say what you want. At the end of the day, this is TOR's website, so they have the right to interpret what they feel is fair and what they feel goes too far. And then react accordingly.

You, however, are free to host your own website and comment about whatever you like until your heart's content.

As for the "White Knighting" you allege: obviously that is rather subjective, so I personally reject your premise that that is what folks are doing without you providing specific examples. Again, come with something valid and you may get a valid response.

However, if you came here to whine and complain just because you don't like "it," well then: Congratulations, Mission Accomplished. Have a Nice Day.
Anthony Pero
273. anthonypero
Ah, the Internet and anonymity. Have you noticed that no one criticizing actually used their real names? Or even has an account here? Hmmm. Suspicious.
274. Philip Andrew Wardlow
I actually use my real name every chance I get as I know you do Anthony...:) ......I think it's cool to by the way to be a White Knight ...I embrace it. If I have an opinion I simply wish to share it ....I think it's pretty balanced on her for people complaining and people defending. I personally try not to get personal or jump or bash on anyone who has a difference of opinion ...I like hearing different view points even though I may disagree...and I also find myself being educated at times and humbled at times by my own lack of knowledge on certain subjects.... @TiredoftheDoubleStandard so chillax about at it's just a book...and were on all on this big blue marble floating in a vaccum of space....sometimes we take things way to serious and don't keep things in perspective...
Anthony Pero
275. anthonypero
I don't mind criticism, I just don't like anonymity. And when someone crticizes something, I hope they are prepared to defend their opinions, because people are going to disagree. And if their criticism amounts to basically complaining about something not being to their liking, I at least, will mostly ignore it. When they decide to attack people with falsehoods, however, I will rigorously point out the truth, assuming I know it. That's my responsibility as a human being. Which is why I use my real name on the interent, to remind myself that I am a human being, and so are those I am interacting with, and that I should act like it.

And this is a bad thing on the internet, huh, "White Knighting?" No wonder the internet sucks so often. Apparently being a decent human being is frowned upon. Who knew?
276. John Z
I wish they would release it 10 days earlier so we would have at least 2 days to read it before the world ends.
277. Philip Andrew Wardlow
Don't think the world will end to soon but you never know I've been wrong before....I will jump in my time machine and retrieve the book and bring it back for everyone to read it now though to stop the griping....sheesh...
278. 'joe'
Am I disappointed that I have to wait another year to read the final chapter? Yes But I am very happy that it is all coming to an end. We could have been left dangling with no conclusion to the story. If the world ends in december ce la vie.
279. Kronn
Well I guess I'm we are all use to the waiting by now...Don't be suprised if the release date is pushed back though.
280. Freelancer
Tods @271

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees you that the Federal government will make no law infringing upon your freedom of speech or expression. This place here, however, is under no legal constraint to permit what they do not approve. Their house, their rules. Judged against the very many other blogs I frequent, they handle things just fine.

I find it distinctly disingenuous that you simultaneously demand the freedom to argue your position, while condemning others for a position chosen with equal freedom, and with a supposedly negative epithet like White Knighting. Honor to whom honor is due.

Complaints regarding Brandon about typos, grammatical inconsistencies, even mischaracterizations of well-established parties and themes within the story are all valid on the surface. The appropriate reply to these is twofold. First, if not Brandon, whom? The story is being brought to an end in the best manner available. It isn't as though this author had nothing better to do and just felt like taking the reins. Second, so what? Brandon is human, and therefore imperfect. I cannot begin to fathom the tapestry he began to view from the weavers end, realizing that he must take up the loom and attempt not to miss a pass. This is a brave thing.

And any consideration for the coherent completion of the saga must include Harriet MacDougal, as the senior editor and widow of the initial author. This process will go as Brandon is able, and as Harriet permits.

As for Tor, to suppose that they would not rather have had the final volume on the shelves months ago is quite the strange fantasy. I would appreciate hearing the logical dissection of how withholding the release date is somehow in their monetary interest.

There you go, white enough for you?
281. EZspader1
They should change the title to Diablo III
282. djkutmf
First of all thanx to Brandon for picking up the task of finishing a great work. Secondly I agree somewhat with everyone about the date but to truly make it memorable instead of realeasing it on the 8th or 15th, release it on the 14th of January. That way it would be ending not an aniversary but a complete non-overlapping ending.
283. leonhart03
Hmmm... I really think January is a terrible month to put the book out IMHO. I mean, you (Tor) should really be thinking about how incredibly well you would do to put it out before Christmas. Think of all those boxed sets, special editions, audiobooks, memorabilia, etc you could be capitalizing on during the holiday crazies! January would totally miss all that. And forget about it selling as well the following Christmas, since most probably won't want to wait that long. Granted, I'm sure the book will sell just fine, but Christmas season would bring so much more! Release the book mid-November instead, like the initial teaser was hinting at!
Anthony Pero
284. anthonypero
I'm sure if everything gets done, and it's back from the printers, Tor will release the book early. They moved the release date up for TGS.
285. Tinfoil Hat Salesman
TROLOLOL @ all the people talking about the end of the world ... are you related to Harold Camping? Comets hitting the planet? Mayans claiming it's the end of the world? Forums bring out all you sheep, doesn't it?
286. Philip Andrew Wardlow
@TinfoilHatSalesman - Well comets do hit the earth and other planets on occasion so I actually I am in that "Camp" ...ha ha ha I made a punny...ah I crack myself. By the way ...Are the TinFoilHats you sell made of the good stuff like Reynolds or is it a generic brand....I ain't gonna be buying no inferior TinfoilHats....daggit. Baaaaaa! Baaaaa!.......
Anthony Pero
287. anthonypero

I'm pretty sure everyone is joking about the end of the world. If they are not, at least it's less ridiculous than the rest of the crap people are spewing on here.
Troy Johnson
288. Zanneth
This is bullshit. Memory of Light was supposed to be released November 2011!!! Oh, you can belt out Towers of Midnight a year after Gathering Storm but its taking over 2 years to finish the last one? FFS. Normaly I could understand with a final book to a series but Memory of Light was originally 1 book anyways, not a three part finisher! That means u have 2/3rds of the ending already out there. Stop dragging ur damn heals. Editing should only take a few months. Hell it only takes a week or 2 to read it once if ur dedicated. We've waited over 20 years to see this series come to an end, enough is enough.
289. Dinglegafei
Reminds me of this:
290. l.21
Son of a $&##!

So. Much. Frustration.
291. Loraine
Seriously!? I am so over writers dragging out series to a ridiculous number of books in order (it seems) to make more money (Christopher Paolini and George R. R. Martin to name just two recent personal irritations)! There's no good reason for the last book to have become three books and one or two of the middle ones could have lost a LOT of the superfluous rubbish and improved the series immeasurably. I love WoT, but really!? Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
292. Elias Wharton
I am grateful that Mr. Sanderson and Mrs. Jordan (and team) are working to to make this climax such a cherishable event. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. The Wheel of Time is my most favorite series, once I finish reading A Memory of Light, I will start the whole series over again. I finally found The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time - of which I have been searching for forever. Again, thank you.
293. Mike Ruiz
I am one of those people who, when this series is finished, will have taken the entire 20 years to read it. At this point, I think I'd rather see the final story done properly, although we already know that the ending was already written by Mr Jordan. The Wheel of Time turns....
294. ChrisinATL
My luck the world will end in december and I will never get to read the ending of this book.
I could imagine a movie about some poor sod 20 years after the apocolypse of 2012 depserately searching for the last book of this series. It will forever be the holy grail.
Seriously though. An entire year? Are they serious? That is a bit ridiculous since movies have been released in less time. I mean the entire Harry Potter series, the ENTIRE series, took less time. Throw us a bone here TOR and change this.
295. Dude?
For all of us who HAVE re-read the series, and then re-read it 2 more times, anticipating the "early 2012" release... TOR, you suck.

My kid could do the edits in less time. Mr. Sanderson (BS for short..?) says a "good 6 months for revisions". What's up with the extra 6? I have intentionally NOT been looking for status updates so I could be surprised when I saw it on the shelf at Costco. I'm sorry I caved and looked.

Forget it, I'm over it and don't need to know what happens. I'm sure Mat would put odds on Rand and all his buddys frying when I giant comet knocks the Wheel into reverse polarity. Maybe I'll move on to "A Song of Ice and Fire", since Tor has us so well adapted to unresolved conflict.
Anthony Pero
296. anthonypero
Sanderson says 6 months for revisions.

Those are actual rewrites of the text. As in, lets make changes to what it says. After those 6 months of Brandon/Harriet revisions, Beta readers will get their say. Then Team Jordan back in SC will have to pour over every single detail in the book for continuity. Any issues found (or loose ends not tied up that NEED to be) will have to be taken care of. Then the copy editor will go over the manuscript carefully (a step that apparently got skipped inthe rush to get Towers of Midnight out the door), and more changes will need to be made. At some point after those six months, the entire book will be give to Michael Welan, the cover artist now that DKS has passed away. Welan only works off of full manuscripts. He also will not promise a cover faster than 1 year after he is handed the manuscript. He is obviously either working off of the first draft, or has agreed to do it much faster for this book. Either way, once he turns in the cover art, then the book will be packaged and a galleys will be made. I would guess this would be around September. One more round of looking for errors, then the book is off to the printer. There are a finite number of printers in the world that will be able to handle orders of this volume. They will all be handling other books as well. Some of those books will unboubtedly be more important than A Memory of Light. It will have to wait its turn.

Its still possible the book is manufactured and back in New York before Everyone in the publishing industry goes away for two weeks at the end of the year. If it is back, I'm sure Tor will release it early, in time for Christmas. They did the same thing for TGS... they released it two weeks early.

If your kid can do all these steps in less time than 10+ Tor employees, on the most important release in the company's history, in an era where publishers are going bankrupt constantly and are one flop away from having to lay people off, then he or she has a very strong future in publishing! Congratulations!
297. workingmum
I thought early 2012 was a long time ... but another year...? Really...?
298. Kix
...right.... an author who has his own material to cover along with WoT so of course he cannot dedicate his whole being to edits and corrections, a widowed wife who has to stick her 2 cents in on everything... and a money hungry publishing firm who will stiff anyone they can.... then after the end of year holidays(thanksgiving/christmas/hannuka/etc.../new years , then they can publish. This would mean then that the book would have to be already in print by Dec 1st 2012 before they can post a Jan. release date. January should be an interesting month.... but come on... gotta coincide with the end of the year of the dragon?? Should have had it out at the start of the year of the dragon then it really would have been a year of the dragon... not the close of it. 20 years reading the same series... tired of it. Now it just reminds me of the Harry Potter series.. too much hype... bullcrap PR.. If I happen to remember that its out at that time i might think to buy a copy... just dont care anymore.
Alice Arneson
300. Wetlandernw
Coming out in droves, apparently. But I'll take the tri-hunny off 'em. :p
301. Jose PR
Well, I started this series when i worked at borders :p so its been for me like 2/5 years, but man i love this one. I have read it like 4 times, TOM in like 8 hours (including class hours :D) Now the date is a little later but, can wait ( screaming and kicking) but can wait! This is the best series i know, so until then got to look for something else :P any advice? ps, I have read a lot of books, so please help me find something new
Anthony Pero
302. anthonypero
@ Jose PR:

Read Patrick Rothsfuss yet? If not do so, immediately.

I am just finishing Brent Weeks Night Angel trilogy. Very good. I bet if it wasn't his first series it would have been better. It felt hacked to peices for length. There was a lot of skipping over parts that would have never been skipped over in WoT. That's actually a draw for some people, I expect. But it felt like a much longer series paired down by editors to save trees (and printing costs). It was still really good, though.

As far as classic series go--I would suggest Raymond Feist's Magician, and about the next 6 sequels, if you haven't read them yet. If you haven't read Terry Brooks, you should read The Sword of Shannara. It is pretty much the book that touched off modern epic fantasy. It, and it's two sequels, are stand alone quest novels. If you like them, you can try The Heritage of Shannara, a four-book series that is excellent. You can pretty much skip any other Shannara novel after that, though, since they are completely dirivative in plot, character and tone. Except the new ones which are prequels and ties another franchise he has in to Shannara.

You may enjoy Elizabeth Haydon's The Symphony of the Ages. It has a strong romance element to it, but is definitely epic fantasy.

If you can handle an extremely unusual protagonist--Try Jaqueline Carey's Kushiel series. The protagonist is a prostitute-priestess-spy who happens to be a masochist. She literally feels pain as pleasure. In spite of that, it is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read.

On the Urban Fantasy front--Read Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. It feels like Angel, from the Buffyverse, meets a grown up Harry Potter that never made it to Hogworts, and had to learn from Voldemort privately instead. There is no first person series I enjoy more. The plot twists are completely unpredictable and there is an overarching master plot that is fantastically weaved in to each stand-alone novel.
303. Jose PR

Sir, i thank you very much :D
Rothsfuss done, :D both of them , extremely good books, waiting for the next one.
the others i will of course check them out, and again thank you.
Have you try the Honor harrington series? is good in my opinion, strong female protagonist. i am currently starting Dune
304. Freelancer

I agree with Anthony regarding Feist. The initial story, Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master (often packaged into one volume), and the four books which immediately follow are outstanding. Feist followed in that realm with several sets running off in different directions, but which bring along tie-ins to each other. The founding hero pops up in most of them at some time or another, and the stories are always compelling. Feist does a great job of not making the individual volumes formulaic.

I haven't picked up Weeks' Night Angel set yet, though I've read The Black Prism, and was pleased with it.

Regarding Dune, I personally recommend going no farther than the third volume. The quality of the plot, and the readability of the prose, both go into the toilet after God Emperor.

Brandon Sanderson has recommended The Dresden Files, but I'm not much of an urban fantasy reader.

There is always the Ender books. Extremely well-written, for me one of the most engaging stories available.
305. Jose PR

The Ender quartet is good, i think am going to go first with Feist Magician
i thank you both!, On a side note :p, Do you guys know of a book club or something like that in the net ?
306. jainfairstrider
guess this means i have to reread the series again
not sure wether i should be happy?
307. the Game®
Great! Now I'll be able to finish books 2-13 before the last one's out.
Deb Dennis
308. DJADewolff
Anyone else notice that the people who complain the most about the length of time needed for the edit are those who write the shortest posts?  When the book does come out perhaps these people should just purchase an abridged version that skips the background and depth and just jumps from event to event. Any of you ever write a college essay? How long did those (relatively) few pages take you?  And that essay, while important was not written to pay your rent and feed your family.  Not to mention please your fans.

While I agree that it is a monumental task and appreciate all the hard work BS & team put into it that does not mean I do not cringe at inadequacies.  My appreciation to WetlanderNW--for the "point of view" analogy! However that just emphasizes my point - like any true artist RJ gave us glimpses into the personal thoughts and makeup of  each character by writing of key actions they took, phrases they always repeat, when and how they roll their eyes or snort, etc. Same as we must do with each other. BS on the other hand expounds on his point of view by making the characters "explain" their thoughts and attitudes at length until it is difficult to formulate your own point of view over the shouting of HIS take on the people.  RJ gave numerous hints and you could color the people how you wished - true ART IS IN THE EYE OF THE VIEWER -the best writers leave room for us to HAVE a distinct point of view.  

How can TOR be encouraged to release before Christmas to "make more money" and also be criticized for delaying the release because they want "to make more money" ?? It doesn't make sense! 

I do hope BS reads his critics and learns from them!  If the edit team and the proof reading team all miss something you can be sure that there is a fan like me out there who picked up on the inconsistency and "griped" about it somewhere!   

For example - at the White Tower a bit of info can be :
-sealed to the flame which means it stays between the Amerlyn Seat and whomever she is telling it to - 
-sealed to the shawl means ANY full Aes Sedai can know but no one else  (like the knowledge that the Aes Sedai arrived too late to aid 
Malkier and rather that let it be known that the tower had failed the sisters returned to the tower and hid the fact they they had ever tried).  
-sealed to the ring is known to Aes Sedai and Accepted.

In TGS   BS  uses sealed to the flame interchangably to cover all three terms.

In truth I haven't re-listened to the last two books as often as I've listened to the others- I have gone thru the first 12 books of the series 3-4 times since TGS &TOM came out - it is so hard to listen to the others!  The first listen/read I can ignore some of the inconsistencies in my eagerness to get to the meat of the story. On the second read all I can seem to notice are the problems!  

Believe me - if I could take a pill or cast a spell that made me see the positive in things FIRST instead of having errors jumps out at me I would give all my worldly goods to purchase such a thing!!!  The curse of the proofreader is to see the errors FIRST and I have that curse.  Anyone out there able to cast that spell for me??

"It is better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self." Cyril Connely

Thanks for a place where we can all express our "selves" and glimpse other points of view!
jon jones
309. RandDragonalThor
The book comes out when I say it does! Don't bitch.

I have spoken.
310. MaggieKat
If you think about it a couple of weeks after Christmas is a great time for releasing books. All of us have gift cards to B&N or Amazon or have returns there. The couple of weeks after Christmas is the time for book lovers to buy the books they want.
311. DuncanG
Having been reading the series since 1992, am i dissapointed that I'll have been waiting 21 years to get to the end? Of course I am.

However anyone who would rather have it sooner and not done right, rather than have it later and have it finish off one of the most epic stories ever written with style, panash and done absolutely right, is clearly insane.

I'm just glad that after the passing of Mr Jordan and my fears that the series would remain unfinished and leave a gaping un-answered question, that it will be finished and finished as was originally intended.

Waiting is frustrating, but I want it done right, not done as fast as possible..
313. zypthoth
the series has been much too long in the waiting on brendons behalf. very shamefull to delay the release just for a bit of publicity. they have lost the buy of a hardcover from me.

by the time it comes out my only choice will be to have to wait for the ebook due to my location. if it had been released earlier i would be getting the hardcover
Anthony Pero
314. anthonypero
Wow, you obviously never had to wait for Robert Jordan to release a book, huh? Not even to mention George R.R. Martin. Or, even better Melaine Rawn, who has now abandoned two in-progress stories entirely. Please read this while you're waiting for Brandon to stop "being lazy". At least you didn't blame the publisher... I think.
Tina Pierce
315. scissorrunner
thank you anthonypero!!!
now can we all stop whining aout the timing and enjoy the story?
Rob Munnelly
316. RobMRobM
JosePR - try Robin Hobb. Start with the original Farseer trilogy (starting with Assassin's Apprentice) and you can them move into her other series set in the same world (Liveship, Tawny Man, Rain Wilds). Farseer tells the tale of a failing royal family with a hereditary magic (the Skill) and the royal bastard named Fitz of unusual abilities who is asked to play a key role in their struggles. Beautifully and powerfully written - Fitz is one of my favorite characters in all SFF.
Anthony Pero
317. anthonypero
Whatever you do, avoid the Soldier Son trilogy. Or not. I just found it extremely difficult to read without a single likable character.
Steve Chernin
318. SteveCinIL
Well this release date is disappointing. The mayans were right. They even took Dick Clark to make sure we couldn't ring in the new year.
319. Melford Jenkins
Aside from the release date being so far in the future it's lame, it's pretty cool to have the final book out on my birthday... :)
Really, though, I feel like it's a good thing they are releasing it so long from now, because the editing is going to tip-top, unlike the last rushed-out novel.
This book is wrapping up a period in so many people's lives that they better have it polished to a perfect finish, or they may end up leaving the fans disappointed. Don't disappoint us TOR, please!
320. DermidAjala
Anyone ever try waiting for final 'Thomas Covenant' to be on shelves?From 1977 => late 2013 w/ 25 yr break for TC 2nd to final TC. First
"final of 4" 2004, then 2007, then 2010, now REAL final late 2013. For those looking for good read and wanting to test vocabulary/crossword skills before WoT re-read, try getting Stephen R Donaldson. I - Lord Foul's Bane II - The Illearth War III - The Power That Preserves IV - The Wounded Land etc. Easily a peer w/ WoT, and better than LotR .(Stay still JRR) DermidAjala blacksmith Tear
321. DermidAjala
For Jose PR @ 301,303. Go for Stephen R Donaldson " The Chronicles of
Thomas Covenant." Five star material for an anti-hero! And very weird twists. Something good happens at end of EACH book, yet turn out to be
very bad for next book, something good resulting in something bad, something good resulting............... Wonderfull!!!
324. Loyal fan
I agree with all who have said better to wait and have an epic finish. I'm just sad that they told us fall 2011, then spring 2012, only to be told January 2013.... Why did they bother getting us excited?? We are all in this for the long haul, so I am confused why there was earlier dates thrown out to the public?? Makes no sense.....
Alice Arneson
325. Wetlandernw
Loyal Fan - Possibly, like some of the rest of us, they were really hoping to make the earlier dates, although there were no specific dates announced. The final announcement of a specific release date had to take into account all the realities of writing, editing, finishing and publication issues.

We all liked the idea of the releases in fall of 2009, 2010 and 2011; how fun would that have been? But even with Brandon's incredible output, there's simply too much story there to get it written that fast. Add to that the continuity checking, which had to be done by a few individuals, and you just flat out run into human limitations. But you know all that.

I think they were all excited about getting it out, and shared their hopes with us. This is an odd series, in a way; the authors, editors and publishers are much more a part of the fan community than most, I think. Because of that, we've gotten to see much more of the inner workings than is entirely common. Still, reality bites us all.
326. Zouyen
I find it clever that the first book was released 23 years ago on Jan 15, and the date for release of the last book on Jan 8 of 2013, 15 plus 8, equals 23. Didn't Jim Carrey do a movie about this?
Philip Wardlow
327. PhilipWardlow
Well since were speaking numbers, 15 books (counting New Spring) in 23 yrs is a pretty good clip for both Jordan/Sanderson....that's 1.5 Years per Novel ....not to shabby...
328. Alex Robinson
Rofl @ all the people bitching about it not coming out untill 2013. I say thank God that they are taking their time and perfecting it before releaseing it, I dont care if I have to wait another 5 years, as long as its a great ending, I am more than happy.

Good job Tor, take as long as you see fit.
329. Courtlin Woods
Every one seems to think this is the last book. Didn't you read the perdications in the last book on what happens after the last battle? There should be a complete new seris starting after the last battle. Could be wrong but seems to be to me.
330. YOURhero
seriously Tor!?!?
what the hell, were loyal fans. and you gut punch us with a freaking January realease. OVER A YEAR after sanderson finished it.
1. you miss the holiday purchasing season.
2. potentail end of the world...
3. if that books not on shelves come november 3rd im going to start a boycot of your products.
this is out story too.
331. taelron
im sad it is gonna take so long for this book to be realeased, but i gotta say i'd rather it take longer and be as good as we all know it should be than get it sooner and be dissappointed. i havent been let down yet by any of the books so i figure it is worth the wait.
334. ansharrah khan
ohhh...taht's my birthday..!! 'em gonna buy it as my birthday present..!! :)
335. Brnforce
I'd have rather they just released the notes on the final book than the abomination that has been these 3 books. Wish Tor cared about more than just money.
336. Mimo
Well... at least it is a set date, even if it is far beyond what I expected.
I have no problem waiting though - as long as the book does get released, can't wait! :)
You write: "Tor will continue to release new Wheel of Time material, including trade paperback editions of the early novels with new art, new graphic novel editions of the The Eye of the World comics, and other material related to A Memory of Light as we get closer to publication date."
With new art I am despteratly hoping for new WoT-arts by Michael Whelan who made the cover for the upcoming, last book in the series. I bought the previous book with art and descriptions of characters, maps, animals and other fun-to-know-stuff which was a BIG mistake. The artist not knowing proper proportions and making every single human character looking exactly the same in features, just changing colors a bit. I completely agree with Harriet McDougal's reaction to Michael Whelan's cover: "that is the Rand I have waited to see for twenty years.” Which, in my opinion, also goes for Moiraine and Nynaeve in the background of the cover. I would sooooo very much enjoy a book with all the characters drawn by Whelan!!!!!!!
337. Alvin tired of waiting.
The Barnes and Noble listing has cover art and the number of pages in the book. This means it is complete. Why do we have to wait until January of 2013????
Alice Arneson
338. Wetlandernw
Cover art is released, number of pages is a guess. Brandon just finished the fourth draft a few days ago and sent it to the rest of Team Jordan for editing. It's NOT complete.
339. Freelancer
For anyone complaining that all TOR cares about is money, you are wrong, but let's pretend you are right. My response is, so what? They are a business. Business is about profit. You want everything for free? Look around the rest of your life. Things aren't free, unless you're still living off of Mommy and Daddy. Now, setting that aside, please explain how delaying the release of a book longer than necessary can possibly increase, rather than decrease, TOR's profit on a product? Sooner to market, sooner to bank, is more than an axiom.

If all TOR cared about was money, they'd be demanding that Brandon finished the book as quickly as possible, in as few edits as possible (since they employ the editors), and rush it to delivery. They are not doing that, which proves that they are interested in quality. The surest law of the market is that profit follows demand. If you deliver a bad product, your brand will lose demand. If you deliver a top-notch product, your brand's demand will increase. Yes, they DO care about money, but to manage their business most profitably, they must deliver what they believe to be the best possible product, at the best time, for the best price. They have a clue about all of this, you do not. All you have is your appetite, and no tolerance for that appetite not being satisfied NOW. Perhaps you'll grow up, perhaps not. Threatening to never buy a TOR product again if they don't deliver on your expectation, will not change how they choose to manage their business.

Atop all of that, the person with perhaps the greatest say in this process outside of Tom Doherty is Harriet McDougal. You may have heard of her, she is both the senior editor of this series, and Robert Jordan's widow. This book will not reach shelves unless she is satisfied with it. This is the culmination of a life's dream for her husband, and she will care for it as a mother bear for her cub. The concluding volume of one of the world's greatest epic sagas must pass her scrutiny to be considered ready for the public, and nobody can gainsay her opinion on this.

In the meantime, there are other books to read. And if you've a library card, you don't even need to pay (so long as you return them promptly).

In other news, as Wetlandernw stated, Brandon has not finished the book. You may have been referring to his public pronouncement at having completed his first draft, which was around a year ago. Check his website, or his facebook page, or his twitter feed if you want the truth about the status of the book.
340. Mike Fulton
I would love to be able to read the book now, but I'll wait for Brandon to get it done right. However I do have to say that I am not at all happy with the release of the e-book edition being held up. Again. It makes even less sense now than it did for the last book. I can see no good reason for it.

Sales of the hardcover should not be an issue. There's no reason why the hardcover with a wholesale price of 14 bucks or so should be more profitable than a 12.99 e-book.

It's been suggested that the reason for the e-book delay is a concern over piracy. I hear that pirated versions of the last book were found online almost immediately after its release. Literally the very same day. With that in mind, how much difference regarding piracy is it really going to make to put out an e-book version at the same time as the hardcover?

If either of these things was really an issue, then how come the only time publishers do that sort of thing these days is at the request of the author or the their representatives? Publishers are still pretty screwy about e-books in many respects, but they realize there's no reason to hold back e-book versions.

If it comes down to the idea that Harriet just doesn't like e-books for some other reason, or that she's respecting her husband's dislike for them, well maybe then there's not much of an argument to be made against that. The time to have won that argument is in the past.
341. Josh Swonger
really happy and sad to see how this epic saga will has been really fun to read
342. BrnForce
Are you done Freelancer? I think you have a little something on your nose.

They have shown numerous times that they don't care about the books or the fans. It is a shame that all of you just keep feeding them money. It just re-enforces the bad behavior.
Craig Barnett
343. Ommadawn
@BrnForce, how have "they" shown numerous time? Please, I'd like to see concrete examples of this behaviour. I don't see it here, sorry.
344. Freelancer

Ad hominem aside, please describe this "bad behavior". Take all the time you need.
345. Paul Skye
Well done Brandon! Well done Tor (and what a great cover... best Rand ever!) Here in a little straw bale cottage in Western Australia's wheat belt are two people who have just completed their third reading of the entire series. It's EASY to write darkly; difficult to bring life, light and especially humour to characters. Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson can do this. Thank you also, Harriet. When MOL arrives, we will celebrate it.
346. ganjalamas
what an epic journey.

i hope they could make a movie out of it like lord of the rings...

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
347. Daniel the Norwegian
I came a cross this by accident:

What am I not understanding here? Is the last book of wheel of time coming in november or in january?
Alice Arneson
348. Wetlandernw
Daniel - Not sure when that was posted, but the official release date from the publisher is 8 January 2013. There was a lot of speculation and some tentative dates tossed around, but this is the official version.

As of now, anyway; if certain things go much, much better than could be anticipated, I suppose they might move it up by a week or so. Certainly not to November, though. I don't think that would be physically possible - not without a Portal Stone, anyway. :)
349. Perhhyn
For all of the people that are thinking that the world will end, no worrys!
The Mayans used a calendar that had no leap days, and the roman calendar (the one that we use now) does. With the difference accounted for, if we used the mayan calendar it would currently be like, July 2013
in other words, we would all be dead.
350. KarenEvans
To all of you complaining about the release date, I can guarantee that you guys never had the torture of being an Aussie in the early WoT Days - even the hardcovers used to be released here 2-3 months after the US and UK. I was given the first book as a present while in hospital having my first daughter (who turns 21 this January) and aoon after got my first computer and fell headfirst into my first WoT discussion board. The only problem was, I had to avoid it like the plague every time a new book came out until I could get it here ( we used to joke that two men in a dinghy could have rowed across and brought a copy in less time...) I'll never forget that fantastic feeling of receiving my copy of PoD the same week as everyone else for the first time, knowing that all my fellow posters over the water hadn't already had time to analyze the new book and post their theories (and vindications, or more often recantations, ofall the wild theories from previous books). So, knowing we'll have to wait a little longer for the end of an era isn't torture. Knowing that EVERYONE ELSE you know, already knows what's going on and you don't - THAT's torture!
Philip Wardlow
351. PhilipWardlow
....I am not sure what the angst is in waiting ...there is nothing wrong in waiting...its a book a long book by a man no longer alive...leave it be and just wait...and then buy and enjoy it like you know you will.... Yes you have the right to complain we def don't want to stomp on your constitutional rights to bitch...just bitch a little quieter your giving me a headache...I gotta unsubscribe from this thread but I keep forgetting...:)
352. Prithu Paul
Cheers! I see a lot of complaints, but I think its just epic that both the saga of the dragon reborn and the year of the dragon are concluding at the same time!!
353. antichris
Now, if we can only get a paperback version released at the same time! We'll even pay hardback prices, just so we don't have to lug around those giant monstrosities!
Auzheal Clement
354. auz1111
I have been reading this series since I was 11 years old. It will be hard to see it end, but I am heavily anticipating the conclusion. Each month I buy the comic to recap on what I read so many years ago. Great work on keeping Robert Jordan's creation alive!
357. shaun the sheep
The inside word is the book is not finished. The book is nowhere near finished. TOR are hoping for those Doomsdayers to be right so they don't need to appease all the disappointed readers out there.
Craig Barnett
358. Ommadawn
What inside word? Sources? This sounds like sheep-dip to me....
359. Anya M
Reading many of these comments is awful.

The ignorance and anger over something like this... Are your lives completely consumed with waiting for this one book? Are you all just sitting there, twiddling your thumbs, longing for the day when you can finish the Wheel of Time?

Of course you have the "right" to be angry. But stop, for one moment, and ask yourselves: should you be? Does the release date of a single book have any meaningful impact on your lives? It's a piece of fictional entertainment. It's a diversion, nothing more. There are hundreds of thousands of other books to read if one enjoys diverting oneself in that manner.

But ah, our culture is one that prizes instant gratification. We cannot bear to exercise patience, or to wait (despite the fact that waiting can itself be enjoyable. A few generations ago, we understood this). We cannot bear to endure a single moment of boredom. We rage when we don't get what we want when we want it. And when it's pointed out that such rage is unbecoming, we cry that it doesn't matter, because we feel it, and our feelings are paramount, and none should question them. Nevermind that we appear little different from children throwing tantrums.

The actions of the writer and the publisher are not "disgusting." The reactions of the readers are.
Craig Barnett
360. Ommadawn
@Anya M, nicely said! The vast majority of us are quite content to wait for the finished product. It will be ready when it's ready. In the mean time, my TBR list is more than long enough to keep me occupied.
361. tab
Considering that the Master woke from the dream and there was no guarantee that we would even get to read the rest of the story, I'll just say this: Quitcherbitchin!
Thank you Brandon, thank you Harriet and thank you Tor! This story has been in my life longer than my hubby. And I think he knows I love it more than him. ;)
362. Mark370Z
I see that many of you are thinking about the most important person involved in this series, you the reader. Nevermind the almost two and a half decades spent weaving this legendary series, I'm sure Robert didn't have any discussions with his wife and/or editorial staff on what he would like to have happen for the release for his final book. A dying man's wish cannot compare to the gnashing teeth of impatient readers. You people should be ashamed of yourlselves! This is the acme of Robert Jordan! Show him the respect and adoration that he, his family, and his union with Tor deserve! I beseech you, please show patience and understanding that these good people have their reasons for the release date and to respect it.
363. Jon Cauthon
Well said Mark, people seem to forget how in depth this series actually is. How many characters are in this series and how many plots and loose ends need to be tied up to really finish off this story. More than any other series that's how many, If TOR needs a year to wrap it up and put a bow on it and make sure this is how Robert wanted it, then by all means take your time. I thought I was never going to know what happens in the end and now i will and i'll be waiting. Thanks to Brandon, Harriet, Tor and most of all thank you Robert Jordan for giving me a reason to pick up a book.
364. Lailou
I would love to have the last book now but thats not going to happen and I will patiently wait for the release of it without complaint. I have been reading this series for half of my life so whats a bit longer. I understand Robert Jordan spent a good part of his life writing it for himself and us and I appreciate the effort he has put in to it. I also think Brandon has done a marvelous job completing the story to the point that you can hardly notice a change in author. The fact that he was asked to do this is a compliment to his skill as a writer but also a challenge most authors would never take on. Well done Brandon!

To those complaining about the wait- I understand the frustration in wanting to know the end but honestly stop and think for a second about Harriet and Roberts close family and friends. Can you not imagine the pain of their lose and their struggle to finish a series not of their making? Many in this position would not have set about finishing the story as it would bring many painful memories in trying. Have a little compassion and consideration for family and friends of Robert and keep complaints to yourself because its not what they should be faced with after such a lose. The completion of this series is being done in Roberts wishes as it should be and no other way. No matter who doesn't like the idea of waiting a few more months. Im sure I can think of a least 1 person that would love to be here waiting for the release of this book!
365. Freelancer
shaun the sheep @357

So the book is nowhere near done. Based on "inside word". Then Brandon's carefully written blog and FB post about waking up one morning and having no more Wheel of Time writing to do, that was just a lie. And subsequent commentary offered by his and TOR's staff, those are also lies. Oh, I forgot about the advance readers, they're all liars as well.

Was there a point to your bothering to come into this space, to vomit up an accusation free of fact, stamping it with the pseudo-authoritative "inside word", when you already know yourself that what you are posting isn't true? Please, share, there had to be a reason, an objective. Lying to protect one's reputation, job, marriage, etc. can be understood, if not justified. Lying about something like this, here, when there cannot possibly be a thing gained (or lost) by doing so...

Pathetic beyond words.

Ba-a-a-ad sheep.
368. Spinder
The last book was such a disappointment.... Sanderson is putting Jordan's name and well earned reputation down the drain. May he rest in peace because I already know I will be disappointed.... and if you can't distinguish the two writing styles you are blind. Sanderson was a terrible choice, everyone knows no one can fill those boots, but Sanderson can't even get his foot in the shoe...
370. Kelsier
Brandon has done a terrific job with completing the series! I can't wait for the final book! Although, my christmas present to my wife will have to be a gift certificate to, with a note to purchase this book for herself on January 8th. :)

Highly highly highly anticpating the final chapter!
371. real1st
Brandon's writing style is quite different, and I have to admit I am not such a big fan of his. The good thing is the ending was already finised before the great Robert Jordan passed - he just has to put it in a novel. I'm just hoping that the ending to this series is a MUCH better ending than the pathetic ending to the Sword of Truth series - that was just sad....
Shame another of the very few legendary fantasy series is coming to an end :(... TOR should extend it to a series of 20. All we will have left is A song of ice and fire... all the other authors are just wannabe's.
372. Robinski
I believe Brandon has done a great job. I prefer his style, it's more free and open, more accessible. I think the choice of Brandon was the right one.
373. Patryn0
Quit whining, if you were a Song of Ice and Fire fan, you'd think a year was awesome. But more importantly, I'd rather they take extra time and not fuck it up. I've been waiting 16 years. What's another few months?
Walter Hedges
374. BoltWalt
Has there been any word when this will be released in a Kindle version?
375. tasinturner
What if the Mayans are correct and we all leave this world feeling incomplete? Will the pattern spit us out somewhere else, enjoying a wonderfully written epic series about the 20th century in a land called America by author Jordan Robert?
376. Sean C.P.
I too have been eagerly awaiting the final book and will wait for the paperback edition, but remember 1 thing. THE WHEEL WEAVES AS THE WHEEL WILLS!
377. Ken H
Well it's been long enough. I do think that they they could publish the e-book version at the same time if they wanted to; That said, I think they could publish it in paperback if they wanted to. Of course, it's not a money-making exercise. They just like hardcover books.

Ah well...
380. LLVM
I can't believe that you are postponing digital editions of the book until April 2013. I am so furious!
Craig Barnett
381. Ommadawn
The postponement of the ebook version is a big disappointment for me, and I'm certain it will only ensure the book is pirated and available within days of it's release. I know the Harry Potter books suffered from this problem. There's no believable justification for this sort of decision any more. Sigh.
382. fizban13
very excited but will be very sad when i finish it.
385. GWOT
I'm a youngen and wasn't around when this series started, so i don't count myself as avid fans as the rest of you, but with the release of the last book less than a month away, I am almost exploding with anticipation. I've already read the whole series twice in the last month from that anticipation, but why can't it be my christmas present? Why TOR? Why?
386. SamThurmond
is the wind picking up outside??
387. zldmartin
So ready to pay as much as I need to read the end of this amazing story!
388. dgator
I sure hope all remaining questions from the previous editions get answered and it is a Grand Finale!!!
389. Colin Vaughan
I am literally wetting my pants in anticipation of this final book, have just re-read the previous two books (congratulations for doing an exemplary job) and am counting down the hours until this release. Would like to say a huge thank you for the journey I have been on throughout this series (may have to invest in a new set of books they have been read so much) and look forward to reading the complete set again and again and again!!!!
390. Blakey
So it looks like there is censorship with these comments - it appears that peoples posts have been deleted.

Way to encourage people...
Irene Gallo
391. Irene
Blakey: the only posts deleted are those that cross the line from criticism to abuse or a statement of illegal activity.
392. PK from Singapore
Called the local bookstore and they are asking me to come in the afternoon tomorrow! Guess they are only able to sell it when it is midnight in the states.
Deana Whitney
393. Braid_Tug
So excited that the book is out tomorrow.
Still wish a book store in Dallas was having some sort of event around the release. I've been looking and can't find one.
394. Richard The kindle fan
Having supported this series for 20 years and having bought nearly every book in hardback on release I am disgusted at the lack of loyalty to readers like me by not giving us the ebook edition at the same time. But still both looking forwards to it and a bit sad at it ending as well.
395. Richernandezs
When is the book going to be available in Kindle???? Hard cover & paperback are OK but outdated.
396. mopremtech
way back in the lord of chaos Nicola had a foretelling and now with some of the plot lines set up in aMoL there should definitely be a new series set in the wheel of time universe.

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