Feb 21 2012 6:46pm

Katniss Shoots the Pig in Latest Hunger Games Teaser

They are really trying to torture us with all of these hinting glimpses of The Hunger Games, aren’t they? The latest TV spot shows us Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane at production headquarters, Haymitch giving Peeta and Katniss coaching advice, and what the Games look like to viewers across Panem. We still can’t believe we have to wait a whole month for this movie.

Steven Cole
1. scole66
And an hour later, the video's been removed from youtube. One wonders what the genesis of *that* mistake was...
3. jasonW
they are still on comingsoon
4. Alerris D. Alexander
great movie you peeta and katniss really made me think that this movie was real and it really made me emotional what a great piece of work in doing the hunger games and by the way katniss and peeta you guys would really make a good couple in real life.

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