Feb 16 2012 5:00pm

Gaming Roundup: Where We Ask Bethesda for Dragon Mounts

We love games, so welcome to a new feature wherein we (we being Pritpaul Bains and Theresa DeLucci) collect links of win from around the web.

Ever find yourself wanting to scream an Unrelenting Force shout at someone? If you have Kinect, you can! Horses too glitchy for you? Ride a dragon instead! And who wouldn’t want to adopt a scruffy little street urchin from Whiterun? With my track record for accidentally killing followers, I’ll pass on that last one. See above what Bethesda employees almost added to Skyrim....

And just in time for this presidential holiday weekend, get lost in Tamriel, drink some homebrew, and save the galaxy with returning patriot Commander Shepard.

  • With the Skyrim Creation Kit released only last week, there are already over 200 Skyrim mods to grab, including a Valve-created Portal mod that lets a certain Space Core follow you on dragon-slaying adventures.
  • A Game of Thrones RPG arrives May 15th!
  • Are you a fan of Stephen King, Twin Peaks and horror survival games featuring music by Nick Cave and Poe? If you missed cult classic Alan Wake the first time around, now’s your chance to pick it up for PC.
  • Learn about the arcade roots of the brand new Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, released on the Xbox Live Arcade next week.
  • Would you kindly get me a homebrewed Bioshock beer?
  • CCP Games’ Dust 514 supports mouse and keyboard.
  • Groundbreaking indie title Journey is complete, according to creative director’s tweet.
  • Dance your way to Jedi Knighthood with Kinect Star Wars this April.
  • Combat has dire consequences in Naughty Dog’s forthcoming zombie shooter, The Last of Us.
  • The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition developer diaries begin.
  • And lastly, Mass Effect 3 has gone gold! Stay tuned for more news from Bioware.

If there’s games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.

Crux Fidelis
1. Crux Fidelis
I'd ask Bathsheba to remove their obnoxious DRM before I'd worry about dragon mounts - but that's just me.
Pritpaul Bains
2. Kickpuncher
@1 How bad/restrictive is the DRM Bethesda has set up on the PC version of Skyrim? Just curious, as I've been playing through via 360 so haven't had a chance to "experience" it.
Crux Fidelis
3. Jexral
@1 If you're really that worried about it, I know some nice guys who already got rid of it.

I hadn't heard that about Journey. I'm excited to hear that - I loved what I played of Flower, and I love FlOw.

Other thoughts: It's too bad that the Game of Thrones game looks like, well, like crap. Or at least it did before. It's been a while since I looked into it; maybe it got better?
Theresa DeLucci
4. theresa_delucci
No, I agree. Game of Thrones game doesn't look that great, but we thought it might be of note to readers.

I'm so excited for Journey! Ever since I heard about it, I've wanted to play. Imagine a multiplayer universe where voice chat is disabled and no one can call another player a slut or a fag! You can just *gasp* play the damn game! I'm sure there will be other ways to grief players, but in theory it's such a novel concept. And the art direction looks lovely. Expect more Journey coverage from me as the story develops.
Crux Fidelis
5. Teka Lynn
Better command interface for followers: YES, PLEASE!

Adoption: I don't know why, but I totally squeed at the idea.

Mounted combat: that would actually get me riding a horse!

Dragon mounts: I don't care. Cool, but not a must-have for me.

Flying vampire lords with vampire imp minions: okay, now we're just getting silly.

Giant mudcrab FTW! Remember Redoran, never forget.

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