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First Set Pics From Star Trek 2 Feature Benedict Cumberbatch

Set pics of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek 2

Secret spies using advanced cloaking techology have taken a few snapshots of the filming of the new Star Trek sequel. Luckily, both shots reveal Cumberbatch in costume! It looks like he’s not an alien, but who is he? Spock is really making him grumpy with the neck pinch.

Another picture of Uhura squaring off with Cumberbatch is below the cut. As well as our thoughts on the character’s identity.

Set pics of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek 2

So, based on these photos, can we predict who Cumberbatch could be?


Ryan: Even though Cumberbatch is wearing that same black Starfleet tunic Kirk wore in the first film, I don’t think that necessarily means he’s a member of the Enterprise crew. I think a lot of people would guess Gary Mitchell, but I think that’s wrong for a lot of reasons. First, IDW Comics just did a Gary Mitchell story in the new continuity and Robert Orci is and advisor on that series. What are other Enterprise crew members who have gone bad? Charlie X? Again, unlikely for obvious reasons. What about Lt. Richard Beckwith? Who’s that you ask? Well, in the original treatment of “City on the Edge of Forever” he was a drug dealer who beamed down to the planet and jumped back in time. Could Harlan Ellison’s original vision of a drug-dealing Starfleet person come true? If you’ve read the Ellison version of that famous episode, you know it would be awesome, because it also features a bizarre pirate-Enterprise in an alternate universe.

Of course, the Starfleet uniform could mean that Cumberbatch is Khan, as Kirk loaned Khan a Starfleet uniform in “Space Seed.” Though, a part of me doesn’t think Khan feels right. It’s not Khan. It’s not Harry Mudd. It’s a new character.

Or based on the jacket alone, General Zod.


Emily: Come on, people. He’s obviously Sybok.

Alright, he doesn’t have the ears or the eyebrows. But Sybok was an illegitimate child, so maybe this time around Sarek had an affair with another human lady, and this kid came out looking more like a human. It would be amazing, because this Sybok wouldn’t have had the chance to get all god-obssessed, and could do some real damage if he were willing.

Okay, he’s probably just some new character they made up. But I’m holding out hope for Sybok.


Chris: Totally Gary Mitchell. Or some other Starfleet weirdo who gets god-powers. Just because Gary Mitchell has been featured in the spin-off comic doesn’t mean that Orci and Kurzman wouldn’t disregard that story if they really wanted to use Mitchell as a centerpiece in the film. Multi-million film versus the continuity of a comic book? Film wins every time.

Odds are it’s a new character, though. Is Cumberbatch a cadet? Or a full officer? How does one Starfleet officer cause so much trouble for the crew of the flagship? (Unless he has god powers?)


Update! On Location News has an additional “set pic,” although it’s mostly of a snowscape with a to-be-determined monster sketched in.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and thinks you’re all wrong, Cumberbatch is obviously playing the love interest.

John C. Bunnell
1. John C. Bunnell
You know, they could make Cumberbatch's character the infamous Finnegan -- Kirk's academy nemesis from "Shore Leave". That would give a nice nod to original-series continuity while leaving the reboot writers plenty of room to flex their muscles.
Christina Morris
2. cmorris
Happy Friday to me! Love seeing that! Thanks!
Michael Burstein
3. mabfan
Trelane. Or Q.

-- Michael A. Burstein
Anthony Pero
4. anthonypero
Yeah, can't see Q submitting to the ol' neck pinch myself.
Rowan Shepard
5. Rowanmdm3
I also can't see Q submitting to the neck pinch (unless he was pretending to be human for some wierd twisty reason), but Cumberbatch would make an interesting Q.
James Gysin
6. jimgysin
If it's Beckwith, expect good ol' Harlan to be suing good ol' J.J. sometime about one week before the movie's release. Because if there's no lawsuit, then it can only mean that we, as well as the Trek crew, have somehow been beamed to an alternate reality. :)
Michael Durant
7. Foxed
Lieutenant Kevin Reilly.

Definitely not the Squire of Gothos.

And I dislike Finnegan as a villain. Go figure.
Melanie S
8. starryharlequin
I'm with Emily on this one. I actually had to double-check the description for the second photo because from that angle, with that haircut, the guy looked like Quinto.
Mordicai Knode
9. mordicai
I thought Q, & the physicallity doesn't neccisarily rule it out; Q has been "depowered" through shenanigans before. Or the Squire of Gothos, Q-style? Or...I don't know, but I hope he's better than the mis-used Romulan guy.
John C. Bunnell
10. Puff the Magic Commenter
That first pic he looks like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

So, John Anderton is my guess.


Imagine Spock doing a mind meld on Agatha the Precog. That's gonna leave a mark.
Anthony Pero
11. anthonypero
9. mordicai

I thought Q, & the physicallity doesn't neccisarily rule it out; Q has been "depowered" through shenanigans before.

Yeah, but that was after several episodes. With a reboot, they will need to reestablish the character for a new fan base. You can't have a virtually omnipotent demigod being be brought low like that in the first hour of screen time. You'd lose all credibility for the character as someone to be reckoned with.
John C. Bunnell
12. poena.dare
What are Little Girls Made of?
John C. Bunnell
13. TK-855
Maybe he's Lazarus from 'The Alternative Factor.'
Mordicai Knode
15. mordicai
11. anthonypero

Well, I mean-- it could be filming from the last twenty minutes, from some climactic battle where the Enterprise crew use...I don't know, Gary Seven, or the Guardian, or whatever MacGuffin to interfere with his powers.

Or you know, not Q, I think Q is a long shot, but I ALSO think Cumberbatch could nail it, which is the only reason I'm entertaining the idea.
John C. Bunnell
17. Syllabus
Or - and here's a thought - a Section 31 man? T'would be interesting.
Sky Thibedeau
18. SkylarkThibedeau
He's some nut trying to enforce the Temporal prime directive and make Kirk become William Shatner again. He beams Kirk from the falling bus in the priceline commercial and he fights Chris Pine and Malcome McDowell on a ricckedy ladder as a time wave approaches.
John C. Bunnell
19. esme
any thoughts on cumberbatch as arik soong, noonians dad ?

wasn't he contemporary with the original voyages but because he was involved in the genetics war was in prison at the time ?
John C. Bunnell
20. kc tenney
They could also make him Ben Finney from "court martial" Who's still jeolous of Kirk in this timeline.
John C. Bunnell
21. Leilakin
I think Q is a good guess. And, regarding the "he can't submit to a neck pinch if he's Q", Q has been known to lose his Q powers in STTNG episodes, so.....

Q also loves wearing Starfleet uniforms.

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