Feb 13 2012 11:45am

First Footage From Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is Ax-Whippingly Awesome

Yesterday was the 203 birthday of Abraham Lincoln, which makes this the perfect time to witness the first trailer for the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie.

From what we can see here, it looks like the film has struck just the right tone of parody without sacrificing any of the actual excitement of seeing a young Lincoln bury an ax in the head of any supernatural foe who dares cross his path. Look what he does to that tree! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will release June 22. You can watch a clip of Benjamin Walker discussing playing Lincoln here.

Jonah Feldman
2. relogical
I have to be... well, honest. This looks terrible. And I'm saying that as a person who thought the book was great.
3. TomR(Mac)
I thought there was no way you could go wrong with Johnny Cash.

I was wrong.

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