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Brackets and Fighters for Suvudu Cage Match 2012 Revealed!

Suvudu 2012 Cage Match

Every March, the wiliest and weirdest characters in fantasy cross out of their respective fictional universes to wage battle in Suvudu’s yearly Cage Match! Last year it came down to characters from The Wheel of Time, Mistborn, and Malazan. But this year?

No one yet knows! The 2012 Cage Match bracket line-up revealed this week on Suvudu is rich and varied. Moiraine from The Wheel of Time faces Tarzan, Kelsier from Mistborn is playing The Hunger Games, and Napoleon is flying around somewhere on a dragon. You can see the entire bracket on Suvudu’s announcement post.

Voting in the Suvudu Cage Match 2012 starts Monday, March 5th, around 10 am EST, on their site. Suvudu is looking high and low for artists who want to illustrate these matches, as well, so get in touch with them as soon as possible!

(And go Moiraine! We knew death couldn’t stop you!)

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and wants to fight Galactus in the Suvudu Cage Match.

Alexandre X. Duchateau Navarrete
2. Lexiel
I'm looking forward to a Kelsier vs. Anomander Rake semi final.
Not sure about the other side of the bracket, but I like Kylar's and Rachel's chances
And if we're talking Johny Rico from the book, his badass mobile infantry armor could get him far.
Daniel Goss
4. Beren
Harry Potter vs. Tyrion Lannister in the finals.

Would like to see Moiraine, Granny Weatherwax, or Kelsier. Afraid the popularity train will let them off at an earlier stop, though.

Still, the flame wars will be fun!
Darth Touma
6. Darth Touma
umm... Moiraine's not dead..
Darth Touma
7. TK1123
Lady Jessica is in it to win it. Mind control, trained in martial arts of sufficient potency to invoke whispers of supernatural involvement, can't be poisoned, spent all her days keeping her family alive in the midst of a culture that fought wars by assassination, all wrapped up in a few millenia of selective breeding. Shadows armies of spooky women with knives for the win.
j p
8. sps49
There are too many I don't know enough about (or at all), so I'll have to start with whoever I know is badass. For instance, if Sparhawk is assumed to be without Bhelliom, he is still badass, but with it he is unbeatable.
Kimani Rogers
9. KiManiak
Interesting. I have to do a little research on some of these characters (Sparhawk, Kylar, Erevis Cale, Atticus O'Sullivan seem to be getting major respect so maybe they are quite formidable), but I have to say that Anomander Rake appears to be seeded to low, and should march his way through the early rounds, destroy Richard Rahl (he'll show Rahl the Truth about Dragnipuir; yes, that was intentionally corny) and should at least make the Elite Eight without really breaking a sweat.

Oh, and the only way Tyrion should advance is if the ASoIaF fans (or the casual fans) vote based on popularity and not on skill/ability/power.

Lady Jessica and Julia as darkhorses (assuming Kylar doesn't have his magic absorbing thingy people keep talking about).
Marcus W
10. toryx
KiManiak @ 9: The thing is, the Suvudu thing has always been a popularity contest. There's very little rational in this silly game.
Mordicai Knode
11. mordicai
Final round reveal, Lady Jessica poisoned everyone six months before the brackets were announced & has been feeding them the antidote in secret; she just stops for everyone she's matched with.
Kristoff Bergenholm
12. Magentawolf
Huh. And here I thought I was keeping up with things pretty well... I can't think of half of the names on that list.

Some entries need to be clarified as to just which 'version' they are; like Bast and Felix, which ones are they referring to?
Dave West
13. Jhirrad
I'm looking forward to a Kelsier vs. Anomander Rake semi final.
I don't think there's anyway that's happening. Kelsier is good, but I Kellhus is pretty much unstoppable God. The only thing that bothers me is that there's a chance this will be more about popularity rather than an actual understanding of the characters. Rake v. Kellhus would be so incredibly EPIC. There are few fights I would like to see more (most of which involve Karsa or Icarium in some way). Seems to me that whoever comes out of that side will be (should be) the winner.

Also, why are the strongest two in the entire bracket 3 seeds? That seems way off to me.
Kimani Rogers
14. KiManiak
toryx@10 - Yeah, I know; 2 years ago Jamie Lannister should have never made it to the finals, even with Tyrion's help. And Perrin's advance last year? Come on.

Still, even popularity should have its limits. Harry Potter is loved the world over, but if he wins this (insert lame Boy-who-lived-through-Suvudu-cagematch joke here), it would be insane.

But, yeah. It's Suvudu; it's meant to be fun and not at all logical (Hmm... if Moiraine were to balefire Dragnipuir, would that allow Chaos to overtake the gate-on-wheels and win; and by extension, free the Dark One, thus ripping the Pattern lace and destroying the universe? Is the Wheel of Time really one of Dragnipuir's wheels; pulled along by countless enslaved beings? MUST...STOP...THINKING...IT...THROUGH)
Darth Touma
15. rxa
Ray Lilly doesn't even know there's a Cage Match going on. He's outclassed, out of his league, beaten up at every turn. But somehow, he survives.
Darth Touma
16. AMR
Agree with Jhirrad @13. If there is someone who can give Kellhus a run for his money in that list,that's Rake. And viceversa.
Dave West
17. Jhirrad
I think one of the problems is that Bakker's series hasn't received the recognition it deserves (in my opinion) and the author himself remains fairly aloof. Personally I put it in my top 5 fantasy series all time, along with WoT, Malazan, and other great series. It's something that I would love to see have a re-read here as well. It is really phenomenal, and the characters are so strong. My brother has commented to me before that in general, anyone from the Malazan universe can beat anyone from just about any other universe, with the one exception that we note being Kellhus, once he gains the Gnosis. Oh, the beautiful geomatries!
jon meltzer
18. jmeltzer
Granny Weatherwax. No one else would dare face her.
Alexandre X. Duchateau Navarrete
19. Lexiel
@9 : I like the way you think, I'm also planning to do some research/get the appropriate books before voting.

But since this is mostly a pageant/popularity contest, I'm also really curious to read how the artists will be able to justify the victories of Tyrion, which in all " logic" (Although applying logic accross fantasy universes/worlds ? Really ?) would be crushed in the blink of an eye by most of the other characters.
Darth Touma
20. Harry Connolly
@15: Thanks for that. I really, really needed that laugh.
Birgit F
21. birgit
Tyrion and Moiraine could have a Game of Houses (or stones) match instead of a physical fight. There should be other manners of fighting for characters who are not warriors.
Darth Touma
22. wingracer
Tyrion would win any match that involved drinking and whoring.

@13 "I don't think there's anyway that's happening. Kelsier is good, but I Kellhus is pretty much unstoppable God."

Yeah, Kelsier loses to unstoppable gods, but Vin can take them down.
Darth Touma
23. thistleburr
The Gray Mouser versus Ferro? Ouch. I've gotta root for the Mouser though.

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