Jan 10 2012 6:30pm

The Joy of Books (The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today?)

A super fun animation (until the unfortunate dig at ebooks at the end) of a bookstore coming to life. 

Allana Schneidmuller
1. blutnocheinmal
I wouldn't say that it's unfortunate. There *is* nothing quite like a real book.
I read free books occasionally on my computer or phone, but it's a waste of money to me, to buy a device, that needs to be charged to read books on. And then buy intangible copies of books that I can't let people borrow (unless they have an ereader and it allows you to), and that I can't swap/donate once I'm finished with them.

It also worries me that years from now these formats will become obsolete. I've got books from when I was a kid still.

Although, I will say, ereaders seem like a great idea for reading things you don't want to be seen reading. :-P
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
I'm just sad that the delight of the movie is undercut by what has become a tired argument. Ebook or print, story-telling is where it's at. This is a nice bit of storytelling....until you start arguing ebooks vs. print and forget that stories have a life of their own.
Andrew S. Balfour
3. Andrew S. Balfour
It wasn't a dig at ebooks, it was a promotion of print books. There IS nothing quite like a real book, and pointing out how awesome the printed page is doesn't automatically bring the ebook-bashing hammer into play.

Y'all need to relax a bit.
Andrew S. Balfour
4. EmilyP
as a very big ebooks fan, i did have a twist in my heart when i saw this.
i want to believe that book stores and libraries wont stop existing, although i havent been in one since i bought my kindle.

but i dont think its a dig. just trying to remind people that there are still real books around and they have (some kind of ) a life.
Andrew S. Balfour
5. Driceman
I'm with Irene- it's about the story, not about how it's delivered. Physical book, audiobook, or ebook, it doesn't matter, just pick the one you like best. I just read ebooks now because A. they're generally cheaper and B. yeah, physical books are great, but what's so not-great about ereaders? I love my iPad. It's not a window into just one world, it's a window into millions, and it's a lot more portable than lugging around thousand-page fantasy books.
Andrew S. Balfour
6. CGJ
You are all forgetting one thing: Public Library have moved to the 21st Century and you can download ebook to your ereaders too. The books you really, but really want to re-read, well you go and buy them and those you don't, well they stay in the library. The best of both world.
Andrew S. Balfour
7. SKM
E-readers are fine mediums, but the animation is correct -- they are not books. E-readers contain texts also contained in books, yes, but they deliver that text very differently (differences that can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on circumstance). Pointing out that they are not books is not a jab, it's the truth.

Stories have a life of their own, but the delivery method makes a difference. Hearing the same story read aloud to you by a parent, hearing it from an audiobook, reading it from a real book with a cover and pages, and reading it from an e-reader will result in four different emotional experiences, even if the words are exactly the same.

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