Jan 5 2012 10:05am

Mickey Smith and Sherlock Just Got Beamed Up by J.J.Abrams

It’s been a solid few weeks since Star Trek Dos: Rise of Endless Casting Rumors has hit the web, but to make up for its absence, there are two new stars reportedly joining the next outing for the revamped USS Enterprise. Variety and Deadline are reporting independently the addition of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Noel Clarke to the cast of the next Trek film.

With Peter Weller (Robocop) already on board this adds even more nerd-credibility to the next Star Trek film than we could have thought possible. Is Simon Pegg pulling the casting strings here? Further, what roles could Cumberbatch and Clarke be playing? (We now know.)

UPDATE: Several sources including TrekMovie and GammaSquad, are reporting Cumberbatch is CONFIRMED for the villian, while Noel Clarke will be playing “a family man with a wife and daughter.”

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post ran a Twitter poll to name Cumberbatch’s new character. already offered suggestions, which you can read here. (Our favorite is easily Gorn McPerfecthair)

Also: is already having a good time with photoshop. Check out Cumberbatch as a Klingon. (They’ve also got him as Khan and as a Talosian.)

Cumberbatch fever is full speed now. We couldn’t be more excited.





[Initial news via Deadline and Variety]

1. rogerothornhill
I keep hoping for a Harry Mudd reboot in this one, taking a good premise from TOS that has lots of room for improvement, and with del Toro I almost thought they could be doing Sexy Mudd. If Cumberbatch is up for the same role they wanted del Toro for, though, it makes me think they're redoing Khan as everyone has been whispering (which is seriously stupid) and de-ethnicizing him to boot.

Interestingly, Weller did have a role on the last season of Enterprise, as the leader of the anti-alien Earth First group. Enterprise was referenced in the first Abrams film. Is it possible that Weller is playing the same character, or his descendant? That would be much cooler than a Khan rehash.
2. rogerothornhill
I mean, I love Cumberbatch's Sherlock to pieces, and I can easily see him as Smaug, but if they're making him Khan, it's kind of like when they took Timothy Olyphant just after Deadwood and made him the bad guy in Die Hard 4.
Cait Glasson
3. CaitieCat
Oh my word, I'd love to see both or either of them. Noel Clarke is seriously underappreciated, I think, so I'd love to see him get a big role, even in one of Abrams' odious NuTrek movies.
corey chapman
4. martianblues
I was thinking Cumberbatch could make a good Vulcan.
M. R. Tighe
5. M. R. Tighe
Funny, I think Cumberbatch was born to play a Vulcan or a Romulan while Martin Freeman was obviously born to play a hobbit!
Andrés David Aparicio Alonso
6. adapar
One pseudo-random thoughts:

Just from a quick flash I got seeing Noel Clarke's photo: "a family man with a wife and daughter" does not imply the human species, does it? (the flash was that with Klingon makeup he may look like an ancestor of Worf).

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