Jan 30 2012 1:00pm

Introduce Yourself to The Wheel of Time for Only 99 Cents

The Wheel of Time: From The Two Rivers by Robert Jordan is now 99 centsThe Wheel of Time is a truly epic fantasy series, spanning three decades and fourteen books, and representing many lifetimes’ worth of creativity both on and off the page. Its world is staggeringly detailed and full of mystery and the rewards for those who delve into it are immense.

With the promised final volume of the series well underway, now is a perfect time for fans of epic fantasy to see what all the fuss is about. To that end, Tor Books is making From the Two Rivers, the beginning of The Wheel of Time, available as an ebook for only 99 cents.

From the Two Rivers is available from all ebook retailers and for all devices, including Nook, Kindle, and iPad.

1. Neeka_86
absolutely love this series. i am reading it thru for the 3rd time in preparation for the final novel. anyone who loves a deaply inthralling fantasy series will fall in love.
The complexity of the story and character threads are amazing.
Juan Avila
2. Cumadrin
When I started reading WoT it was actually this, the first half of tEotW split in two. Little did I know that my school library didn't have the second part, 'To the Blight' I think it's called. And their copy of tEotW was so tattered that they didn't keep it on the shelf. You had to ask for it.

Thus, I distinctly remember jumping from Perrin and Egwene running around with Elyas in this book to Rand practicing with Lan in Fal Dara at the start of the Great Hunt. Needless to say, after a handful of chapters I was like 'wut?' Until I came back to the library that day and figured out what had happened.

Just a funny little story about my introduction to WoT. And it didn't even cost 99 cents.

Another little note: because of this little accident the first EotW prologue I read was 'Earlier - Ravens' and not 'Dragonmount.' In my opinion, it was an equally great way for me to start this series I've come to love so much.
Avi Schwartz
3. the1avi
When will the 2nd part be released in ebook format?
Also, what is the difference between the two part "The Eye of the World" and the complete "The Eye of the World"?
4. faiz Imam
@the1avi: absolutely nothing. They just cut it in half and re-branded it so that more new readers would be interested.

I believe they found that the size of the first books were a significant barrier for some people.
5. BlackAjah
Should release with Charles Vess drawings and new eBook cover as originally planned, then I'd buy it.
Karen Simley
6. Simka
@the1avi: The only difference is the additional prologue chapter, "Ravens", in front of "Dragonmount". "Ravens" is only in From the Two Rivers, not in the complete version of The Eye of the World.
7. Mike9913
Only available in the US, great!
8. Xavie
Does anyone know if I buy it from Amazon, will the Kindle edition play on my Creative Zen mp3 player? Thanks!
9. Kadere
@3 The difference in From the Two Rivers is the Prologue "Ravens" and both include illustrations this time. To the Blight has the illustrations along with a bigger glossary. Those are the differences.

The reason they made them was to try and reach a younger audience, so they also did it to The Great Hunt with The Hunt Begins and New Threads in the Pattern.
10. random
What a RIPOFF! 99 cents sounds like a great deal, except it's only half a book and the other half, To The Blight, is not available as an e-book. Now if I want to read the rest of the story, I have to buy Eye of the World, which means that I just wasted 99 cents!

I'm only half kidding. I like the book and am disappointed to find that although announced as being available in ebook format in "early 2011", I can't find To The Blight anywhere. If I had known that going in, I never would have bought From the Two Rivers, I would have just gone for Eye of the World... or more likely skipped the whole series since I've got other series to catch up on. So now I've started the sereis but will drop it because I'm so annoyed by the publisher...
15. Jeanie Stultz
I remember this being in print years ago. For those of without a Kindle, Nook or e reader of any kind where can we find the old fashion paper versions so our collection can be complete.

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