Jan 8 2012 1:00pm

Happy Birthday from the Spiders From Mars!: Announcing Bowie Week on

Happy birthday to rock demigod David Bowie, who turns 65 today…although somehow, we can’t quite believe it. One of the most versatile, innovative performers of the last century, Bowie’s shifting musical personas— from psychedelic spaceman to androgynous Messianic alien to trippy Orwellian antihero to retro-futuristic cabaret act—have put him in a completely different class from most mortals. He hasn’t simply evolved over the years: he practically regenerates. We’re not saying that he’s a secret Time Lord...but if he was, would anyone really be surprised?

Despite this reputation as a chameleon, a few constants have endured through all the ch-ch-changes (sorry—we just had to). From early hits like “Space Oddity” and “Ziggy Stardust” to his starring roles in films like The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Hunger, and Labyrinth, Bowie’s work has always drawn on science fiction and fantasy elements—at every stage of his career, he has pushed the boundaries of pop music and performance with his pursuit of strange fascinations, outlandish characters, and otherworldly sound and vision.

In his own iconoclastic fashion, David Bowie has become a veritable SFF icon over the years, and so all this week we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite Bowie songs, albums, and movies, and generally celebrating the fact that one of our all-time favorite glitter-loving, gender-bending, alien-impersonating idols has rocked so hard all the way into his Golden Years…

We hope you’ll join us as we begin this week with Alex Bledsoe’s thoughts on Bowie’s peculiar brand of humor (and how much we love it), but not before we leave you with the original Bowie SF hit:

1. rogerothornhill
And the "related subjects" roll on in their coherently idiosyncratic way (Muppets, Kubrick, Bowie, etc.). I eagerly await "My Little Pony" Week, which I know will get me to see that oeuvre in a whole new light.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
In which Bridget McGovern finally gets me to watch Labyrinth. And now I can ask myself WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR!? It is fantastic.
Jennifer B
3. JennB
Cool. I've never heard that version of Spaceoddity or seen the video. Love Bowie, but I really don't know much more than what is on Changes.
Sky Thibedeau
4. SkylarkThibedeau
I wonder if Cheech and Chong's 'Alice Bowie' will get a mention? The duo's send up of David Bowie and Alice Cooper.
Andrew Ty
5. eldritch00
I wasn't sure where to put this, but Bill Kte'pi's "David Bowie's Mars Triptych" is certainly of interest to those of us who enjoyed reading this series of articles on Bowie.

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