Jan 16 2012 1:00pm

For MLK Day: Watch Nichelle Nichols Talk About the Dr. King/Star Trek Connection

It should come as no surprise to many, that Dr. Martin Luther King was a fan of Star Trek in the 1960s. So much so, that he famously asked actress Nichelle Nichols to stay on the show when she contemplated leaving after Trek’s first season. Last year, at the 92Y in NYC, as part of the a Pioneer Women of Television Series, Nichelle told perhaps the most detailed account of this story yet. Watch below:

Fragano Ledgister
1. Fledgist
I think the important point is that this was a non-stereotypical role. The very first. That is tremendously important.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
2. pnh
The interview linked here only tells the portion up through her meeting Dr. King and deciding to stay. There's more on the page below, including Roddenberry's reaction after he heard she'd decided to stay, and why: "Somebody understands what I am trying to do!"

For the more complete version, click the second link under "highlights" on this page:

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