Jan 18 2012 3:48pm

Connie Willis to Receive 2011 Damon Knight Grand Master Award from SFWA

Connie Willis to Receive 2011 Damon Knight Grand Master Award from SFWAOver the weekend, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced Connie Willis would be awarded the title of Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award at this year’s Nebula Awards. Past grand masters have included Joe Haledman, Harry Harrison, Anne McCaffrey, Alfred Bester, Ray Bradbury, and others.

Connie Willis will be honored at the Nebula Awards Weekend held May 17 through May 20 in Arlington, Virginia at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. 

Connie’s achievments in the field of SFF are numerous including a Hugo Award for best novel last year, and Nebula Award in 1999. Current SFWA president John Scalzi had this to say about her latest award:

The first time I met Connie Willis in person was at the 2003 WorldCon in Toronto. In the middle of a party, she was holding an entire room of writers and fans rapt with an extraordinarily funny story she was reeling out off the top of her head. This is the essence of Connie — her wit, her skill, her storytelling and herself, all combined to hold readers and writers spellbound. There are few writers in the history of science fiction and fantasy as awarded as she is, and none more beloved by readers and peers. It’s a genuine delight to officially grant her the title she has clearly already earned: Grand Master.

Connie herself reacted in this way:

I’m not sure I believe it. But I’m very, very grateful. And I’m even more grateful that I’ve been able to spend my entire life among the work and the people I fell in love with when I was thirteen.

Congrats Connie Willis! More info on SFWA’s site here.

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1. CardinalIron
Her name is getting put in "To Serve Man" right? Run Connie run! Congratulations for the win.
2. Petar Belic
"all combined to hold readers and writers spellbound."

I have read two and a half of Connie Willis' books. I was not spellbound.
Kevin Maroney
3. womzilla
It's good to see the Grand Master Awards moving up to writers who started in the 1970s (Willis, Haldeman last year), and I'm very happy for Connie, who has certainly been a huge positive force in the field and the community.

I do have to say that it's weird that she got the tap before Samuel R. Delany did, though. (I believe Chip is the biggest un-honored name from 1960s sf who is still alive.) Maybe next year.

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