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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon and The Wheel of Time on

On the Chinese Calendar, today is the new year, and we have now entered into the Year of the Dragon. We find this highly fitting, as Rand Al’ Thor is the Dragon Reborn, and the late Robert Jordan was often referred to as the Dragon as well.

During the Year of the Dragon, will be celebrating The Wheel of Time in anticipation of the Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s final volume: A Memory of Light. We’ll have original articles, exclusive wallpapers, exciting sweepstakes prizes, special offers on ebooks, tidbits from Brandon and more! Keep an eye on our index page for A Memory of Light for updates.

With the promised final volume of the series well underway, now is a perfect time for fans of epic fantasy to see what all the fuss is about. To that end, Tor Books is giving away 50 free copies of the first Wheel of Time book, The Eye of the World!

That’s right, you can start right at the beginning with the help of this special sweepstakes. Check the rules below; the first 50 people to respond to the email listed will receive a copy of The Eye of the World! Don’t miss out on the chance to catch up on this incredible series before the end.

THE RULES: The first 50 people to email their name and address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it will receive a copy. Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes. Please make the subject of your email “Year of the Dragon Sweepstakes.” Good luck!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby, tragically, is not the Dragon Reborn. Stubby is, however, the Rocket Reborn.

Abhinav Jain
1. Abhinav Jain
Year of the Dragon indeed!
Abhinav Jain
3. RLBrown
This is an epic series and a fantastic chance to start at the beginning.
Abhinav Jain
4. AmyNicole
This is a great idea!
Abhinav Jain
7. Kyla m johnson
I need new copies. Mine are worn out from re-reading!
Sam Brougher
8. Azuaron
I have the Eye of the World, but the cover is falling off, so I'm scared to loan it out. Winning would let me loan it out again!
Abhinav Jain
9. Robin Deamud
How exciting!!!
Abhinav Jain
10. JHalcyon
Awesome! I second Azuaron's comment; the covers have fallen off all my WoT paperbacks. Has that been improved in the decade since I bought one of these books in paperback form?
Abhinav Jain
11. VeraElentari
Is it international? I have sent my details just in case, the rules don't mention if you will ship it Internationally so..good luck everyone!
YouDont NeedToKnow
12. necrosage2005
I just sent my email. Hope I was one of the first 50 because I've loved these books from the start. Also, I'd love to get the DKS book covers and e-books as wallpaper for my computer.
Abhinav Jain
13. Hugh Hill 4
Considering how the copies of the paperback covers have been deteriorating over time, I'm not surprised. My current paperback (which dates to 1994) is almost in tatters
Zayne Forehand
14. ShiningArmor
Blast, I just got a Kindle for Christmas and already downloaded four of the books, two of which were The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight at $10 a pop. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to get the other 9 at a cheaper price to complete the series on my Kindle.

Looking forward to the wallpapers too.
Abhinav Jain
15. jim162065
cool, is there new cover too?
Rich Bennett
16. Neuralnet
would love to have a new one... my copy of the eye of the world is old, raggidy and long ago lost its cover. a very well loved book
Abhinav Jain
18. FilipTanchev
nice, go dragon go!
Abhinav Jain
19. wolfking2010
Sweet!!!!!! I want to update ny entire collection of paperbacks so they will be new when my future son can read them. Hope I get a copy!!!!!
Abhinav Jain
20. Jondoo1220
This is a nice idea. They should do a book a month!
Abhinav Jain
21. Brian Nash
Year of the Dragon Sweepstakes
Abhinav Jain
22. Anonymous Unemployed 0L
Now that I see the timestamps on these comments, I am no longer confident that I was in the top 50. Sad because I saw it right away on Twitter.
Abhinav Jain
23. Dopey2400
Such a great book.
Abhinav Jain
24. Gewrgios Filios
Great idea!I love the series!!
Abhinav Jain
25. Bunnysoup
Ya, I'm almost certain I'm too late, oh well. I wish we had some way of knowing.
Abhinav Jain
26. DocMartin76
well only 26 comments, maybe it went under the radar!
Abhinav Jain
27. Stot
yey drogo yey :)
Abhinav Jain
28. The B
That new copy will look awesome next to my 1st ed. I could give the old one a rest!
YouDont NeedToKnow
29. necrosage2005
THE RULES: The first 50 people to email their name and address to will receive a copy. Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes. Please make the subject of your email “Year of the Dragon Sweepstakes.” Good luck!
I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but did you happen to read the rules? Sorry. Better luck next time. I got lucky. I found out about it this morning from their facebook page. Checked on here and read the article. Hope I win.
Abhinav Jain
30. Bunnysoup
Does anyone know how long these guys usually take to email back? Like will we know if we lost?
Niki Grasern
32. kraefzke
Still no word on whether this was open to US-only or internationally. Also, have the winners been informed yet, or is there still hope for those not receiving an email? Could anybody just clarify those two points? Please!
Abhinav Jain
34. Sharon Knight
Darn, I missed it! And I love Robert Jordan's writing!!! Congrats to all the lucky winners, I know you will enjoy the read!!!
Thank you Thor for having this giveaway even though I missed it.
Andrew Hall
35. AndrewHall
Thanks Tor, just had the book dropped off at my house my 12 year old will love this series
Abhinav Jain
36. Melissa45613
I won! Email arrived yesterday.
37. hzfreelancer
Congrats to all the winners :)

Now for a comment or two... (sorry to bring rain on the parade)

Tor please think of those in other time zones. There is no way some one in Australia has a chance of winning "the first x people to respond will win the prize". While it sounds nice, half the world was asleep when you posted that competition (including me... cry). A much better type of contest is to have it open for a length of time and let people enter and then draw the winner from that. If you want to get even more complicated then you can ask some questions (5-6 is a good number) and each person gets 2 enteries for each question that they get right and 1 entry for entering (so a total of 13 possible enteries when someone gets all the questions right). Then the winners are drawn from that total list (people can only win once as well).

Love to see some more competitions :)

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