Jan 13 2012 6:00pm

Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am: Goodbye to Bowie Week!

Well, Bowie Week has been awful nice—really quite out of sight, you might say—and we want to thank you all for coming along for the wild ride through all the glittery highlights of David Bowie’s spectacular, iconic career. Thanks especially to our bloggers for sharing some of their favorite musical moments, memories and performances: all of these (inter)stellar posts have been collected in our handy Bowie Week index. We’d also like to give a special shout-out to artist Scott Brundage for giving Stubby a fabulous, Ziggy Stardust-inspired makeover this week—Stubby, of course, is a huge glam rock fan from way back (but don’t get Stubby started about life on Mars…) To close out the week, we’d like to leave you with a post full of some of our favorite photos of the man himself, along with a couple of his SFF-esque music videos!

Finally, happy birthday once again to the starman of the hour, whose creativity, fearlessness, and willingness to push boundaries have inspired so many of us, and will undoubtedly continue to inspire fans far into the future.

1. corig123
Been a very enjoyable week!
Ashley Fox
2. A Fox
As the end draws nigh, and my age meant I joined this glittering fandom late, im gonna share my memory.

My 17th birthday, a relatively small gig in Coventry, standing nearly alone on a balcony at the very edge of the stage. Dancing like a wild thing to Suffragette City, Bowie notices, struts over and sings the rest of the song to me, even giving a jaunty little bow at the end. A-maz-ing.
Chris Lough
3. TorChris
@2: !!!! That's great, A Fox. Thank you for sharing.
Ashley McGee
4. AshleyMcGee
My favorite David Bowie moment was the night my parents took me to buy "...hours" the day it was released, then listening to "Thursday's Child" while we carved pumpkins for Halloween. I was 14 years old!

@A Fox, you are so lucky!

I love David Bowie!
6. peter holt
I remember seeing Bowie In a Cattle Shed, Bingley Hall Stafford, Main Road Manchester, Great Venue! And there wern't many that could fill
Wembley, I still have the Photographs from Wembley, Slides, The Amazing Glass Spider Tour, Which we went to Twice, This is all taking us back to our teenage days, I had an Orange vynal on my wall, and when i was stuck for Money i would sell to a mate, and when he was stuck he would sell it back, it later turned from a bootleg to an official album, i'm about 15 and friends of ours were ready to burst onto the music scene, 30 grand contract, what they didn't know was they were going to be part of History, Buzzcocks, Slaughter & The Dogs" Sound a bit familiar? they used to haunt Ken Pitts flat, one weekened they came back from London with Photographs of David Bowie, Ken Pitt Etc, and whoever was there that day, but going to London was a big step in them days, but they came back with contact numbers, then arrived the Free Trade Hall Gigg, Buzzcocks, Slaughter & The Dogs, Sex Pistols, This went on to be a very special time in Music History, The Dogs went onto
there first single, Cranked up Really High! there secon had Mick Ronson, The Great Mick Ronson, appeared on there Single, Punk was fully on the scene. We saw Bowie on a tour, supposed to be is last, rumours had it, If i remember rightley he did a lot of Acoustic stuff, but he did concerts after that, looking back, having a set of 35mm slides, they wern't close ups they were from a distance, at one concert i was stood on a chair , Wembley, and someone shouts, can you sit down, i came back with a fast, F off!, it was then my pals fell apart laughing, what! what you laughing at!, looking round to see Paula Yates stood there, Very appolagetic, well i did'nt know i was near the Royal Box! VIP's used it, i think that day there was Geldoff, Jagger, Yates, Lady Dianna. what memorys, thank you David for all those years of keeping us all interested in your music, we never knew what you were going to do next, and now were getting Old, not sure if we will see one last Concert, Look forward to it, if not i wonder if i will ever be playing your music in an old folks Home, can you imagine the Staff when they ear, And In The Deaf As The Last Few Corpses...
Thanks David Your A Very Special Guy, Very Special Who helped so many people form there bands, you are a Star........
Peter Holt.

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