Dec 16 2011 4:00pm

Your Daily Moment of Snowman Carnage Zen

In a tribute to Bill Watterson’s immortal Calvin & Hobbes, animators Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie have made this short display of Calvin’s disturbing (and near-classic) snowmen scenes.

Have “A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas.”

For more information as to the creation of the movie, check out this article over on Down in Front.

(via Crave)

Mark Rubeck
2. TigerChanter
The footprints at the end were my favorite part! :)
4. SueQ
God, I miss Calvin & Hobbes. I even named a cat Hobbes one time (I was to terrified to name it Calvin) Great tribute. Gotta go build a strange snowman. The dog & the fire hydrant was my favourite. Reminded me of my three boy cousins (all siblings) who built a few snowmen on their grandparents front lawn, facing the street. After noticing passersby pointing and giggling, their grandparents went to investigate -- and found the snowmen were anatomically correct, if a bit exagerrated. Hilarious.

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