Dec 12 2011 2:00pm

Why is Santa Wielding a Huge Sword?

Were we naughty this year? Is that why Santa looks like he’s about to put the damage on us? Or is he about to save Christmas from some orcs?

Point is... you’ve been good this year and you deserve to know the answer to the question posed by Swordy Santa over there. (Painted in all his splendor by Gregory Manchess.) And if you’re registered for the weekly newsletter, you’ll know the story behind this image tomorrow!

On Tuesday we’re sending a special holiday treat to newsletter subscribers in the form of Ken Scholes’ new Christmas story, “If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold and Clear.” So if you’re not subscribed to the newsletter or have a registered account on the site, now’s the time.

(If you’re registered but not signed up for the newsletter, head into Settings, then Privacy Settings, and click that you want email updates from us.)

Merry Dragon’s Mass!

Adam Shaeffer
1. ashaef
Scholes' Santa stories are brilliant. Can't wait!
2. Kaela
I'm so excited for this… I actually TEARED UP with the chills and jumps up and down a little. Not sure why… this painting is just freaking sweet, I guess.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
3. tnh
I love that art. Greg Manchess does fabulous light and color. I still remember my sense of shock (in a good way) the first time I saw one of his paintings.
Ethan Glasser-Camp
4. glasserc
I think I might have missed this! I might have unsubscribed a year and a half ago since the newsletter just had the same stuff as the site and I didn't want to waste the time reading both. But on the "settings" page the link offers me to "unsubscribe", so maybe I didn't?
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
Glasserc, if you are logged-in, you should be able to read the story at this link:

If that doesn't work, or if you want to be reinstated into the newsletter, drop me a note at:

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