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What We Want From A Memory of Light: The Wheel of Time Roundtable, Week 4

Welcome back to the Wheel of Time Roundtable! In this weekly mini-series from, we’re asking a panel of Wheel of Time experts a number of questions that look at the upcoming final volume in this long-running fantasy series: A Memory of Light.

The questions will range from the specific, to the silly, to the broad, eventually encompassing the Wheel of Time’s legacy itself.

We’ve looked at the threat of the Shadow, the threat of everybody else, and what may happen after A Memory of Light. Now we make a wishlist of the scenes we want to see in the final book.

This week’s question was:

Although we don’t know specific plot points of A Memory of Light, it seems as if the main characters and plot threads are finally converging. What are the reunions you’re hoping for? And in a larger sense, what scenes do you really want to see in this final volume?


Leigh Butler: There are about a million reunion scenes I’m hoping for with more or less urgency in AMoL, but obviously the 900-lb gorilla in the room is the one we haven’t seen since freakin’ book three, which is Rand, Mat, and Perrin all in the same room at the same time. I’m not even sure what having the mega-triumvirate all breathing the same air will even entail at this point – feels almost like the universe would bloody implode from the portent – but holy crap do these guys need to meet up, like now. It’s not even funny.

Matt Hatch: I imagine any scene involving any of the three amigos from Emond’s field will be good ones. I’m not so interested in the final Rand confrontation; I imagine it will be powerful and dramatic, but I’m more interested in how Jordan will weave all three ta’veren into the final chapter. How will their individual roles play out in tandem to bring about the close to the Third Age? Towers of Midnight is a powerful reminder of the harmony of Jordan’s story, so I want to see that harmony continue to the very end.

Jennifer Liang: One of the things I liked about Towers of Midnight is that our characters, after long periods of separation, are finally getting back together and TALKING TO EACH OTHER. For a series that is characterized as much as this one is by miscommunication or just a plain lack of communication, it was wonderful to see Perrin and Mat sit down and finally say “You got married too? High five!” It was also great seeing Elayne sit her brother down and tell Gawyn what he tool he’s being (something that needs to happen far more frequently in my opinion) and for Egwene to bring the Wise Ones and Windfinders together for a little heart to heart.

The big elephant in the room though is Moiraine. She’s been literally pulled out of the Underworld and metaphorically brought back from the dead. Other than Thom and Mat, no one has seen her. She’s sacrificed her ability to channel strongly for something, but what? I suspect it’s something she needs to tell or do for Rand, but other than a vague suspicion regarding Callandor, I really don’t know what it could be. She’s a real wild card at this point and I can’t wait to see what she has to say about affairs.

Matt Hatch: Moiraine and Rand. Moiraine and Egwene. Moiraine and Cadsuane. Moiraine and Tam. Moiraine and Siuan. Moiraine and Bela. Moiraine and Lanfear. Moiraine and Padan Fain. Moiraine and the Dark One. It will all be fantastic. Much deserved screen time awaits Moiraine and I hope for it all. From the moment we meet her, it is clear that Moiraine will play some final role; I’m excited for that moment, that one scene, where her final role is revealed.

Although, I may have been wrong all of these years. It may be that Moiraine will hold tight to Thom’s hand and wish Rand and company good luck in storming the castle. If so, I dread those scenes where Moiraine fails to play any significant role in this final chapter. But I’m not wrong. Am I? No.

Leigh Butler: I cannot goddamn WAIT to find out what happens when Rand sees Moiraine alive. AMoL had better fucking well do that scene justice, is all I have to say, because in my opinion other than the goddamn apocalypse itself that is the biggest payoff scene of the entire series.

Beyond that, having Rand’s three Loves all together for once – Elayne, Aviendha, and Min – would be awful nice, just so we can make sure they’re all in place for when they have to ferry him to Avalon or whatever the WOT equivalent is going to turn out to be. It would similarly also be nice to see Mat and Tuon meet up, though I can’t imagine those circumstances are going to be other than… hm, fraught, given the current status of relations between Rand’s forces and the Seanchan. Should be very interesting, to say the least.

Jason Denzel: I’m really looking forward to Mat and Tuon’s reunion. We last saw them in Knife of Dreams, and I think they’re overdue for some troublemaking together.

Likewise, I’m looking forward to Rand meeting up with all three of his girls. Winter’s Heart was the last time he saw them. Elayne certainly will have some news to share with Rand...  Will Rand be a deadbeat dad? Heh.

Jennifer Liang: For A Memory of Light, I look forward to seeing Rand with all the Two Rivers folk again, especially those who haven’t seen him for quite awhile. Egwene especially has no idea who Rand really is anymore, and I think much of her current opposition to him stems from that. I’d like to see the two of them really talk to each other, as people, and not as Amyrlin and Dragon.

He and Elayne need to talk as well. She has good reasons for keeping her pregnancy secret from him, but at some point, she really does need to say something.

Our three ta’veren need to sit down and rekindle their friendship, as Mat and Perrin already have and the entire Trakand family, including Galad, needs some serious conversation.

Leigh Butler: There are a number of more minor reunions that may or may not happen that I would be pleased to see. The Galad and Rand Oh-hey-we’re-half-brothers! scene would be awesome, along with of course Elayne and her oh-hey-you’re-not-dead! mother Morgase. Then there’s Nynaeve meeting her future advisor and (presumably) ass-kicker Sharina – not even to mention her meeting up with Lan again.

And then of course there is my favorite pet theory of Leane getting to be the one to kick the shit out of Alviarin, former-Keeper to former-evil-Keeper, as is right and proper. Oh, and Mat meeting up with his sister and aw-crap-you’re-Aes-Sedai-now!? Bode would be hilarious on several levels.

And, naturally, having all of the surviving Great Captains (Bryne, Ituralde, Bashere, and Jagad) in a room together should be awesome. Extra bonus points if Mat is there and makes them all feel like amateurs. That would be sweet.

Jennifer Liang: One of the fun patterns I’ve been missing from the earlier books is Rand drawing all the characters to him while he fights Ba’alzamon. The last time we saw him do this was in the Stone of Tear at the end of book three, so it’s been quite awhile. I always liked that. To me it always said “It’s about to get real up in here.” and signaled that this conflict was important. So I’m really looking forward to seeing that happen again.

Jason Denzel: Beyond just the character reunions, I’m looking forward to finally having the answers to questions we’ve been asking for twenty years and more now. Where (and what) IS the Tinker song? Where is Demandred? What will happen when Rand and Moridin (presumably) meet at the Pit of Doom? What does it mean that “twice dawns the day”?

Jennifer Liang: I’m also intensely curious as to what horrible horribleness is going on at the Black Tower. We’ve gotten hints that the 13 x 13 trick is in play there, and there’s deeper hints that Taim isn’t an alias for Demandred, but rather Moridin. There’s Aes Sedai within the Tower, some of which have been brain wiped, and Aes Sedai outside, waiting their turn. There’s a small group of dissidents waiting for Logain to return to “do something” about Taim. It’s a huge powder keg waiting to explode.

Matt Hatch: Lanfear. It doesn’t really matter what the scene is, as long as it involves Lanfear. Okay, that’s a lie; it does matter. The scene I really want to see is the one where Lanfear talks to Rand about helping him end it all. She was the cause; she should offer herself as the solution. Considering I hope for such a pivotal role, I dread the possibility that Lanfear plays little to no part in this final chapter. Although, Lanfear escaping Ishamael and disappearing into Tel’aran’rhiod never to be heard of again would be almost as good.

I’m still bitter; sadly, Aviendha killing Graendal is not going to happen, but I would really like to see it.

Leigh Butler: Other than reunion scenes, I basically want to see what the hell happens when Rand and Moridin finally confront each other head-on, and also hopefully Rand and/or Logain killing Taim with extreme killedness, because that’s so overdue I can’t even express it. And, of course, Rand’s actual Big Showdown with the Dark One, but that probably goes without saying. There’s probably more I’m forgetting but what I have is likely more than enough to be going on with. Let’s smash ‘em all together, is what I say! Bring it on!

Jason Denzel: There’s so much I want to see in this book, but at the same time, I’m dreading the end.  I have a deep appreciation for well-ended stories, so it will be a bittersweet day when we finally get to read it.


We’ll close on that note this week. Chime in with what you would like to see in A Memory of Light!

And check back with us next week as we talk about the themes that are emerging from The Wheel of Time now that the series is concluding.

Leigh Butler writes this very site’s long-running and deep-cutting Wheel of Time Reread. (And the Song of Ice and Fire Read.)

Jason Denzel heads the internet’s premiere comprehensive Wheel of Time fansite: Dragonmount.

Matt Hatch heads the Wheel of Time online think tank: Theoryland.

Jennifer Liang work with Dragonmount, is the chair for JordanCon, and the director of Wheel of Time content at DragonCon. She also hosts the Wheel of Time Facebook and Twitter portals, both of which aggregate Wheel of Time content across the web.


Samuel Walker
1. lambada
And thus not a single mention was made about finding out what the heck the True Power has done to Rand....

Because it has done something. And that something is going to be BAD.
Jeremy Hanke
2. jlhanke
Hate to be the nit-picker, Leigh, but Elayne and Morgase already had their reunion scene in TOM in Chapter 45. Internet proof at this link.
Damon Garner
3. IrishOmalley
Character Reunions:

Rand and Moraine will hopefully be an epic meeting. Matt Hatch definitely has a good point. Moraine and frickin' everybody! I'm hoping Lan and Nynaeve are able to have a reunion... Fain and Rand will be interesting to say the least. There are quite a few mentioned above as well that I can't wait to see.

Plot Threads:

1. Black Tower - What the frack is going on there?
2. Lanfear - Redemption song?
3. Moraine Hullabaloo - This will make for some comic relief throughout AMOL me thinks.
4. Rand's Death/Rebirth/Death?/Live? - Yeah...
5. MoriDemanTaimthingguy - Who are these people/person?
6. All the rest = icing on the cake :)
Dave West
4. Jhirrad
I'm personally most excited to see the resolution to the 'remnant of a remnant'. There's always been a part of me that interprets that propechy as basically only the gai'shain are going to survive, as they seem to be the closest thing I can find that fits that. An incredibly strong and proud people that are being ground up to fight the Last Battle...I could even understand if this experience made the Aiel that live WANT to once again embrace the Way of the Leaf, after so many die fighting. That's what I most look forward to personally.
Peter Reen
5. pnr060
I'd say it's about time for Nynaeve or Birgitte to finish Moghedien off...
6. abinkley
Fain. Padin frickin Fain. (note how fun that is to say quickly) I just want clarification that he isn't just an Agent Smith in all of this.

Little Orphan al'Thor needs that Galad moment as much as he needed the reunion with Tam, aw all know that family makes a huge difference when in battles of all sorts and plays well on the Light/love theme. Yes, the various "3's" need to get together, for obvious reasons, but the interplay, buildup and intertwining of various relationships that were seemingly unconnected in the beginning has as much to do with this final confrontation and outcome a does the groups of 3.

I font know that RJ would have spent so much time on it all if not to show how immensely important each individual is, both to the world, in respect to the actions of the individuals, and to the Song, as a grouping of people whose choices led them to become one, Servants on the side of the Light.

Padin frickin Fain.

See? You're doing it, too, now.
Alice Arneson
7. Wetlandernw
In addition to all the above, of course, I want to see the scene where Min finally puts together all the pieces to figure out what Rand has to do (with Callandor, the seals, and all that). I expect to see it involve input from Moiraine and Cadsuane, since both of them have had access to information Min wouldn't likely have, but one way or the other I do expect Min to be the one to give Rand the key to the end game.
8. Dr. Thanatos
1) The Big Reveal that Demandred was really Asmodean, and Mazrim Taim has been posing as Demandred (not the other way around). Take that, you unbelievers!

2) Padan Fain turns out to be the key to re-sealing the Bore. Not that Fain ever was a bore...

3) Aiel stop talking and talking and about toh and just do something, like all learning a song to sing together

4) Tinkers get vindicated and stop being the one group that everyone is allowed to kick around...

5) Rand making it to the top of Shayol Ghul, holds Callandor, but can't quite do what must be done due to influence of the True Power. Fain appears out of nowhere, grabs Callandor, laughs maniacally, and, well, you know the drill...
Jeremy Bruce
9. superjer
How about the heroes of the horn making their big comeback.
Sam Mickel
10. Samadai
I wonder if Rands New positive emotions are filtering back into Moridin, the way the negative ones were, and what that means for Moridins "let everything end attitude"
11. Lironah
Twice dawns the day is a total solar eclipse.
Rajesh Vaidya
12. Buddhacat
A meeting that should happen right off the bat, I'm thinking: Cadsuane "Dragon's Advisor and maker of Smash the Seals Quilts" Melaidhrin meeting the newly minted Amyrlin "No Seals for You!" Egwene.
Douglas Miller
13. douglas
No mention of Loial's speech before the Stump to rouse the Ogier to action? For shame!
Margot Virzana
14. LuvURphleb
I want the reunion between aviendha and rand! She has to get pregnant and have four babies and if rand dies(?) it needs to be before the last battle. My theory has always been that aviendha must be prrgnany before TG so that she can link with rand and alivia for callandor amd thats why her children can constantly wield the power.
15. Lsana
It's a minor one, but the meeting I would really like to see is Galad/Amys. I feel like Galad needs to hear Shaiel's story from someone who knew her. He also needs to hear, "Your mother never stopped loving you. She would never have left you if anything less than the fate of the world was at stake, and even so, she never forgave herself for it."
Rob Munnelly
16. RobMRobM
My big one is Mat and Tuon. Then Moiraine and Rand. Then Birgitte and baby Gaidal Cain. How about Nyn and Lan in the Gap?
17. Dr. Thanatos
I don't see Nyn and Lan getting together in the Gap. I think that she is more of a Talbot's kind of gal...
John Massey
18. subwoofer
Le sigh- @Leigh, it really gets me down when you take the Lord's name in vain. I'm the last to preach about colorful language, but the "gd" thing and the "C" thing is really unprofessional IMHO.

As far as reunions go, I'm with Jennifer in wanting to see if Rand can really come home, the TR reunion has always been on the forefront of my mind. All the lads coming back reminds me of the scene when certain hobbits returned to the Shire.

Mat and Nynaeve is another scene I'd like to see played out. When last seen, Ny and Mat did not have the best of dynamics as Mat was being Mat and Ny felt the need to take him down several pegs. It would be nice if Ny and Egwene, for that matter, could see Mat be all generally and stuff- much like Tuon's first glimpse of Mat as he poured over certain maps.

Bela and Mandarb.

And let me not forget the big bail out the poor borderland towers scene. RJ and Brandon spent a fair bit of page time setting up how the Towers along the borders work, then we see a peak at some Sheinarans and their life. Then we see them having a last stand. It would sure be nice to have some survive and live to see help arrive.

19. Treebrother
I would like to see Rand after sealing off the dark one and taking away the one power be separated from Lews Therin and the darkness gone from his mind.I would also like to see the seanchan not just defeated but the damine freed and peace through out the land. So there you have it I'ma peace loving geek but a ending that doesn't need another book or three to complete would be nice.You guys know what I mean. An ending that answers all our questions and leaves us feeling fufilled.After 20 years of reading this series ,the last three books with all the endings have been like waves on the beach I absolutely loved T o M and the last book is going to be awsome. I hope it measures up to everyones expectations
Stefan Mitev
20. Bergmaniac
It most probably won't happen, since there's so many more important things which need resolving, but I would love to see a meeting between Elayne and Lini in AMOL. They've never had n onscreen scene together so far and such a scene now has so much potential for hilarity to ensue.

I really want to see Mat telling Egwene he's married to the Seanchan Empress to see her reaction.

Siuan and Moiraine is one of the big ones for me. They've sacrificed so much for the grand cause of the light and deserve the happiness to know that the other is not really dead after all.
Juan Avila
21. Cumadrin
@18 subwoofer
Argh!!! I was gonna say Bela and Mandarb! I've been making a short list for... um... not over an hour now....

So my list:
Olver and Aviendha
Rand and Bela
Tam and Bela!

Man I'm so rusty...

As mentioned before: the Ogier and THE REST OF THE WORLD

... Thom and Morgase and Gareth and Siuan and Moiraine and Lan and Nynaeve and Thom and Morgase and Gareth and Siuan and... awkward migraine... o_O

(Bela and Mandarb was gonna go right here!)
John Massey
22. subwoofer
@Cumadrin- sorry, but everyone else seems to be pairing off and why can't Lan's stallion get some love- Bella style?

Oh yeah, the other reunion I want to see- Tuon and a couple of her Seanchan pals seeing Trollocs up close and personal. See? The baddies are real. I hope Tuon also figures out that "controlling Rand" will have little to no effect on the bad guys killing her either.

jeremiah gaster
23. jer
What if moraine plays a gollum role, more than a "good guy" role...
that would be quick ass....
Lynn McDonald
24. meal6225
I relish the moment Rand learns Mat is MARRIED to Tuon. That double
take will shift the Wheel on its axis. Nynaeve getting the news will shift it back into place.
j p
25. sps49
Of course we will see Bela. She waits for Rand at the Pit of Doom!

Whoever Mazrim Taim is, he isn't Moridin. He strikes me as less wise, more thuggish, and slower to think on his feet.

I do hope we see the Seanchan get over their need to leash.

Maybe Rand with all three of his ladies at once? (crap, where's the bunker?)
Birgit F
26. birgit
Oh yeah, the other reunion I want to see- Tuon and a couple of her
Seanchan pals seeing Trollocs up close and personal. See? The baddies
are real.

Tylee already brought Tuon some dead trollocs.
Now that Avi is a Wise One the three can marry Rand.
27. Dajoran
I'll say, most of what I want in character meetups can occur at FoM. Most of the light power players are already there, and Moraine is probably heading there so we can dust that up in the first act.
Next act is Trolloc'd Caemlyn, Black Tower - Taim - 13 x 13 - TP and possible Seanchan kneeling fiasco wrap up.
Final act is all TG baby - I want it to kick off with Rand appearing in front of Lan's party in the Gap - something forshadowed way back in EotW also with a hint of what happened in ToM 'It came too close to a confrontation between us...' speech.
Everything else would just be gravy.

Forgive this post - I am flu'd at the moment and any mention of aMoL gets me hyperexcited.
John Massey
28. subwoofer
Thanks for that Birgit, I can always count on you. What I meant is that there is a huge difference between seeing some heads in a bag vs. up close and personal on a battle field. I am thinking that meeting a Trolloc or a fade in real life might make Tuon reassess her negotiations with Rand, which did not go so well. Maybe third times the charm?

29. Soloce
@Jennifer L:
She’s sacrificed her ability to channel strongly for something, but what? I suspect it’s something she needs to tell or do for Rand, but other than a vague suspicion regarding Callandor, I really don’t know what it could be.

Since Matt's answer was "give up half the light of the world to save the world," we know she has key intel. I agree, I have no idea what it is, but we know that it's vital.
Anthony Pero
30. anthonypero
Mat, Mat, Mat... His challenge to the WT at the end of Towers of Midnight made me sit up in my seat a bit. I'm really looking forward to Mat and Egwene sussing that out.
Anthony Pero
31. anthonypero

I don't think they intended to imply that Taim was Moridin (I personally think it's safe to say at this point that Tain is simply Taim), but that he was Moridin's agent.
Mahesh Banavar
32. maheshkb
What IS the Tinker song?

When the Saints go Marching in...

Even Asimov knew that one...
33. theEggofTime
Twice dawns the day? What if Rand pulls a superman and turns back time, actually uses the true source to make the wheel of time reverse direction because the original outcome of the battle, was too horrible for him to stomach or mistakes were made and the dark one would have won. We've seen it kind of happen with balefire where events and deaths have been erased from the use of balefire. Just a thought. I'm just happy that after all these years, we'll finally see the end. It's still very sad that Robert Jordan couldn't be here to see it with us.
Margot Virzana
34. LuvURphleb
Perrin and egwene. When she finally realizes that people will go with perrin and join sides with rand. And when she connects the dots that yes she is important but when it comes to tarmon gaidon she means squat if she really tries to stop rand.
35. UrsulaMinor
I wanna see Mat, Rand & Tuon all in one room - and see Matt have to play the middle between the two.

Actually I wanna see Mat, Rand, Tuon & EGWENE all in one room. Perrin can come too I guess, If only to be the guy that interrupts all the shouting to yell "SHUT UP" because Moraine just got there. :D
Roger Powell
36. forkroot
I really want to see Mat telling Egwene he's married to the Seanchan Empress to see her reaction.
Second that!

Also - I'd like to see Mat talk with Lan and tell him how Jain Charin died.
37. Treebrother
What about Aldieb? Moraine's horse? Mandarb and Aldieb were partners for years and she was a mare as well;) Why this obsession with Bela? Horses aren't that interesting together whinning and nuzzling standing next to each other twiching.Taim is Demandred; there was a companion book called the world of Robert Jordans The Wheel Of Time that described Demandred almost exactly like Taim is described:with a hawk nose and almost as strong in the power thats why he got so pissed when Rand gave him the first dragon and sworrd pin. It was his obsession with being almost that turned Barid Bel Medar into Demandred.
38. MickeyDee
Galad & Rand/LTT
Galad, Rand/LTT and Amys & Moiraine in front of the Supergirls & Thom
Tuon, Mat and Rand/LTT
Lanfear & Rand/LTT
Mat & the Clan Chiefs & the Great Captains & the Seanchan high-brass on the second day of TG. (When all turns to shit get the best military minds to rescue the situation
Loial and the 3 boys
Rand/LTT & his three for a final love-fest (because if he doesn't die at the end I am going to be seriously disappointed after 20 years of reading this series)

@18 oh woofy-one, if there really are gods out there, what more all powerful all knowing ones why on earth would they ever care about their names being used aloud. Cheer up. There is only one deity and his gentle, forgiving noodley-ness is all about us. Ramen! ;)

Treebrother @37: Aldieb doesn't like to share, and Mandarb knows that at heart Bella is as hot as a Saldean Farmhorse. Nay?
Birgit F
39. birgit
Are there still people believing in Taimandred? JR said he isn't.
John Massey
40. subwoofer
Ramen is okay once in a while, but there is an astonishing amount of fat in a single bowl of noodles.

And there is a God. Word.

Taimandred? Thought we put that one to rest. As some folks have mentioned though, the Black Tower has been put on the back burner for far too long. I feel that this is festering at it will mirror the Breaking of the world if left, a bunch of baddie men with much juju going around doing harm with the One Power. Yeeeee.

Valentin M
41. ValMar
Moiraine, with everyone and anyone. Just a matter of how much, some more than others. People move up and down the scale, depending how I'm feeling.
This is not to say that I'm not looking forward to other reunions a lot. But Moiraine, it'll be 13 and a half years...
Tess Laird
42. thewindrose
I am looking forward to Min meeting up with Moiraine - I have a feeling that there is something important that Moiraine will communicate to Min (the whole 'Rand would almost certainly fail without a woman who was dead and gone' / Moiraine was the only viewing of hers that had ever failed.)

I also am looking forward to Rand and Elayne - won't Rand be surprised!

It would be fun to see Moiraine and Siuan along with their spouses meet up.

Tuon, Egwene and Mat.

The fellowship of the wheel;)

43. Treebrother
You guys sound maybe a little frustrated ;) A threesome with Rand? and a little beastiality thrown in there for good measure. I think they need a bigger tent. I recon if you want to look big and if your a big scarry war horse hang around a little cart horse.If thats what you guys want I hope you get it; Aldieb was a far sexier ride though. And why kill Rand?After all he went through it would be nice to see him settle down in ruidian with his ladys or at least(for the lord of the rings fans) get to have his Frodo and the shire ending
Nadine L.
44. travyl
Agree with Siuan & Moiraine and Thom & Bryne
@42: both couples are only promised not yet married, right?
If Morgase happends to be there as Cumadrin @21. suggested, I would add Aludra to watch it come off, it might give her a new idea for some "dragons"
And I would like to see Cadsuane / Moirane (there is a spanking pending form New Spring*) and Caduane / Egwene.

* Edit: Great would be if I could see Leigh reading that scene.
45. Dr Thanatos
@39 Brigit: Re: Taimendred. My theory is now Demandaim

@43 Treebrother See above re: Frodo and the Shire ending
John Massey
46. subwoofer
@Dr- It still gets me down and in my books it is a no-no. I can come up with other much more creative ways to express my exasperation or anger that doesn't involve God... and I'm not a writer by profession.

Taxes- heh:)

Come to think, Rand is swimming in money because of his fifth of a fifth... not to mention that maybe he can make gold. Pity he can't take some time off to get some royal digs, an around the world vacation and live the good life for a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing Rand do the bed and breakfast thing with any one of his wives...

47. Dr. Thanatos
@46 Woof,

I agree with you that it is a lazy use of language. I am a bit of a purist about the difference between cussin' and taking the Name in vain ...
Roger Powell
48. forkroot
Something else I'm hoping to see in AMoL - a deeper understand of "Need", with insights into the importance of T'AR in the WOT Cosmology.

Remember all the way back in the TEoTW how (apparently) startling it was that Moiraine's party found the Eye only their second day into the Blight, and well south of the Mountains of Dhoom? Also recall Someshta's astonishment that Moiraine was able to find it twice? It involved great "Need", apparently, along with a hefty dose of three ta'veren present.

Later on, when the SuperGirls are using "Need" to discover and then locate the Bowl of the Winds, the first stop in T'AR was in the White Tower - that has never been fully explained.

Oh yeah ... one more thing - it sure would be nice to find out who was speaking in ALL CAPS near the end of TEoTW.

There are so many loose ends, I know they won't all get tied up, but I'm hoping we do get a lot more explained.
John Massey
49. subwoofer
Edit- @Dr- in keeping with the holiday spirit, I'd like to think that every time Leigh drops a "C" bomb or a "GD" bomb, an angel loses its wings... maybe in keeping with the WoT theme, every time Leigh curses like dat, an Aes Sedai gets spanked.

Perhaps we should make a top 10 list of the stuff that should be wrapped up in the last book?

Any takers?

50. MickeyDee
Well if it all about holidays then Happy Saturnalia to one and all. LOL! That of course would perfectly explain the feathered wings. ;)

Though if it is Aes Sedai that are going to get spanked then goddam fuck-a-truck. ......... Sorry. I didn't mean to say "truck".

But meanwhile back on the ranch topic, great idea on a top-10. Apart from reunions we should have the remnant of a remnant thing sorted out ... maybe by the almost complete anihilation of the Aiel. I have thought for a while that it would be high irony for this to refer to the Shaido. The other Aiel clans being almost completely wiped out and the remaing re-dedicating to the WoTL. (I subscribe to the "Aviendha's experience in the way-forward machine was not a locked-in future, just a possibility).

I'd also like that whole Broken-crown thing with Perrin sorted.

And the Seanchan ruling the world in peace and prosperity and spanked goddam demane Aes Sedai. Well OK, maybe only ruling a part of the world then.
51. MickeyDee
Well if it all about holidays then Happy Saturnalia to one and all. LOL! That of course would perfectly explain the feathered wings. ;)

Though if it is Aes Sedai that are going to get spanked then goddam fuck-a-truck. ......... Sorry. I didn't mean to say "truck".

But meanwhile back on the ranch topic, great idea on a top-10. Apart from reunions we should have the remnant of a remnant thing sorted out ... maybe by the almost complete anihilation of the Aiel. I have thought for a while that it would be high irony for this to refer to the Shaido. The other Aiel clans being almost completely wiped out and the remaing re-dedicating to the WoTL. (I subscribe to the "Aviendha's experience in the way-forward machine was not a locked-in future, just a possibility).

I'd also like that whole Broken-crown thing with Perrin sorted.

And the Seanchan ruling the world in peace and prosperity and spanked goddam demane Aes Sedai. Well OK, maybe only ruling a part of the world then.
John Massey
52. subwoofer
@McD- heh:)

As far as the Aiel situation goes, I have some thoughts on that topic. I am sure my ideas may not be original, but I am not about to wade through Theoryland or Tar Valon or 13D to verify this as I want to do other things with the rest of my life.

From the begining of this book we see the call to arms going out, farmers are turning their ploughshares into swords. Families are moving north, folks feel the pull of the Last Battle, know they are needed and are answering the call. I don't expect any less from the Aiel. The Aiel are a gathering of warrior societies and have to know that something is going on up north. The guy with the dragons on both arms has to be a sign of some sort, and all sorts of other events must point to major action taking place, heck, any Wise One worth her salt should be able to figure out what is happening and has pointed her clan chief in the right direction. IMHO it does not matter if all the chiefs decide to follow Rand, I just can't see the Aiel shying from battle. The Aiel hate Trollocs, Myrrdraal and the like and go out of their way to whoop baddie butt- it's almost wolf like, I see every Aiel that can veil their face heading north for the big fight. What remains is the gai'shain, moms, children and tradesmen. Perhaps the remanent sees the death of the warrior society and realizes the path of the Aiel lays in another direction. Maybe it is something as simple as that.

Meh, just spitballing at this point.

Chris R
53. up2stuff
I am kind of in agreement. Alternate path and all. Avi once told Rand in Lord of Chaos, that the Aiel ARE Ji eh toh. It is the core of who they are. I wonder if they give up en masse on Ji eh toh, i.e. Rand convinces them they have repaid their debt for failing the AS.
John Massey
54. subwoofer
My top 10 list of what I need to see wrapped up in the final book:

10. Perrin earning his "wolf king" title. 4 paws of the world- unite!
9. Can both towers black and white exist peacefully in the same world?
8. Do things hit the fan when all Seanchan people understand about Sul'dam and channeling being a learned skill, the Empress can learn to channel and stuff... hey, the Seanchan are ignorant, that does not mean they are stupid.
7. How many bad guys can there be really?
6. The reunion of the fellowship of the ring party that left the Two Rivers when this story began, especially the tripod.
5. Does the fiery toilet get flushed?
4. Thunder? Stampede? The boom of dragons? Or a Stedding of Ogier getting hold of the bowl of the winds?
3. The march of the Ogier.
2. Rand- is he a gooder or is he a goner?
1. Number one with a bullet-> Is Malkier rising from the ashes with the Man as the king?

Anthony Pero
55. anthonypero

I'm pretty sure "need" in the T'a'R cosmology = Author's need to move the plot forward.
Jonathan Levy
56. JonathanLevy
54. subwoofer

Here's my aMoL wish-list:

1) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
2) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
3) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
4) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
5) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
6) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
7) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
8) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
9) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
10) A final/fixed/permanent publishing date.
John Massey
57. subwoofer
@JonathanLevy- I get the distinct impression that you are trying to say something about the release date of the book but I can't quite put my finger on it;)

Erm... for me, IMHO I just want Brandon to take the time he needs to get the book done right. If the final date for this is a moving target then so be it. I don't want the final book coming out with time gaffs and other things that make the collective WoT community go "huh?" and then shake fists at this final work of a 20+ year odyssey. I am also hesitant at seeing the culmination of something I have been waiting for for so long. Part of me wants to see a conclusion, part of me doesn't want this to end.

Jonathan Levy
58. JonathanLevy
57. subwoofer

Perhaps I was being too subtle? :)

I'm hoping we'll get one or two books after AMOL - an encyclopedia of Jordan's notes, a discussion of the writing process of the last three books, etc.
59. Faculty Guy
Not sure that I "want" this, and maybe its been said before but just thinking about end-of-age scenarios -

There's been speculation that channeling would disappear in the next age, and that technology would take over. We've seen some glimpses of this with the steam-wagon and especially with Mat's cannons (er, dragons).

I wonder also about Mat's foxhead medallion and Elaine's reproductions of it. If such devices were mass-produced (i.e., somehow made available in quantity), together with steam-engine technology and explosives (which implies a growing knowledge of combustion and other chemistry), perhaps channeling would simply no longer be needed. (For example: if EVERYONE wore a medallion, would the Forsaken be so scary or the Aes Sedai so awed?) The Seanchan's advantage in warfare would evaporate - as it should in any case now that there is an army of Ashaman and Wise Ones who ALSO use the OP as a weapon.

Would this mean that channeling would simply slowly die out?

It's kind of hard to envision this. Even in today's real-world 21st century, it would surely be pretty cool to have Harry Potter-like powers even if only for limited use.

I DO get the sense that Jordan (and now Sanderson) have thought about the transition into the next Age. I really, really hope that we get a glimpse of it, perhaps as an epilogue to AMOL or (just maybe) a sequel book set in it!
60. Kartikeya GS
One scene I am really looking forward to is the confrontation between the new peaceful-as-the-wind Rand and Mazrim Taim. Taim by now must feel rather comfortable and secure in his darkfriend fortress and it would be fun to see him toppled by Rand. Plus, if possible I would not like any Aes Sedai in on this since it should be a score settled amongst male channelers (ala the White Tower being reforged without male/Rand interference.)

Also, I want a scene where Rand puts down the Aes Sedai and their scheming (the Cadsuane showdown in ToM was a bit tame in my book) with a crushing blow - "Lets look at the big picture, guys - I'm here to save you, so will you please take all those knives outta my back. Thanks."
John Mann
61. jcmnyu
Before The Gathering Storm, I made a list of the meetings I wanted to see happen before the end. Some have happened, most haven't. It isn't an all inclusive list, but what I personally wanted to see at that time. An 'X' means it has occurred.

X Rand/Tam
X Galad/Berelain
X Moiraine/Thom
X Rand/Moridin
X Egwene/Alviarin
X Elayne/Morgaise
Mat/Shadar Haran
Nynaeve/Dalmer Flynn
Dalmer Flynn/Suian and Leane
Verin/Moiraine/Cadsuane (Can't happen)
X Rand/Tuon
X Faile/Elayne
Setale Anan/Flynn
Birgitte/Gaidal (Horn blown)
X Egwene/Gawyn
X Mat/Gholem
X Nynaeve/Myrelle

So that's 34 meetings in three books. Some need to happen again, but
11 have happened. I think a bunch will happen at FoM.
Juan Avila
62. Cumadrin
@48 forkroot
Well let's see. Elayne and Nynaeve went looking for something that would keep the Salidar Aes Sedai from returning to Elaida.
...If we go, Sheriam and the Hall will choose the Tower whole over Rand. I just know it.” She put her hands on Nynaeve’s shoulders, and Nynaeve let herself be sat down on her bed. Elayne took the other opposite her and leaned forward intently. “You remember what you told me about using need to find something in Tel’aran’rhiod? What we need is a way to convince the Hall not to go to Elaida.”
I always assumed, like everyone else, that the girls ended up in the same storeroom where Fain recovered the Dagger in the previous book, and where Egwene borrowed the white fluted wand sa'angreal during the Seanchan raid. But I just compared all the passages that take place there and think they are different places. Or the room Elayne/Nynaeve ended up was at least. I think this is a small oversight in assumption made by many, most notably encyclopaedia-wot.

Elayne and Nynaeve ended up in a storeroom off a guardroom.
Angreal and the like were not heavily guarded; usually, when she had been in the Tower, only by a lock and a novice. The door here was made of heavy planks with a heavy black iron lock set in it. No doubt it was fastened, but she fixed it in her mind as undone and pushed.

The door swung open into a guardroom. Narrow beds stacked one atop another lined one wall, and racked halberds lined another. Beyond a heavy, battered table ringed by stools was another door, iron-strapped, with a small grille set in it.

As she turned back to Elayne she was suddenly, aware that the door was shut again.
Nynaeve even mentions the usual guard on the regular storeroom that Fain broke into one book before she and Elayne first found the Bowl in Tel'aran'rhiod! Fain never mentions this guardroom, nor the other door he would've had to pick, or the possible guards who might've been occupying that guardroom.

Now it's possible after Fain's theft/murder of the Accepted guard (note Nynaeve's different memory of a Novice guard) that everything was moved to the better-guarded room Elayne and Nynaeve found themselves in. That would depend entirely on exactly how far Alviarin went to clean up Fain's mess. I personally think they are two different rooms, one more secure than the other. In fact, we get so little detail from Egwene's brief visit during the raid that it's fair to surmise she visited a third room. There are probably a dozen or more such rooms throughout the Tower, if I were to guess. It wouldn't be prudent to keep all their One Power artifacts in one room, less their security be compromised, or at risk that some might react with one another. Plus it's reasonable to assume that the Tower has acquired more than enough items throughout its three thousand years to fill more than one small storeroom.

What this has to do with the unknown (most likely) ter'angreal Elayne and Nynaeve come close to finding with Need: not a lot :D But it adds one more clue to our very short list of what they came close to finding.

1. a (likely) ter'angreal or highly important item stored in the Tower's possession
2. stored in a higher security area than normal One Power artifacts, and even outright evil and deadly artifacts ie Fain's dagger; suggesting an item whose degree of power/significance is recognized
3. lastly don't forget what the girls 'need is a way to convince the Hall not to go to Elaida.'

My guess, as it has always been, is the Horn of Valere. Otherwise it was simply an unknown plot device mystery item to get the girls and Mat to Ebou Dar.

On the all caps voice in tEotW, you reminded me of my favorite piece of WoT literature, the Abridged Eye of the World!
Rand gritted his teeth. A sword appeared in his hand, a sword made of the One Power. "Don't... talk about... my mother!" he cried, swinging it at Ba'alzamon.


It was not Rand's thought, making his skull vibrate. Could it be... the Creator?


Rand sighed. "Okay, but try not to let me get too mopey and annoying, or people will lose interest."


Something struck him with tremendous force, turning him to jelly, and the jelly shook and screamed from the fire raging inside, the hungry cold burning with no apparent end to the string of confused metaphors about screaming jelly and cold fire.
63. dlinderholm
I am looking forward to Min meeting up with Moiraine - I have a feeling
that there is something important that Moiraine will communicate to Min
(the whole 'Rand would almost certainly fail without a woman who was
dead and gone' / Moiraine was the only viewing of hers that had ever
Considering Moiraine was cooped up with Mierin, one of the creators of the Bore, for God knows how many books, it seems likely that she may have gained some insight into either

a) Mierin/Lanfear/Cyndane which will be helpful in turning her against the dark one


b) How the Bore was created, and therefore some insight into how to seal it properly.

My personal favorite is a), but that's just because it would fit so nicely into my pet theory (which is shared by others, I'm sure) that the only reason Lanfear went over to the DO was that she was too prideful to admit that she screwed up when she made the Bore.

Of course, having her turn back to the light side would seem just a little too neat and tidy, so as nice as that would be I think it is more likely b).
64. Randall190
Ever since Matt and Tuon married, then later found out the Empress died back in Seandar, I figured that Tuon would be killed somehow (accident or assassination, or maybe by that meeting of trollocs someone suggested earlier). Not sure if I remember right, but can't a man rule, not just an Empress? This would leave Matt in charge of the Seanchan, or at least the Seanchan on this side of the Aryth ocean. Easy fix for Rand. That would fulfill the prophecy about North &East as one, South and West as one, then the two as one (something like that). I always took that as a given, and wondered why people put so much thought into tuon
Zeaun Zarrieff
65. zupreme
I want to see Rand exercise his new "holy" power just as impressively as he did the True Power. That scene with Cadsuane where he mentioned killing her with a thought was amazing.

Overall I want everyone to stop watching Rand for signs of Madness and actually pay attention to his leadership. He gets walked on quite a bit, in my opinion, to be the most powerful being (next to the Creator and the Dark One) the WoT universe has ever seen.
66. DRP
How about the brother's reunited...Galad and Rand. Then Galad dies at TG and fulfills the prophecy of Rand's blood being spilled.....just saying
67. Cosma
I haven't read this in the comments yet...
#1 scene i want to see is what Egwenne dreamed: Perrin with a horde of wolves behind him standing on a hill. That would be epic to see right before the Last Battle full on hit. I alwayse thought thats what the prophecy about the Last Battle not starting until the Blacksmith raises his hammer was going to turn out to be.
68. Elayedin
I think the tinker song has been partially revealed long ago. When Rand passed through the collomns he saw the Aiel (ancient tinkers) singing with the Ogiers to make the harvest grow (during the war of power scene). It makes sence that this is necessary again as the dark one spoils food while its in the ground and Rand can't visit every farm house. It may be that the song is actually an ultra effective song of trees (or that the song of trees is best when sung by followers of the way of the leaf). This may be the true reason why Egwene was sent to the tinkers in the world of the dreams: A starving world needs singing tinkers to feed them.
Anyway, what I want to see? Mat and Egwene stopping a seanchan attack on the tower forcing Toun to renegotiate.
69. esnips
I am so apprehensive of the book, not able to cope up with all the needed reunions, furthering the plot ,the epic TG battle/battles
and what happens after .. will Brandon Sanderson be able to accomplish all this in just one book??
70. Wortmauer
will Brandon Sanderson be able to accomplish all this in just one book??
Indeed ... he couldn't do it in one book, it got split into three. But that said, Sanderson is apparently an "outline" writer. He came up with a detailed outline of exactly what would happen in what order, polished and corrected it with his editor and Team Jordan, and when the decision was made to split the books, they rearranged it into three one-book outlines. He has said that as of ToM he was indeed about 2/3 of the way through the outlined material.

So I'm not at all worried that Sanderson be "unable" to cram into the last book all the things we would like to see. I have lots of faith that he, the editor, and Team Jordan didn't leave any major material out of the outlines they agreed on based on a shared understanding of Jordan's mind and notes. I also have faith that Sanderson has been following the outline and won't leave stuff out of it for deadline, word count budget, or other such constraints.

The real question is, how much of the stuff the fans want to see was intended to be shown by RJ and incorporated into the outlines by Sanderson and team? But whatever might get "left out" that we were hoping to see, it won't be the fault of Sanderson's writing ability.
71. AnnabelleB
Wow, lots of good stuff here.

This is the scene I've wanted to see for a while:

Rand has captured Tuon, knowing he needs to be allied with Seanchan finally, but he is proud and she is proud. He starts to throw his weight around, she is frustratingly cool and unmoved, both trying to exert their wills on one another. He loses his temper and threatens her with One Power displays of might - at this moment Mat storms in, all "That's my wife you SOB!" and hilarity ensues. Rand has a 180 and makes nice as he is so impressed that Mat finally settled down, and they get some good treaty-making done.

A bunch of people have mentioned Egwene, Tuon and Mat. Me not so much. Egwene has a bone to pick with Seanchan etc. but I can't imagine Egwene and Tuon not making friends and sitting down to a knitting-and-plotting session within about two paragraphs, all the while Mat groaning about how he'll never hear the end of it. Not so much fun. Instead, leave Mat out, bring Egwene in after Tuon and Rand have made their peace. They can talk about bringing their saidar war on against the forces of evil and hash out their differences along the way.
Rob Munnelly
72. RobMRobM
The discusssion reminds me that the scene I really want to see is the return of the CAP LOCK ON GUY from EOTW, with an explanation of what the heck is going on there.
Nikki Hayes
73. Saetana
Moraine did not "sacrifice" her ability to channel - it was gradually being drained from her by the snakes and foxes, also remember she does have the angreal which actually makes her stronger than she was before she went through the door - even with her loss of ability. Her role will be at Shayol Gul with Rand, I'd put money on it.

If Sanderson messes this up I am never reading one of his books again (joke - The Way of Kings is great!), he also says on his website that he has to incorporate a chunk of what RJ actually wrote into this final book. I think we forget sometimes that RJ only intended to write 1 more book not 3 ;o)
74. Slowrydr
Has anyone else not felt the importance of or the need for revealing things about minor caractures. Olver, isn't obvious this is Birgitte Silver Bow's long time love? He is talked about all the time, she spoke of how he was spun out prior to her being torn out of Tlelandroid, it talks about how ugly he is, how he loves horses and being around soldiers. How about the inn keeper that knows so much about Ais Sedai? I can't remember her name, but isn't obvious that she is one of the desposed Amyrlin's that was stilled? Who is the old lady stalking Avienda in the waste? Then there is the mention of the student at the black tower that Taim's goones were herrassing. It was made a big deal of that he was exceptionaly good with gateways, even though he is weak in the power. Why do you even bring this characture up so close to the end unless he will play a significant roll? I worry that there is still way too many plot lines out there for Sanderson to bring to and end without messing up somehow. I feel I will be extremely impressed or let down. We will see.
Anthony Pero
75. anthonypero
@74. This theory was discussed and debunked (and dismissed by RJ himself) over ten years ago. RJ said that while time flows differently in Tel'aran'rhiod, it never flows backwards. Therefore it's impossible for Gadial Cain to be Olver, because Olver is seven. According to RJ, whomever Gadial Cain is would have needed to be born after the last time we saw Gaidal in T'a'R.

The current leading suspect for Gaidal Cain is the ugly neworn son of one of the Ash'a'man.
76. Dr. Thanatos
I would bet that many Aes Sedai out there are hoping for us to cuss, just so they can get spanked...

Every time a bellringer rings, an angel gets his wings blowed off by a dragon?

I am holding out for Lanfear to leave a Banana Peal of Doom somewhere in Shayol Ghul with Moridin and Fain's names on it...
77. Saetana
I don't think the inkeeper was stilled, I think she was burnt out which is basically stilling yourself accidentally whilst using the One Power - they don't just let deposed Amyrlins disappear into the ether. I have a small suspicion she could have been the woman who used to study ter'angreals, the one who had the dream ring last before Egwene - she shows a LOT of interest in Mat's ter'angreal ;o)
Alice Arneson
78. Wetlandernw
Not to burst your bubble, but since Corianin Nedeal (the last known Dreamer and the one who studied the dream ter'angreal) died over 450 years ago, it's not too likely that she's Setalle Anan. Of course, the "deposed Amyrlin" idea doesn't fly at all; prior to Siuan, the last Amyrlin to be deposed and stilled was in the time of Hawkwing (about 1000 years ago) and the previous one was about the time of the Trolloc Wars (2000 years ago).

The highest probability, though not overtly confirmed that I know of, is that Setalle Anan (the innkeeper) is the name taken by Martine Janata, who burnt herself out about 25 years ago in the process of studying ter'angreal. Saetana @77, I suspect this is who you were actually thinking of, and got her confused with the other one whose work Verin had studied. Considering that both of them are mentioned only in passing a couple of times, it's easy enough to do.

I highly recommend the as a source of information for these things. It's not exhaustive, nor is it always scrupulously correct since it occasionally treats surmise as fact, but it's an excellent resource.
79. Saetana
@Wetlandernw - I think you are probably right there, I didn't actually check the information, its just what I recalled from reading the series about a dozen times. I knew the idea of the deposed Amyrlin didn't fly, simply from all the info we got about deposed Amyrlins not being allowed just to disappear and spending the rest of their lives being watched, either in or out of the tower but, yes, I made a mistake with Corianin, I just recalled there was an Aes Sedai who studied ter'angreal who burnt herself out, and the woman who previously studied the world of dreams was the first one that occurred to me.

I'm curious as to whether Nynaeve could heal Setalle, she has managed it successfully with stilling, would being burnt out differ I wonder? Although, given the full recovery of those stilled at the battle to rescue Rand when healed by Flynn compared to the partial recovery of Leane and Siuan, she would doubtless be better having an Asha'man attempt to heal her - another little storyline that I wonder whether we will get a resolution for ;o)
80. Slowrydr
Didn't Birgette not say that some times she would be spun out first and some times Gaidel would be spun out first, but always he was older than she was? I'm just going from memory, so I could be wrong.
81. Slowrydr
Does anyone know of a wheele of time art book? I have visuallized in my head what the carrecture would look like but it would be nice to see it put into color. Something from one artist, so the pictures would go with one another.
Alice Arneson
82. Wetlandernw
Saetana @79 - I keep wondering about the Healing possibility too. I was sure that there was some place where Nynaeve tried and said that there was simply nothing there to rejoin, but since I can't find it (however I search!) I must have imagined it! I have a funny feeling it won't happen, though; I think she might just say "No, I have another life now."

Slowrydr @80 - IIRC, Birgitte said that Gaidal was always spun out first, so when he disappeared she knew she would be reborn soon. On the other hand, we have Min's viewing of Birgitte with more adventures than any one woman could possibly have, and this:
"Strangely, some were connected to an ugly man who was older than she, and others to an ugly man who was much younger, yet somehow Min knew they were the same man."
This could look a bit dicey, but then RJ said Min's viewings were always future. My interpretation is that (contrary to her fear) Birgitte will continue to be a Hero and be reborn to adventures in many lifetimes to come, but that (possibly because of Moghedien's nasty trick) she will not always be the younger after this.

@81 - Well, there's "The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time" but I hesitate to recommend it as an art book because it is also commonly known as The Big Book of Bad Art. Personally, I find that I like my own visualizations better than other people's, so I avoid "fan art" most of the time. If you go to, many of the Character pages have fan images (mostly from Richard Boye and Emily Cleghorn), but their pictures and mine are generally miles apart, so I don't like them very much. (Nothing personal, you understand!)

The very best visuals I've ever seen for WoT are the ebook covers commissioned recently - they are done by a variety of artists, and IMO are phenomenal artwork. I'm not sure this will work, but try clicking here:

I think Dragonmount also has the covers in high resolution for your browsing pleasure.
83. Saetana
@Wetlandernw - I agree with you on the art question, my WoT books are a combination of the more modern cover with the picture of the WoT and the older covers with actual pictures on - none of those pictures look anything like my imagination tells me they should look. For me, the whole point of reading a book rather than watching a movie or TV is that I can imagine the characters myself, in my own head. The only movies that I would say really got characterisation right in the way I imagined it are the Harry Potter movies, where the characters are scarily close to what I could see in my head ;o)
Alice Arneson
84. Wetlandernw
Saetana - So very true!! It's almost weird how close the HP characters came to my own mental images. Hermione wasn't quite as close as the others, but the actress was such a good fit that I got over it pretty fast. :) The rest were spot on. Unlike.... virtually every other movie ever made from a book...

Have you seen the WoT ebook covers? While they don't necessarily match my own images, they really are amazing work. Can't wait to see what Michael Whelan will produce for the last ebook.

(Now I have to wonder, since I'm thinking about cover art... Since DK Sweet died before he (apparently) completed the cover art for the book, will they use his draft work to complete the set, use Michael Whelan's ebook work, or... something else? Like the new Wheel of Time logo they recently made available as wallpaper?)
85. Saetana
None of mine are ebooks so I haven't seen any of the ebook covers, I'm happy enough with the ones with the WoT on the front and each book is accented with a different colour, of course as well as having a couple of the old set I also had to spoil my 11 book run of paperbacks by buying TGS and TToM in hardback as I didn't want to wait for them ;o)
86. Demortred
I wanna see if my suspicions about Morraine and Lanfear are in fact correct insomuch as they had their bodies switched leaving Mat having sucessfully rescued lanfear while Rand is left with a vision of Morraine being pulled into darkness. It wouldn't be hard for lanfear to hide how much she can actually channel and as we have seen, the Dark One can plant his forsaken in other victim's bodies already. It's just a thought, and it was better than the one about rand going to the dark side at the last minute (Callandor held with a black hand) and killing everybody :) Basically, I just wanna see these words.. "The End" anything else is just added excitement.
87. Marsh'all
I loved reading the comments. You are all so stinking smart with this stuff. Here's an amateur's question (I've only read the series 2 or 3 times). What about Verin's book that she left Egwene? she said that she had spent her whole life studying the Shai-tan but then we never hear anything about her observations. Are we supposed to have forgotten that it existed or will it be significant? :) thoughts? keep them coming people....
Julian Augustus
88. Alisonwonderland
Forkroot @48:
Remember all the way back in the TEoTW how (apparently) startling it was that Moiraine's party found the Eye only their second day into the Blight, and well south of the Mountains of Dhoom? Also recall Someshta's astonishment that Moiraine was able to find it twice? It involved great "Need", apparently, along with a hefty dose of three ta'veren present.
The three ta'veren were not incidental. In fact, it was not Moiraine's need that brought the eye this side of the Mountain, it was the Dragon's need. Here's what caused it, underlined for relevance, from Rand's POV:
Light, what's up ahead that can scare what's behind? Light help me, I've never been so afraid. I don't want to go any further. No further! Seeking the flame and the void, he railed at himself. Fool! You frightened, cowardly fool! You can't stay here and you can't go back. Are you going to leave Egwene to face it alone? The void eluded him, forming, then shivering into a thousand points of light, re-forming and shattering again, each point burning into his bones until he quivered with the pain and thought he must burst open. Light help me, I can't go on. Light help me!
And the light answered him (not Moiraine) by bring the eye to him right there.
Alice Arneson
89. Wetlandernw
Marsh'all @87 - The only thing we've really seen from Verin's book so far, at least that was specifically attributed, was the list of BA. I certainly expect to see Egwene making use of more info in AMoL; it would be rather a waste not to. I think the reason we haven't seen much yet is that ToM was primarily about Mat and Perrin, not Egwene and the WT. In fact, I think that what we saw of Egwene's story line was only in ToM in order to support Perrin’s arc. ToM needed to have Perrin deal with Slayer and the dreamspike. In order to get to that scene and have his meeting in TAR with Egwene serve all its intended functions (for both characters), the BA hunt had to progress to the point of the meetings in TAR and the battle there. Because of that, I think the rest of Egwene’s arc, including the information she should be gleaning from Verin’s book, is reserved for AMoL and we’re only given the absolutely necessary section to match her arc up with Perrin’s. That said, I also won’t be surprised if we only get references to things she got from Verin’s book, rather than any actual scene in which she sits and reads from it.

Alisonwonderland @88 – You know, that’s a very good point. We all, including Moiraine, were lead to believe that as the leader of the tour group, it was her Need that allowed them to find the Eye, when in point of fact it was quite likely Rand’s Need. Moiraine just happened to be there. In fact, they all needed to find it, or they’d have been chomped before the story got properly going, but it was probably Rand’s express need that did it. Nice one!
90. JazzyD
Loial. I can't wait to see what he's going to bring to the Last Battle.
91. dawghornOttawa
Faculty Guy, I think the "next age" after Rand defeats the Dark One will lead to the Age we're in now... The Epilogue will tie it up nicely.

Before that happens though, I think Rand will give a resounding speech to the assembled troops from all corners of the world, including those beyond the Aiel Waste who will come to help or fight a coordinated assault on the Dark One from their end for Rand (prophecies, omens, etc. will tell them when to strike). Whatever happens, I cannot wait to read it all over and over again.

Tai'shar Manetheren!
I would like to see Moiraine walk in on rand and his three girls as they are letting him know just how they feel and how its going to be, the look on her face and then the look on his as he see's her

Then after rand finds out about matt , all three boys just pop out to get her and matt just walks in say's hi dear we need the army ok just for a bit ,have them back by tomarrow night k

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