Dec 7 2011 1:30pm’s Hugo and Nebula Eligible Stories!

Eligible content for the Hugo and Nebula AwardsNominations are open for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards and has had the honor of publishing some eligible works from fantastic creators in 2011.

The Hugo and Nebula Awards are presented each year to outstanding works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, or related fiction genre published during the previous year.

Hugo winners are selected by the members of Worldcon, but the list of nominees is voted on by Worldcon members. Voting for nominees requires a supporting membership for Chicon 7, although members from last year’s Worldcon are also eligible to nominate. You can download nomination forms here.

The deadlines for Hugo nominations is March 11, while the deadline to purchase a nominating membership is January 31. The rules are here and you may nominate up to five works in each category.

The Nebula Awards are voted on by active members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA for short). Nebula nominations are open through Wednesday, February 15, and the form is here; you must be a SFWA member, and logged in, to nominate. Here is a detailed description of how the voting works.



Shtetl Days” by Harry Turtledove
The Night Children” by Alexander Gordon Smith



Beauty Belongs to the Flowers” by Matthew Sanborn Smith
The Great Defense of Layosah” by Peter Orullian
Though Smoke Shall Hide the Sun” by Brit Mandelo
The Battle of the Round” by Peter Orullian
The Iron Shirts” by Michael F. Flynn
Six Months, Three Days” by Charlie Jane Anders
The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland — For a Little While” by Catherynne M. Valente
Lee at the Alamo” by Harry Turtledove
A Clean Sweep with All the Trimmings” by James Alan Gardner
If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold and Clear” by Ken Scholes


Short Stories

Making My Entrance Again with My Usual Flair” by Ken Scholes
The Desecrator” by Steven Brust
Our Candidate” by Robert Reed
The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City” by John Scalzi
Ragnarok” by Paul Park
Crazy Me” by James Patrick Kelly
Time Considered as a Series of Thermite Burns in No Particular Order” by Damien Broderick
Earth Hour” by Ken MacLeod
Ch-ch-ch-changes” by Michael Bishop
The Dala Horse” by Michael Swanwick
A Vector Alphabet of Interstellar Travel” by Yoon Ha Lee
Swingers” by Robert Reed
Day One” by Matthew Costello
Grace Immaculate” by Gregory Benford
Hello, Moto” by Nnedi Okorafor
Ghost Hedgehog” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Rotten Beast” by Mary E. Pearson
Glitches” by Marissa Meyer


Short Stories (Reprints)

These are stories that first appeared in other markets this year, but are eligible for 2011 awards and deserve some signal-boosting!

Shannon’s Law” by Cory Doctorow
Nine-Tenths of the Law” by Jenna Black
The Rook” by Melinda Snodgrass
Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan” by Carrie Vaughn
The Lake” by Tananarive Due
Specimen 313” by Jeff Strand
The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor” by Delia Sherman
Wishbones” by Cherie Priest


Graphic Stories

A Hugo-only category, although graphic stories may be nominated for the Nebula in existing prose categories.

The Last Mortician by Tim Hall and Dean Haspiel


Editor, Short Form

Hugo only

Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Liz Gorinsky



Hugo only

Ellen Weintstein
Yuko Shimizu
Kekai Kotaki
Dave Palumbo
John Stanko
Tom Jellett
Gary Kelley
Richard Anderson
Jonathan Bartlett
Victo Ngai
Sam Weber
Robh Ruppel
Scott Brundage
Julie Dillon
Ana Juan
John Harris
Chris Buzelli
John Jude Palencar
Jason Ramirez
Steve Argyle
Greg Ruth
Jillian Tamaki
Goni Montes
Lars Leetaru
Greg Manchess


Pamela Adams
1. PamAdams
Thanks- I'm just starting to think about nominating for Hugos.
seth e.
2. seth e.
For some reason I keep thinking of fiction as a minor sideline for, but there's a lot of great stories here. I'm not eligible to nominate for either one, so I'm just going to encourage those who are to consider "Ragnarok," “A Vector Alphabet of Interstellar Travel,” and "The Dala Horse," which were some of my favorite stories from this past year.
seth e.
3. seth e.
BTW the links for "Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan" and "The Rook" both lead to "Nine-Tenths of the Law."
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
It’s great to be able to take stock in a year’s worth of work. I have to admit, I’m proud at the breadth of artists we have been able to publish on But there are plenty of other artists worthy of consideration. Please feel free to start naming names.
Steven Halter
5. stevenhalter
A great list of stories. But, I'm not seeing that Hugo nominations are quite open yet-- On the Chicon site it says that "At the beginning of the calendar year 2012, this page will display a nomination for the 2012 Hugos,..."
Chris Lough
6. TorChris
@seth. Thanks Seth, those links are fixed now.

@shalter. Indeed. We've changed the link to the instructions.
Bob Blough
7. Bob
Two of the reprinted stories you have as eligible for awards are not. Both "Chicken Little" by Doctorow and "Journey into the Kingdom" by Rickart, while terrific stories, were first printed in 2010.
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
Thanks for the catch. We'll take them down right away.

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