Dec 21 2011 1:37pm

Sherlock Asks to Be Punched In New BBC’s Sherlock Series 2 Teaser

Martin Freeman is on a roll. Sherlock Holmes is on a roll. Steven Moffat’s Sherlock is returning to the BBC at the start of the new year. Here’s a great clip that reminds us what we’ve been missing!

1. iBeth
I am *so* looking forward to the next season! Thanks for sharing this trailer.
2. Deepali
Loved the first series, excited that the second one is so close!
Tudza White
3. tudzax1
Steve Moffat: I only made three episodes the first season and there are only three for the second season. Punch me in the face.
4. Diane_D.
I wish American viewers could see them sooner than spring! (May?)

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