Dec 1 2011 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Harrison Ford in Ender’s Game? Plus, Your Fave Non-Film Harry Potter People

Thursday is like a beautiful baby pony grazing out in the field. It could turn and kick you at any moment, so best go back inside and take a look at some fun off-site links Stubby the Rocket has rounded up for you. Plus, don’t you have some dirty socks to rescue from the Sarlacc?

Highlights include:

1.) The one-line tidbit inside of a Variety article that launched all this Harrison Ford speculation. (You know they’re talking Viggo too!)

2.) English chaps are SFF heroes.

3.) Steve Martin explains the cosmos.

4.) Vanity Fair talks about why fall is for fantasy books!

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

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1. rea
Isn't Harison Ford a bit old to play Ender?
aaron thompson
2. trench
Skyrim is an RPG not an MMORPG.

(now I am off to nit pick details elsewhere)
Joseph Kingsmill
3. JFKingsmill16
Harrison Ford as Graff & Gary Oldman as Mazer Rackham FTW!
Chris Hawks
4. SaltManZ
I can't see Ford as Graff, but he would make an awesome Mazer.
5. a1ay
Mazer Rackham's a Maori, isn't he?
Roy McCarty
6. kloud213
Wasn't Graff younger than Ford by alot, I always saw Graff as being in his forties. Ford would be great for Mazer though.
7. phaeton83
As trench said, Skyrim is single player, not an MMORPG, and the Elder Scrolls series has had in-universe books ever since at least Morrowind (released in 2002) so this is nothing new.

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