Dec 5 2011 12:25pm

Lockout Trailer Features Guy Pearce Getting Punched and Spaceships Exploding

The trailer for Luc Besson-written (but NOT directed) sci-fi thriller Lockout has arrived. Anyone else getting a Ronald D. Moore BSG-vibe from this one? Certainly seems more that than a 5th Element type of movie. Excited? Tell us below!

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Leah Hansen
1. Leah Hansen
Oooh, first time I've heard of this. I like.
Leah Hansen
2. Christiana Ellis
Very cool! I got a Serenity vibe from some of the spaceship stuff, and I always enjoy Guy Pearce. Hopefully there's some character to the story as well rather than just "Protect the MacGuffin... IN SPACE!"

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