Dec 6 2011 6:01pm

If Rockets Could Squee...

While jetting around the interwebs today, Stubby the Rocket wandered into a tattoo parlor with the intention of getting some ink done. Eventually, Stubby settled on getting a tattoo of Stubby the Rocket. (It’s idiosyncratic like that.) Little did Stubby know, author Kelly Lagor has already done it in celebration of the sale of her first story to Tor.com! (Forthcoming in early 2012.) Behold: a real Stubby the Rocket tattoo!

Kelly Lagor is a retired scientist, a current writer, and an all around pretty nifty person. We are beyond flattered by this amazing tribute to the most wonderful rocket of them all. From Kelly’s blog:

Since I’ve been wanting to get some kind of sci-fi related tattoo for a while, getting Tor.com‘s mascot, Stubby, made perfect sense. That and I friggin’ love that little anthropomorphized rocket.

Thanks Kelly! Link to Kelly Lagor’s site here.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby thinks this is just the beginning.

2. peachy
So does the tattoo Stubby have a tiny tattoo of Stubby? Which in turn has an infinitesimal Stubby tattoo? (I'm visualising something like the infinitely regressing shield design of the Nonexistent Knight here.) My god, it's Stubbies all the way down!
3. Kid_greg
I think I finally just found what to get for my next tattoo. Is that a problem, say like with copyrights or whatever?
4. John54
I'll go next! I'm kind of lack imagination and my tattoos show it, I've gotten all kinds of cliche things done, maybe I'll get stubby! Pair him with a good quote and we're good to go, just need to find some meaningful tattoo quotes to go with him.
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
You are all very welcome to tattoo Stubby any time you like. Just be sure to send us pictures!

And if you are of the steampunk persuasion, remember there is always the HMS Stubbington.

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