Dec 8 2011 1:30pm

Godzilla Christmas Tree Breathes Christmas Fire!

This is real. In a Tokyo shopping mall. Have you been naughty or nice? Doesn’t matter. Godzilla is coming to town. (via BuzzFeed)

1. TigerChanter
Pamela Adams
2. PamAdams
Perhaps we could have a Stubby tree next year?
Alexander Burke
4. aburke2435
If his eyes are glowing, doesn't that mean he's going to melt down?
Glenn Hauman
5. GlennHauman
Christmas tree shows again and again
How nature points out the folly of men.
Amber Poore
6. Razorgirl
That just made my holiday even brighter!
Oh and @GlennHauman - well done sir, well done!

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