Dec 27 2011 11:30am

Download Free Sam Weber Wallpaper for A Memory of Light

We’ve got a special treat for Wheel of Time fans: free downloadable desktop wallpaper from A Memory of Light! The wallpaper features the newly designed snake wheel from the series, crafted by artist Sam Weber (artist on the ebook edition of The Shadow Rising.)

A note for those wondering, this is not the decided-upon cover for the final book. We thought it would be fun to give fans a chance to wear their colors while a decision is being made in regards to the final cover.

Available sizes are:

2560 x 1600 - for 30-inch behemoths
1900 x 1200
1920 x 1080 - 1080p
1600 x 1200 - Non-widescreen monitors
1680 x 1050 - WSXGA
1440 x 900
1280 x 800
1024 x 768 - XGA
1024 x 600 - for netbooks like the Asus EeePC
800 x 600 - SVGA
960 x 640 - iPhone (horizontal)
320 x 480 - iPhone/HVGA (vertical)

Tor.com’s A Memory of Light coverage can be found collected here.

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1. Lang
anyone else get a 404 error when trying to access the 1920 x 1200 screen, checked a few other links and they are fine.
Chris Lough
2. TorChris
Thanks for the heads up Lang. The size was wrong in the file name. Fixed now!
3. Lang
Thanks!!!!!! Have a nice new year!
4. AGrey
Thanks for posting like a dozen copies of this, but is there a 1600x900 version?


(There's a WOT wallpaper you guys put up a few years ago - it's the wheel and serpent in brown on what looks like vellum with a celtic maroon border that i've been using for years now. Would it be possible to have that one in 1600x900, too pretty please? I'm using a stretched version of that now)
Eigor Maldonado
5. e-mann
Thanks for the free wallpaper TOR, I now have yet another great WoT background to add to my collection.
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
It's possible that we may have some ebook art wallpapers coming up in early 2012 as well... ;-)
Alice Arneson
7. Wetlandernw
Irene @6 - Wheeeeeee!!!! Thank you thank you thank you in advance!
Tina Pierce
8. scissorrunner
thank you!!!!!!
and you too Irene @6!!!!
Thomas Keith
9. insectoid
Irene @6: Yay! I would definitely like those!

I would like to add a size to the wanted-sizes list: 1366x768 (for many 15-inch notebooks).

(posting from knoppix cause my new build doesn't have Win7 yet)

Alice Arneson
10. Wetlandernw
Um.... I'm not sure how that happened. Duplicated my post from 8 hours ago? Oy. Of course, I'm still excited about both this wallpaper and the prospect of the ebook art as wallpapers, but... Oh well.

And what I really posted there was this:

I second the request for the 1366x768 resolution.
Nadine L.
12. travyl
Thank you Tor, especially that this is not "North America restricted"

@insectoid 9. and Wetlander 10.
> select 1920 x 1080, the proportions are similar to your requested resolution.
14. Hammclov
I hate to be a downer, but I could have made that cover myself on Photoshop. I was hoping for more than an icon of the WOT, even a particularly well designed one. Why not something from Jeremy Salaba?
15. Toyic
Any chance at a 1366x768?

I know, my resolution is weird.
Anthony Pero
16. anthonypero
Everyone wanting other sizes... you can get the size that is just slightly bigger and auto stretch it to fit your screen... the aspect ration won't change too much, should still look fine.
Andrew Lovsness
17. drewlovs
Very awesome, I was ready for a new background anyway. Looking at it makes me happy and sad at the same time; the beginning of the end of an era...
18. Wheezy
Would it be possible to just get the wheel image on the red background with no text? It always feels wrong to have text as my wallpaper.

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