Dec 6 2011 3:40pm

Doctor Who Christmas Special Prequel is Here!

It’s here! The mini-prequel to the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe.” We think this looks super good, in a dramatic, what-the-heck-is-going-on kind of way!

Katie Pi
1. Darth_Katie
I might've hyperventillated a little bit when I saw this headline on Twitter. I can't wait!!!!
2. VoodooLou
How is that a mini-prequel? Teaser would be a much better tag for it. Now if we could only convince BBC America to show Old Doctor Who's instead of BattleFlopGalactiwhatever.
3. PJP
Me heart Battlestar Galactica. I like the old Doctor Who's too.
A.J. Bobo
4. Daedylus
You know, Christmas is a really bad time to be on Earth in the Whoniverse...

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