Dec 22 2011 1:50pm

Actual Prometheus Trailer Is Really Here!

After a few months of snippets and bootlegs, and trailer-trailers, the real deal has arrived! The official trailer for Prometheus-the new Ridley Scott science fiction film which is sort of an Alien prequel-is here. And it looks great. Evoking typography from the 1979 Alien trailer, as well as asserting its own aesthetic, Prometheus looks to be the kind of science fiction film fans of the genre love, while also being a solid movie for everyone. Like a good trailer, this doesn’t seem to give too much away, but rather gets us excited. We can’t wait. What did you think? Tell us below!

rick gregory
1. rickg

Technical note first... the slowly emerging title letters are MASSIVELY distracting. Bad move.

The rest? Boring. Generic "They went looking around and found BIG BAD!!" Set design is stock stuff (I think they reused vehicle models from Terra Nova... ). World? Ohh it's bleak. And looks danagerous.

I get that this is a teaser trailer... but if anything I'm less enthused that before. It seems generic and the thing that hooked me into Alien was that it wasn't generic at all. He played with tropes and timing throughout the movie so that when you expected a bad thing to happen it didn't... and when you didn't expect it... sometimes it did. This looks, sadly, like Call of Duty in Space.
Bryant Durrell
2. Bryant
The slowly emerging title letters are an homage/reference to the original Alien trailer.
Nathan Martin
3. lerris
The slowly emerging letters were also a part of the opening credits to Alien.
The horseshoe shaped ship... very recognizable as the crashed ship investigated by the Nostromo Crew on LV-426.
As far as a bleak and dangerous world goes... LV-426 was barren and inhospitable.
This trailer says one thing... Alien Prequel. How did the Weyland-Yutani company know there was an alien specimen to collect in order to divert the Nostromo there? What was the Space Jockey? These are among the questions I'm looking forward to learning the answers to.
Steve Taylor
4. teapot7
Definitely promising.

I was pretty unenthusiastic when I heard there was a new Aliens related movie in the works, but this looks decent - respectful of the first two (good) Aliens movies. Hopes are up, with pessimism held at the ready, just in case.

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