Nov 17 2011 6:00pm

Your Daily Muppet of Zen

You know who loves swamps? Yoda. You know who else loves swamps? Kermit. They should fish together. Oh look, they already did.

(By Peter De Seve)

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Tudza White
1. tudzax1
When catch fish you do, hit it with stick will I.
2. MamaWolfe
But where is Golum?
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Jim Henson and Frank Oz.
Peter de Seve is brillant.
Steve Taylor
4. teapot7
Ouch! Peter de Seeve's website forces my browser into full screen mode. Damn web designers...

That is a gorgeous painting though.
5. db johnston
This picture shatters my theory that Yoda and Kermit are one and the same being (albeit a few centuries in age difference).

Although, it could be that they are from alternate realities…
6. Derryl Murphy
My son thought Pogo, but, like Gollum, he isn't green. Albert the Alligator, though, I could see him hanging out in that swamp.
7. Madeline
Peter de Seeve's website is terrible... Why the Flash, artists? Flash websites are like footbinding!

But, he has a blog! Full of neat sketches, some of which are as sweet and adorable as this one!

There is a gollum sketch there.

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