Nov 14 2011 10:23am

Watch the Full Trailer for The Hunger Games

The highly anticipated Hunger Games movie adaptation has finally released a full trailer! Get an eyeful of the first few chapters of the book and the nearly dead-on Katniss, Peeta, Cinna, Rue, and a suitably chilling President Snow....

1. Martin325345
Looks much better than I thought it would!
Herb Schaltegger
2. LameLefty
Katniss runs like a girl. *sigh* I hope they don't shy away from the brutality in the Games. That's the only way the movie will have any real emotinal resonance - the idea of teenagers killing each other for mass entertainment.
Joanna Slupek
3. Spriggana
Looks like Cinna’s creation didn’t translate well to the screen, pity
that. Still I can hope that they are keeping this one as a surprise for those who did not read the book.
Matthew B
4. MatthewB
I just can't imagine how they could possibly keep the emotional resonance of the book with a pg-13 movie. Kids die - dozens of them, brutally and horrifically. Even given our societal bias towards rating violence more leniently than nudity, this would seem to be a sticking point.

I'll probably feel compelled to see it either way, though not in the theater. I know there are scenes in there that, as a father, i cannot handle with any reasonable sense of decorum. No one wants to see an almost 40-year old man sobbing in the aisles, least of all me.
Maria Alexander
5. MariaAlexander
It seems to hit all the right emotional notes and tone, but I'm still bothered by the fact that the studio explicitly denied women of color the chance to audition for the part of Katniss, who by the book's description could have been played by a woman who was not caucasian. I enjoyed the book and maybe I'll change my mind at some point, but my conscience still won't rest.

For those interested in the controversy, here's an elegant post written by a woman of color who is also a fan:
Bernadette Durbin
6. dexlives
Ohhh man. Not sure how much I'm looking forward to this and how much I'm dreading it. I suspect it will be good—that's not the problem. The books were good. They were also horrifying and I'm not sure I'm up to facing that on the big screen.

I suspect I'm going to have to wait for video, and an opportune emotional point.
Debbie Solomon
7. dsolo
I teared up watching the trailer, thinking about what happens. It looks like it will live up to expectations.
Teresa Jusino
8. TeresaJusino
MariaAlexander @5 - while I was also a bit skeptical about Jennifer Lawrence's casting (I was rooting for Hailee Steinfeld), her performance in this trailer looks amazing. Also, let's not forget that while Katniss is described as having an olive complexion, that doesn't mean she's not Caucasian. Remember, both her sister and her mother are blonde and blue eyed. Even if her father was darker, chances are he was Caucasian too, and so is Katniss. Not all white people are pale! :) I'm a woman of color, and I don't claim Katniss. While she might have darker light skin, she's not a character of color.
David Elliott
9. dissembly
@TeresaJusino & MariaAlexander,

"while Katniss is described as having an olive complexion, that doesn't mean she's not Caucasian"

...I think the point is not that a white person got it, but that non-white actors were ruled out from the beginning.

It makes me think of Ursulu Le Guin's Earthsea books... the moment when you realise - without the author ever explicitly saying so - that the focus of the action is a non-white civilisation, and then you have to question why it is that this seems so surprising, is something really powerful that, I think, can make people think more deeply about things that matter. (And then, of course, the TV adaptation recruits an almost all-white cast without even thinking about it.)

Studios have a complicated relationship with race. But even so, @MariaAlexander, I don't think the movie itself - or the actor that was picked - should be tarred with the same brush as casting people/directors/studios that make such decisions.

I had a big problem with the casting of Sulu in the recent Star Trek as a non-Japanese person, because it felt to me that the underlying assumption was "All Asians are interchangeable" (though George Takei manages to spin it in a progressive way). But that doesn't mean that I couldn't enjoy John Cho's performance, or respect him as an actor - and he doesn't deserve the blame just for being a person within a system that has questionable attitudes toward race.

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