Nov 10 2011 7:15pm

Trailer for Snow White & the Huntsman!

Like seeing your favorite fairy tales reimagined with princesses who can hold their own? How about watching Thor get his hands dirty ala Aragorn? Charlize Theron with a very English accent, ready to become the stuff of nightmares? Looks like Snow White and the Huntsman is set to deliver:

We’re getting pretty pumped for this one. What do you guys think? Time for Snow White to get a makeover full of tough ladies?

1. Kadere
Wow. I don't really like Kirsten Stewart, but holy shit this looks like it could be incredible! I'll totally be there for this one.
tatiana deCarillion
2. decarillion
I think maybe Kristen gets a bad rap from the Twilight haters, automatically. Her acting in those films leaves a lot to be desired--she comes across as self-conscious, all the time. I think she's better than that, though we haven't had much chance to see that yet.
3. Stargazer
Yeah, wow. I hadn't even heard of this before now, and whoa does this look amazing.
Theresa DeLucci
5. theresa_delucci
Wow! Yeah, that looks really impressive. I'm sold.

I tried watching Twilight and couldn't get into it, but I thought Stewart did a good job in The Runaways.
Adam Shaeffer
6. ashaef
Yeah, seeing Stewart is in this knocked it down a peg, but it still looks cool...
Marcus W
7. toryx
Add me to those who has a hard time with supporting Kristen Stewart. I've yet to like her performance in any of her movies.

I may still give her another chance with this one though. Besides, I like Charlize Theron.
Melissa Shumake
8. cherie_2137
if this didn't have kristen stewart in it, i would be 110% stoked to see it. as it is, i'm sitting at about 75%. although it looks like charlize theron's acting could make up for stewart's total lack of ability. and you get to ogle chris hemsworth, which is nice.
Matt Ries
9. mattries37315
I've heard about this film and the other Snow White adaptation, Mirror Mirror, because of the respective stars in each one. This film seems to spread the star power around considering you have an Oscar winner (Theron), one of the biggest young actresses currently (Stewart), and one of the newest big action stars (Hemsworth) with the latter two being the title characters and Theron gets spotlighted as THE antagonist.

Highlighting Theron as the Evil Queen in the trailer is probably because Julia Roberts will be portraying the same character in Mirror Mirror. That adaptation has Lily Collins (The Blind Side and Abduction) playing Snow White compared to Ms. Stewart.

As for the ability of Kristen Stewart, I neither like or dislike her. I've heard, since I haven't read the books, that Bella Swan/Cullen as a written character is very Mary Sue-ish. Any actress portraying such a character will probably have their abilities questioned considering it is one of the main characters. Having seen at least parts of Panic Room, The Messengers, and The Runaways, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

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