Nov 29 2011 1:00pm

Tor.com Mobile Goes Live

We have streamlined the mobile edition of Tor.com. Now you can more easily read and enjoy all blog posts, series artricles, and stories while on the go... or while stuck on a train, waiting in line, toughing out dull moments in movies.... (Although try not to be That Guy at the cinema...) Carry us around in your pocket — it’s fun, we promise.

You can log in and comment, sort through stories to read, or excerpts to help find your next read. If there is anything on the full site you want to see, just click on the “full site” button in the footer.

We are new on mobile so there will invariably be some bugs. You can help us and your fellow Tor.com readers by reporting bugs in the comment section of this post.

Happy reading... wherever you are!

David Thomson
1. ZetaStriker
Hapy reading indeed.

Typo aside, I'd love to actually be helpful but my phone is a fliphone, so I'm in the stone age where all this app and web browsing technology is concerned.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
@1: Whoops. Thanks. And fixed.

@2: It's not an app, just go to tor.com on your phone’s browser and it'll pop up.
Alex Brown
5. AlexBrown
Finally! I gave up ages ago trying to access Tor.com on my crappy little 1G smartphone because it every time it would crash my phone and I'd have to forcibly reboot. Looking forward to checking out the new mobile version on the bus ride home tonight :)
6. jim162065
this apple app? what the name on itunes?
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
Hi Jim,
It's not an app, type in Tor.com in your browser and it should come up.
Irene Gallo
11. Irene
Hmm...looks like the photos are not resizeing as they should. We'll get on that.

And if you comment and get a warning notice, ignore it for now. We'll on to fixing that as well but it does not delete your comment.
Drew Holton
12. Dholton
Hmm, I don't know about anybody else, but I just get blank white when I go the the URL.
Irene Gallo
13. Irene
Can you tell me what phone you are on?
14. seth e.
It looks great for me on Motorola Droid, and the images seem to be a proper size. Woohoo!
Chris Chaplain
15. chaplainchris1
I...suppose...it looks good. I actually hate it, but I don't like change. :) I've been reading Tor.com on my phone several times a day for the last year, so logging on today to find the whole format changed was dismaying. I'm pleased to find this explanatory post, however, and an easy way to switch back to full site view. It would be nice if that option was at the top of the screen, though, rather than having to scroll to the bottom.

I was going beg for full site to be the default and mobile view to be the option (I love sites that give me options, I hate them when they make choices for me - I'm still looking at you, new Facebook). However, scanning the comments makes clear that the full site view was problematic for folks, and that this improves access for them. So, I overrule myself.

So: looks pretty good, thanks for the explanatory post, thanks for the option to restore full site view.
Adam Bodestyne
17. thanners
Just tried it quickly, so not sure if there are issues I haven't seen yet, but.. at a first glance test, it looks pretty great. (c:
Drew Holton
18. Dholton
@13 Irene

Actually it seems to be working fine today. But I use iphone 4 gs.
Irene Gallo
19. Irene
Thanks, Dholton. I'll be on the look out for other 4G-ers. Let me know if you have further problems.
Chris Hawks
21. SaltManZ
I like it so far, but it needs just two modifications to be perfect:

1) Some kind of link at the top of each post that will jump you down to the comments section. The non-mobile version has the "X Comments" link on the lefthand sidebar which is particularly handy for loooooong reread posts. Scrolling through pages and pages worth of post on a smartphone just to get to the comments is a pain. (On a similar note, a way to jump to the bottom of the comments section would be handy, if not totally necessary.)

2) A mobile version of the profile pages. I don't have Tor.com bookmarked on my phone, but I do have my profile page bookmarked so I have easy access to my site bookmarks and can see if there have been new replies to posts I've commented on. My bookmark now just forwards me to the mobile main page, with no way to get to my profile (short of escaping to the non-mobile version.)

Other than that, I love it!

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