Nov 18 2011 5:00pm

This Week’s Sights: Zombie Picnics, Beauty & the Tentacle, and Epicness

The cool part about being an art director is that it’s your job to spend lots of time looking at cool stuff. Of course, it means looking at a lot of terrible stuff, too. And the hard part, knowing the difference. And the heartache part, finding cool stuff you can’t use. But it’s still, you know, really cool. Here are a few things I ran across this week. (And maybe I’ll do it again next week.)

ZOMG zombie cuteness! Yes, I’m as sick of zombies as the next guy but not when they are this cute! I was honored to be a juror for the Society of Illustrators annual exhbition and this Scott Campbell illustration came up among the many entries. Check out his website. He has 8-bit gamer papercrafts for you!

Spectrum has released their Call for Entries poster and it’s amazing. Rebecca Guay has long done fantastic work but she’s coming into a new style that is heartstopping. (Artists, the Spectrum deadline is my birthday! Submit by January 27th.)

Okay, I didn’t see this over the week but it sticks in my head. Aleksi Briclot for D&D’s Neverwinter. It is epic. 

Dan Dos Santos, over on Muddy Colors, pointed out this Woodkin video as a “moving Sam Weber painting.” It certainly has his stark and meticulous sensibility. And then adds a huge dose of over-the-top warcry. Makes me want to run a join a punk rock version of the SCA. (Wait, wasn’t that an eighties movie staring Tom Savini?)


Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

Irene Gallo is the Art Director for Tor Books.

nat ward
1. smonkey
So that's all fine and good, but am I the only one wondering
why its all about Catholicism and the Pope?

Maybe there is some other meaning for two crossed keys
that I'm missing, but in general it means the keys to heaven of
St. Peter.

So color me confused.
M. de L'Orange
2. LittleOrangeElephant
You should certainly do this again! I can't imagine the sorts of things you run across in your job - which is a perfectly good reason to continue this. :)
Sim Tambem
3. Daedos
And why does Justin Bieber have an owl?

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