Nov 18 2011 12:42pm

This is the Face of Ender Wiggin

Ender’s Game is only just begining its preproduciton, but the film has already found its star! Today, Deadline is reporting 14-year-old Asa Butterfield has been cast as the titular character of Orson Scott Card’s immensely popular novel. Butterfield’s previous screencredits include the TV show movie Merlin, and the films Nanny McPhee, The Boy With the Striped Pajamas, and most recently, Hugo. Ender’s Game is being produced by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci and will be directed by Gavin Hood of X-Men Origins:Wolverine fame/infamy.

What do you think? Will Asa Butterfield own the part of Ender?

1. a1ay
Ender's supposed to be a lot younger than 14... but I doubt it'll matter too much.
ishmael p
2. ishimeru
Oh wow. He's going to annihilate in that role. He got me in
The Boy With the Stripped Pajamas.
3. Lironah
I can believe that face as Ender.
Chris Palmer
4. cmpalmer
Card said years ago when the film projects first started circulating that he didn't believe a proper film could be made of Ender's Game with an appropriately aged kid. Between finding a convincing actor that young and the degree of violence and the target audience for a film, he assumed it would require someone at least 12. I don't know how recent the picture above is, but if he looks like that at 14, I think it is a great compromise since he looks much younger. Good to hear that everyone appreciates his acting chops as well.
Chris Hawks
5. SaltManZ
What Lironah said. I'm impressed, actually.
Tracy Durnell
6. kaeldra
I wish we could time travel and snag Sixth Sense-era Haley Joel Osment... but since we can't, I guess I could see this kid fitting the role. Maybe it's just the picture above, but he doesn't seem innocent/gentle looking enough for Ender.
Melanie S
7. starryharlequin
I feel like every time I read news about the Ender's Game movie, I automatically assume it will come to nothing (because that's been true for so long)...
Terry Traub
8. blisterpeanuts
He's a cute kid. I'm just worried about that director. I thought the Wolverine movie was horrible.
Brent Longstaff
9. Brentus
Alternate headline: Ender's Game gets another Hugo.
10. Jexral
Dang! I know Ender should be younger (and it kinda takes away from the book to make him older), and I have no idea how the kid acts, but he is practically perfect for me in terms of appearance. I'm thrilled.
11. Stellmarine
Well, actually I don't really care if they raise the age bar, as long as the actors are good. When reading Ender's Game, the characters in my head always seemed like they were at least fifteen... Every time they threw in the actual age of Ender and his friends, I was like, huh, yeah,...
I really wanted Jacob Kogan to play this, but I guess he's too old for this now. Well, maybe I should check out the Striped Pyjamas and Hugo, to prepare...
John Fitzingo
12. Xandar01
Asa Butterfield does great in Merlin, he carries off a creepy Mordrid really well. (Most of the time he is "speeking mentaly" to Merlin, so he's got a pretty tough job conveying emotions with just looks. He does it pretty well.) Based on that, and the posibility of voice overs to convey some of Ender's thoughts, I think Asa will do fine.

Merlin is great fun show to watch. Merlin is a dork, Arthur is prat, and Uther is an idiot... I recommend it highly. It's on Netflix.
Michael Burke
13. Ludon
I'm not sure if I've seen anything with Asa in it so I can't comment on how good he might be. However. I can comment on someone else who might have been a good choice. Freddie Highmore - if he's still young enough. Don't look at Spiderwick Chronicles or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Look at August Rush. His use of expression and body language in this movie could easily be applied to Ender Wiggin.
14. TantoL
I have been waiting for so long for this movie to be made. OSC has been very particular in who he would let make this movie, so if he has confidence in the director, then we must trust him. I don't think I would want the responsibility of trying to make a legendary book like Enders Game into a movie. Thank you Card for sticking to your guns on your feelings regarding the movie. Last thing we need is another great book into a bad movie like Eragon.

Other than being too old, Asa looks just as I imagined Ender should look. While I didn't care much for Hugo, his acting was good, as was it in Merlin. He should do great.

Can't wait!!
15. Rayan
He should be younger, but he looks a bit younger than 14 and Ender is about 14 by the end of the novel, so I guess they could make it work and we knew all along they were probably going to screw with the book and make the characters older for the movie.

What's much more concerning is that Orci & Kurtzman (Transformers), and Hood (Wolverine) are attached to this. I can't imagine it not being a giant steaming pile of crap with those guys working on it.

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