Nov 7 2011 12:30pm

The Alloy of Line Has Begun!

Brandon Sanderson fans are already lining up for the midnight release of the latest installment of the Mistborn series The Alloy of Law, and signing launch party with Brandon. The hashtag is #alloyofline and people have already begun posting pictures of themselves camping out. Now the only challenge is to come up with a collective name for Misborn devotees. Misties? 

If you’re in line, get in on the action over on Twitter and post your picture. (Picture above of the Sanderson fan site 17th Shard at The BYU Bookstore.)

Eric Craddock
1. ebonecircus
Uh, I saw this on the shelves of my local bookstore yesterday and assumed it had already come out. I guess they put it out too soon or something?
2. helbel
Likewise! Was in Waterstones at lunch and they had it on the shelves. Annoying as I've pre-ordered the kindle edition!
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Sorry -- we should have said, the midnight signing with Brandon. Fixed now.
Peter Ahlstrom
4. PeterAhlstrom
We're getting reports that it slipped out a week early in a lot of UK stores, even though the UK edition isn't supposed to street until November 10th. The US release date is tomorrow.
Mark Rubeck
5. TigerChanter
I don't think that they can call themselves "Misties". Isn't it to0 close to what the MST3K fans call themselves?

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