Nov 8 2011 5:30pm

Take Your Fez to Work: 11/11/11 is Eleventh Doctor Day

Many of you may have noticed that this Friday has the honor of being a special date, numerically speaking. It only comes once a century: 11/11/11.

The Geek to Me blog over at Chicago’s Red Eye paper, has made a simple declaration for all you Whovians out there: 11/11 is Eleventh Doctor Day. Break out your sonic screwdrivers, bowties and braces (that’s British for suspenders) and dress up as our favorite Time Lord, one of the most enduring characters in science fiction history.

Then take some pictures! Geek to Me will be on the lookout for your photos: you can send them via email or put them on Twitter. Don’t forget to use the #doctorwho and #eleventhdoctorday hashtags so everyone can find them. Let’s make it a once-in-a-century holiday that we’ll never forget! (Yes, we’ll be dressing up in the office. As if you even had to ask.)

[via Red Eye Chicago]

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com and dresses up as a lot of things. You’ll see.

Herbert A Peters
1. Herbert A Peters
I wish i could do something life changing. That would be real learning to be followed up on 12/12/12
Emily Asher-Perrin
3. EmilyAP
@charmingquark - We will also accept Nigel Tufnel costumes on Friday. ;)
Kevin Maroney
4. womzilla
I have been told that the distinction between suspenders and braces in American English is that suspenders end in clips, while braces end in buttons. However, in British English, I believe that both types of trouser support are called "braces", because "suspenders" means "garters and garter belt". I also often suspect that people just make up new clothing terminology as shibboleths.
Herbert A Peters
5. Andrew S. Balfour
I don't think anyone in Canada will notice. We'll be busy with Remembrance Day.
Stephen Dunscombe
6. cythraul
Festive clothes and clothes worn for attention and/or comic effect are likely to get Frowns today.

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