Nov 29 2011 10:00am

Star Trek Book of Opposites Sweepstakes!

Now that you have seen the wonder that is the new Star Trek Book of Opposites from Quirk Books, we know you can’t wait snap up a copy for your very own. Don’t fret — there’s a three copy here waiting for you, and if you enter in the comments, you might win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) November 29, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET December 2, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Scot Taylor
1. flapdragon
My elder is a Star Wars freak who needs to be enlightened to the ways of Trek. Sign me up, please!
tapestry100otyourt could
2. tapestry100otyourt could
Scotty, sign me up!
tapestry100otyourt could
4. JC@castleruins
For the toddler, yes, of course, I'm in.
tapestry100otyourt could
6. MiriamReads
Yes, please!
tapestry100otyourt could
7. KH
Hope I win... for the little ones of course.
tapestry100otyourt could
9. Jason K.
Oh awesome, I would love this for my nephew. Thanks!
David Siegel
10. bigscary
I could use one of these myself! Sign me up!
tapestry100otyourt could
11. Carapace
Yes! Count me in! For the children! For...THE FUTURE!
tapestry100otyourt could
12. Melissa123123
My kids need this!
tapestry100otyourt could
13. Beth Anne
I would love one...but for ME!
tapestry100otyourt could
14. Doctor B.
Been a Star Trek fan since the NBC brass decided (wisely in my opinion) to take a chance on Gene Roddenberry's groundbreaking creation.

Get the kids started early, I say!
tapestry100otyourt could
15. Roardawg
Yes Please. My toddler would love it, hopefully...
tapestry100otyourt could
16. brian C
My 4 year old not only needs this but I'm pretty sure he can't live without it.
tapestry100otyourt could
18. Darth Touma
Yes Please..
tapestry100otyourt could
20. Eem
My newborn newphew, James Tiberius, definitely needs a copy!
Scott Raun
21. sraun
I have grand-daughters that this would be perfect for!
tapestry100otyourt could
22. Sandi Carron
count me in please. Thank you!
Tim Lewis
23. RaPToRFunK
I have a baby and I want to raise him to be a proper geek.
tapestry100otyourt could
24. RicJoh
Where's the form?
tapestry100otyourt could
25. Suz
OMG, Yes, please!
tapestry100otyourt could
26. george tempel
if not for me then for my young nephew!
tapestry100otyourt could
27. The Girl Nerd
OOOOoooo. My friend has a new baby, and this would make a perfect gift for her!
tapestry100otyourt could
28. Liesel
Every baby needs this.
tapestry100otyourt could
30. plainsman
BWAAhahaha, release the hounds!
tapestry100otyourt could
31. Bonnie L
Would love one!
tapestry100otyourt could
32. Jason (No, the other one)
This is hilarious! And surprisingly educational......
tapestry100otyourt could
34. Inconstant Reader
Well, this looks like a perfect graduation gift for my college-senior son. But I'll probably end up keeping it. (Does it have sexy/not sexy, with Early Kirk vs. Fat Kirk? I suppose not. I always preferred Spock, anyway.)
Ursula L
35. Ursula
Wow! My neblings need this, very badly!
tatiana deCarillion
36. decarillion
hah, I can think of two families who would welcome this as a gift :)
tapestry100otyourt could
40. TiffanyM
I would love this!!!
tapestry100otyourt could
41. Kerrie
My 10mo old needs this!
tapestry100otyourt could
42. RLBrown
This is a classic!
tapestry100otyourt could
45. Jessica Hinz
I agree with Inconsistent Reader - I always preferred Spock.
tapestry100otyourt could
46. Dan Someone
I have some friends who are having a baby in February. The father is a nice young man, but he is totally untutored and oblivious when it comes to Star Trek. This book will be a nice way for both he and his newborn daughter to learn the true way of Trek.
tapestry100otyourt could
51. Erica3
Must get this book to properly indoctrinate the next (next) generation!
tapestry100otyourt could
53. Laura Nunez
Everyone I know is having children - in the past 12 months, 3 of my friends have given birth and in the next 6 months, 5 more will too. It is up to me to ensure their children will be raised knowing the ways of Star Trek. Especially since there will be enough of them to form a landing party AND crew the ship.
tapestry100otyourt could
54. Luke F.
This is so awesome.
tapestry100otyourt could
55. Rebecca Davey
As if I'd give this to a child.
tapestry100otyourt could
56. sorrelen
My baby to be, plus my baby the husband would love it!
tapestry100otyourt could
58. Vince Dorse
Got a 3-year old nephew who's never seen Star Trek. Rather than argue with my brother, I'll just slip this book under the ol' Christmas tree.
tapestry100otyourt could
59. Dr Tuka
I want to read to children, not be a doctor.
tapestry100otyourt could
60. DT
yea Spock and Goatee'd evil Spock
tapestry100otyourt could
61. Kimber
Please enter me in the contest.
tapestry100otyourt could
62. hemisphire
Mine's 3 months old Thursday, so this will be for me. Er, her.
David Bennett
64. ergowa
I haven't started my 2-year-old on watching the original series yet, but I think she needs this book.
tapestry100otyourt could
67. ihor
owww - do i have to enter?

tapestry100otyourt could
69. emkw
This would be for the new grandchild, due any day.
tapestry100otyourt could
71. Timothy Canny
Oh, yeah, I definitely need this for my grandchildren. And I promise to keep it safe until they eventually come along in the next ten or fifteen years.
bw fenlon
72. wonderbrad2000
If I win this, my god-daughter's mom will hate me. But sooooo worth it.
tapestry100otyourt could
73. gbdax
Never mind the kids, I want this for me!
Joel Cunningham
75. jec81
My child is due in April. Please give him or her the gift of this book.
tapestry100otyourt could
76. Caroluke
I'm still trying to learn opposites...help me, Mr. Spock!
Brian Young
78. trildan
put me in... either way (from you or my own purchase) i will be reading this to my 18-month-old :-)
tapestry100otyourt could
79. mosheman
fingers crossed
tapestry100otyourt could
80. friedsky
My youngest brother has two year old twins and a 7 month old baby, and they desperately need this book so they can learn not to wear red shirts or check behind big rocks on new planets.
tapestry100otyourt could
84. rathandstorm
Enter me!!
Craig Piercy
85. cpiercy
I look forward to your beaming up (or down) the book to my location. Thanks for the sweepstakes.

Live long and prosper.
Kristen Templet
86. SF_Fangirl
Yes, please. I have nephews who must be taught to love sci fi since I can't trust their parents to do so.
tapestry100otyourt could
87. angieburrito
Good gravy, this book kicks arse. Long live Ensign Ricky! Wait...
tapestry100otyourt could
88. Timtim
Does opposite have an opposite, and if the two (opposite and it's opposite) were opposed in interstellar combat, would the universe explode. Oh, I would like to win the book too, please.
Robin Hildick
89. zabraxus
I do not have this book. I would like the opposite to be true.
tapestry100otyourt could
91. ccdsmith
Entering for all the future baby Trekkies I know!
tapestry100otyourt could
92. Linda Shoulders
Yes, please!
Topher Kersting
95. Topher
My four-year-old is a big ST:TNG fan, so this would be perfect.
tapestry100otyourt could
96. Matt123423423446
My new nephew would, I assume, love this.
tapestry100otyourt could
97. Michelle Lee
OH MY!!! Not only would the kids love it so would my husband! In honor of the 45th anniversary we are watching them as they were shown on Thursday right at 7:30.

Pick us please!!!
tapestry100otyourt could
98. matt maier
happy (with the book)
sad (without the book)
corey chapman
99. martianblues
Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor not a children's book author.
This is a wonderfully absurd idea, I love it.
tapestry100otyourt could
100. Doc Savage
Beam me one .........Pleae
tapestry100otyourt could
101. Leah Liebergen
Yes, please. Thank you.
Frank Nagy
102. fjnagy
Star Trek opposites:
Spock/Anti-Spock (McCoy?)
tapestry100otyourt could
103. DrDNA
tapestry100otyourt could
104. Abu_Casy
My five-month-old twins need this book!
tapestry100otyourt could
105. vickied
Baby kicked when I read this he's telling mummy he wants it :)
tapestry100otyourt could
106. Jill Redhand
Ok, this is just ridiculously cute. Yes, please!
tapestry100otyourt could
107. bunny0315
Live long and Prosper
tapestry100otyourt could
108. EricV
I am absolutely convinced that my 4 month old twin boys need this book in thier lives!
tapestry100otyourt could
109. J.A. Clemens
What's the opposite of "to boldly go where no man has gone before?"
tapestry100otyourt could
110. DiNA
This will be the bestest Christmas gift ever for my young nephew. Gotta get 'em started early!
tapestry100otyourt could
111. Spock with a beard
I purchased every episode of the original series on VHS when they first became available. Then got the first DVDs. Now have the BluRays. And I coerce my 4 children into watching them with me. The 3 year old likes the show best, naturally. So, she would be thrilled to get this book!
We especially enjoy the ultimate "opposite" episode - Mirror Mirror.
Rob Moffett
112. lizrdgizrd
I recently introduced my son to the Trek universe. And seeing as he's quickly becoming a strong reader this would make a great gift for him. Yes, for him. Not for me at all.
tapestry100otyourt could
113. Kirk Enthusiast
My 2 year old is ready.
tapestry100otyourt could
114. Sunjah
My nephew wants one. He just doesn't know it yet!
Charles Summerhill
115. JanusDreamer
Count me in.

Now to go home and explain to the wife why we need to have another child.
tapestry100otyourt could
116. papajack
I'm for that...
tapestry100otyourt could
118. BookLady
My husband is a big Trek fan. We have a baby due in January. He would love this.
tapestry100otyourt could
119. ratsailer
Count me.....
tapestry100otyourt could
120. iamthewind
Yes please, I would like one.
tapestry100otyourt could
I have a 2year old and 9month old nephew that really need this book. Pick Me Please!
tapestry100otyourt could
124. Laura30
My husband would love to share this book with our 1 year old!
tapestry100otyourt could
125. Mikey36
Treky Time.......
tapestry100otyourt could
126. ellycookie
This could not be finer
tapestry100otyourt could
127. Geameade
Please count me in!
tapestry100otyourt could
128. Anna F
Christmas present for my father? Done. We are both year old Trekkies at heart :)
tapestry100otyourt could
129. SueRed
Please and Thank you.
tapestry100otyourt could
133. Patricia Lupien
I'd love to read this to my little girl.
tapestry100otyourt could
134. C.J.
This would make a great gift for my Trekkie niece's new baby!
Andrew C.
135. superhombre
how else will my child learn what's important in entertainment?
tapestry100otyourt could
136. Bob Sawyer
Just exactly what I need to make my wife roll her eyes at me (again). :-)
tapestry100otyourt could
137. canuckduck72
This is "highly irregular" and just the kind of education every toddler needs. (Plus a little pop culture can't hurt.) When's the Trouble With Tribbles pop-out comming out?
tapestry100otyourt could
139. bethie71
yes, please!
tapestry100otyourt could
141. Ken M
Just another greedy individual
tapestry100otyourt could
142. James Kenison
I'd love it.
tapestry100otyourt could
143. Rob T.
My 2-year-old niece would love this book, and my 9-, 10- and 18-year-old nephews would love reading it to her. Enter me, please!
tapestry100otyourt could
144. Roteshemd
Entered, thanks.
Cathy Mullican
147. nolly
I have a new nephew and a new honorary niece, and they each have just-turned-three siblings. They need this book. :)
Britt Lindley
149. proxier
My wife and I are having our first child in January, and this book is a PERFECT way to inject a little bit of sci-fi into what is rapidly-becoming a very, very pink and purple little girl's nursery. :)
tapestry100otyourt could
150. rogueeditor
A perfect companion to the Star Trek Monopoly game I'm giving a friend this year, who LOVES Star Trek and just had a new baby boy! Not Entered/Entered...
tapestry100otyourt could
151. 10heidilewis
Who would get it....the 58 year old baby or the new nephew?
Kiwi Carlisle
152. mantelli
Hey, there's a future Academy graduate lying cooing at the ceiling who needs a copy of this really badly!
tapestry100otyourt could
154. Jan Ackerson
Christmas would be AWESOME if I won this book.
Ruthanna Emrys
155. R.Emrys
So much better than the one he's got now that starts with "boy" versus "girl."
tapestry100otyourt could
157. Rick Spears
Awesome book!
I wonder if there's a Lokai/Bele comparison?
tapestry100otyourt could
158. Matthew Carpenter
It's logical that I win
tapestry100otyourt could
162. Beth Cato
I NEED this book. And a cup of Earl Grey. Hot.
Rebecca Smith
163. smithbecca
Looks like a wonderful book! Sign me up! Thanks!
tapestry100otyourt could
164. Shelley with an E
Shatner's face on the cover is just priceless.
tapestry100otyourt could
165. Roben Closs
The perfect gift for my new granddaughter!
tapestry100otyourt could
166. iBeth
Please sign me up!
tapestry100otyourt could
167. Redskinslvr
Wow...I grew up watching the re-runs, but have lived the dream ever since. Cheers!
tapestry100otyourt could
168. Steve L
I've got two nephews that could use this.
tapestry100otyourt could
169. Howard L
Too dman cute!
tapestry100otyourt could
170. BaronGreystone
Finally, an Original Series item that I don't yet own!
tapestry100otyourt could
171. LexiLibrarian
Oh my baby NEEDS this book! Thanks for the chance!!!
tapestry100otyourt could
172. christyjan
Yes! please
tapestry100otyourt could
173. SamCooke
Sign me up, please.
tapestry100otyourt could
174. Linda McFarland
I would luv to win a copy of the book in paperback or hardback of 'Star Trek Book of Opposites'...sounds sooo good.....babyruthmac16@yahoo.com
tapestry100otyourt could
175. Kieryn
My kids would love this! So would hubby and I! ^.^
Curtis Chen
176. sparCKL
My niece turns two years old in February, and she definitely needs one of these. :)
tapestry100otyourt could
177. oonagh
i've got too many babies in my life right now that would appreciate this.........
tapestry100otyourt could
179. MAK
Live long and prosper.
tapestry100otyourt could
181. JonWestbrook
My three year old is ripe for learning opposites, and what better way than with Star Trek.
tapestry100otyourt could
182. PatrickT
Win-Lose. I'll take Win! Look forward to seeing this book!
tapestry100otyourt could
183. JohnMcCartney
I am a Star Trek baby! Was raised on this and many other great shows before TV was color!!
tapestry100otyourt could
184. Nancy S
I,too, grew up with b&w TV. My favs were Star Trek & Twilight Zone.
tapestry100otyourt could
185. klreed
This could be the book that finally convinces the kids of the utter coolness that is Star Trek!
tapestry100otyourt could
186. AlamoAl
I'm anxious to my my grandson a trekie :)
Tracy Thompson
187. TracerRacerX
If commenting is registering, then consider this my registration. I know an 18-month-old who NEEDS this. NEEDS, I SAY!
tapestry100otyourt could
188. Vaga
Opposites attract! So if I'm negative I'll win one??? Nah, I'll admit I'd love to win one ;-)
tapestry100otyourt could
189. C Apodaca
It's never too early to introduce your child to the wonders of Star Trek. :-)
tapestry100otyourt could
190. ladychy
Oh, this is awesome! Just in time for Christmas!
tapestry100otyourt could
191. pjs
reading is fundemental
tapestry100otyourt could
192. Yakov
Whether or not I win, I NEED to get this for when I have my own kids. They'll need to be raised properly, after all.
tapestry100otyourt could
193. redfox60
To infinity and beyond, we all must go where no man or woman has gone. MUST keep Star Trek ideas going as we have now reached the ages mentioned in the series. So beam me up to collect a copy
tapestry100otyourt could
194. CarloShmarlo
OH - OH - OH! I gotta have it! Puleeze!!
tapestry100otyourt could
195. Janet Robinson
I want to win this for the children's dept. at our public library! In the ref. dept. here, there's a large round lighted ceiling panel over the ref. desk & shaped just like the Enterprise.....we often think we're in a Star Trek fantasy even though the library itself is an old restored schoolhouse....
tapestry100otyourt could
196. Lyshaara
I love this! Please enter me in the drawing!
tapestry100otyourt could
197. george ashmore
My daughter hasnt seen much of the REAL Star Trek--she needs this.
tapestry100otyourt could
198. MikeM
This is just too cool!
tapestry100otyourt could
199. PerfectlyValid
This looks awesome! I must have one.
tapestry100otyourt could
200. RebeccaL
My brother is expecting his third child and this would be the perfect gift!
tapestry100otyourt could
201. CyborgAbeLincoln
My 2-1/2 year old has a pretty good handle on the TNG crew (Data is funny, Worf has a funny forehead, etc). But I think she could use this to round out her education.
tapestry100otyourt could
203. PCKReese
Oh I simply must have one! I grew up on Star Trek...time to get the grandbaby off to the same fine start :) What a cute idea. Thanks
Erin Hartshorn
204. ErinMH
Oooh, how absolutely lovely. Please pick me?
tapestry100otyourt could
205. WildAboutBones
Any Star Trek fan would love to have this. I know I would love to win it!
tapestry100otyourt could
206. Melissa R
I doubt they had to think too hard to find opposites in Star Trek! Much fun!
tapestry100otyourt could
207. Britt, Book Habitue
Totally need this. For brainwashing purposes. ;)
tapestry100otyourt could
209. MFields
My three young grandsons need to be initiated into the Star Trek experience. Exposure to science fiction should begin early and occur often!
tapestry100otyourt could
211. ValerieJH
Great way to introduce my granddaughter to Trek!
tapestry100otyourt could
213. Kristen M.
I know a couple who needs this as a baby gift -- though I'm sure that their baby will be a big ol' nerd without my help!
tapestry100otyourt could
214. NancyB
Here's to starting the next generation of Trekkers!!!!!!
tapestry100otyourt could
215. Peggy R
My Husband is a life-long Trekkie, and has been trying to convert me since before we've been married (28+years). He has a badge with Captain Kirk (his hero), hanging on the wall where he sits. He has wallpaper of the Enterprise on his cellphone. He has a communicator that says "beam me up," and he uses it on me, sometimes for a joke, sometimes when he's frustrated. If that doesn't make me deserving of getting him a Christmas present, I don't know what is. Please help me win this book for Him!!
tapestry100otyourt could
216. Pam Austin
Wow! What an awesome idea. Last year my daughter watched DVDs of every Star Trek episode from every series in order. Yes, she's a geek. I hope my grandkids will be trekkies, too. Getting this book would be a start in the right direction. I'd love to win it for them.
Patti Short
217. Mayam
Oh puh-LEEZE, pick me?!? This would make a wonderful gift.
tapestry100otyourt could
218. Else Ayala
sign me up! I love it!
tapestry100otyourt could
219. Sherrie
I still remember the original Star Trek shows with Spock and have watch all of those, the remakes, etc. Good films for the days they were made. Also saw the Star Trek in Las Vegas. I would really enjoy this!
tapestry100otyourt could
220. Kathy Vogel
Beam me a copy warp factor ten , please
tapestry100otyourt could
221. zappa56
Show pity....Just listened to Shatner's complete "Seeking Major Tom"
and strangely enough..... I will again!
tapestry100otyourt could
222. Moridin77
You can beam this book to my cooridnates.
tapestry100otyourt could
223. xnz
I might be 28 minutes late? If not I have a 1.35746606% Chance of wining...
tapestry100otyourt could
224. xnz
well... I had... always funny when somone posts when you are typing something that is post # senstaive :P
tapestry100otyourt could
226. Doreen
This is fantastic! Great giveaway.
S Tieh
227. infinitieh
Yes, count me in! I've always like Spock!
Louis Wilson
228. louiswins
This looks awesome! Put me in this drawing! Reminds me a little of Lemony Snicket's excellent childrens book 13 Words.
tapestry100otyourt could
229. Mary Holden
I have been a Star Trek fan from day one. All my brothers and sister were hooked. I got my nephew and his wife hooked. Now my sister-in-law's daughter,and son, have joined me in the local Star Trek club. The little girl is 8 years old, and would love this book! Please enter me in the drawing!
tapestry100otyourt could
230. cliftonmoore
This looks like a great book. I really would like to win a copy. Thank you.
tapestry100otyourt could
231. cliftonmoore
I keep going in circles looking for the form to fill out. This looks like a great giveway and I would love to be included but cannot find the form anywhere. Is there a secret to this one that I am missing.?
tapestry100otyourt could
232. BeVibe
I'm in - I need this great book!
tapestry100otyourt could
233. TMStewart
How completely irresistible. Thanks!
tapestry100otyourt could
234. skylark80
How could I not need this book???
tapestry100otyourt could
235. Rita Daniel
Awesome sweeps! Thanks!
Jeff Quest
236. jquest922
My 18 month old son that carries around his Captain Kirk bobble head would love this!
Ed Starback
237. Azriel_S
My child needs to know the StarTrek way.
tapestry100otyourt could
238. insectivorous
No kid, but I had a deprived childhood and never learned these things myself. Save me from the virtually-certain juvenile delinquency that must result! Send me a copy, before it's too late...
tapestry100otyourt could
239. Brian B
My friends baby just turned two. Time to indoctrinate!
tapestry100otyourt could
240. R.F.Hack
...To Boldly Compare what No Man has Compared Before...
tapestry100otyourt could
241. Phoenix
This looks like a hoot! Sign me up.
tapestry100otyourt could
242. Michelle Minor
I personally don't have kids right now, but my friend has a new baby girl and her and her husband are huge Star Trek fans. I would love to give them this for Christmas :) Thank you for the opportunity!
tapestry100otyourt could
243. kathyp
i'm in, sign me up
tapestry100otyourt could
244. MichelleF
Never mind the kid, *I* need this! Okay, I'll share...
tapestry100otyourt could
246. Rashmi
Ha! My kids (both toddlers) will have a blast with this! Count me in. Thanks.
Juan Avila
247. Cumadrin
count m-

"Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET December 2, 2011."

sad face
tapestry100otyourt could
248. Darcy Sharman
My 20 month old daughter watched the entire TOS run in utero and was born quirking one eyebrow. Needless to say we need this book for her!!
tapestry100otyourt could
249. ataratics
I'm just curious what exactly a "three copy" is? It sounds very exotic and other-worldly. Is it some cryptic reference to an Aldebaran serpent? Perhaps as a bonus opposite to the Crytalline Entity: Many heads... No head. Okay, enough of the hurtful geek sarcasm. My apologies. --Kling akhlami buhfik

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