Nov 12 2011 10:20am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “War Story”, “Six Little Jungle Boys” and “Dachau Near Munich”

War Story: Aardman animation did several short films based on recorded interviews, this is one recalling life in London during WWII. (5:13 minutes)

Six Little Jungle Boys: Private SNAFU wasn’t the only animated character to go to war. Here, six of his British counterparts have to worry about mroe than just enemy soldiers. (8:45 minutes)

Dachau bei München (Dachau Near Munich): A brilliant and unexpected film, it takes you where you expect, but not when, which makes it an entirely different place.


War Story
by Peter Lord


Six Little Jungle Boys
by Halas & Batchelor


Dachau bei München (Dachau Near Munich)
by Frederik Ring

I couldn’t embed this short, but it is more than worth your time to click through to the filmmaker’s site to watch it.


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Steve with a book
1. Steve with a book
Very nice links, thanks. One correction re War Story: the narrator's accent, and his references to Patchway and the BAC, imply that the location is Bristol (Aardman's base of operations), not London.

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