Nov 5 2011 10:10am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Carmen – Habanera” and “The Monk and the Fish”

Carmen / Habanera: An excerpt of Bizet’s famous opera. (3:51 minutes)

The Monk and the Fish: A monk can’t resist the temptation of fishing. (6:22 minutes)


Carmen / Habanera
by Aleksandra Korejwo


The Monk and the Fish
by Michael Dudok De Wit

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René Walling is a fan of SF, animation and comics, this has led him to co-chair Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon, be involved with fps magazine for more than a decade, write reviews of francophone short fiction for The Portal, and start Nanopress, a Canadian small press. He looks forward to living on Mars where he would benefit from having more than 24 hours in a day.

2. Strigophilia
I love that the thread title is "Hanabera" :-). It made me wonder if the video was going to reference Hanna Barbera.
René Walling
3. cybernetic_nomad
That would be a typo (which I fixed)

But some Hanna-Barbera Cartoons might be a food idea in the near future...

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