Nov 4 2011 11:12am

Latest Peter Jackson Video Blog from the set of The Hobbit!

The latest dispatch from Middle Earth is here, with plently of nifty behind-the-scenes footage of the in-progress filming of The Hobbit! Peter Jackson and company talk a lot about shooting the movie in 3-D, but along the way we get some little glimpses of  actual scenes from the movie.  (Check out Martin Freeman/Bilbo shenanigans with a bunch of dwarves towards the end!)

Diana Ilinca
1. Diana Ilinca
I admit...I cried like a twelve year old girl while watching this.
Joseph Kingsmill
2. JFKingsmill16
As awesome as this is I refuse to ever see this movie in 3D. The LotR trilogy was perfect without 3D and so will the Hobbit Duology.
Lauren W
3. laurene135
As much as I despise 3D (except as a stepping stone towards something greater) this intrigues me. They seem to be taking 3D seriously--not just making the movie "3D" after filming, and using the right distance between the two cameras. I also love the idea of 64(?) frames per second. Looking forward to seeing it!
Joseph Kingsmill
4. JFKingsmill16
Well unfortunately it will mean that the films will be dark (brightness wise). The ONLY reason they want this filmed in 3D is to milk another $5 to $10 per ticket sold from us. I enjoyed seeing Avatar in 3D but in the end it really wasn't worth the extra $5 plus a headache. I would have enjoyed it just as much in 2D.

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