Nov 9 2011 10:29am

Katniss Takes Aim in New Hunger Games Photo+Vote for Jennifer Lawrence!

As reported by Den of Geek, there’s still no full trailer for The Hunger Games, but this new picture was released last night featuring Katniss showing us who’s boss. The teaser trailer debuted back in August, and with the film coming in March, we should be expecting a full trailer any day now! (News via Den of Geek. Picture via Business Insider)

In related Katniss news, Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for a People’s Choice Award! Details on how to vote for her over on Down with the Capitol:A Hunger Games Fansite.

Laura Matthews
1. Laura Matthews
Except if she holds the arrow like that when she releases, she's going to rip her finger off. Or at least get a nasty splinter. And, what is she looking at? She's aiming way below her line of sight.

But the jacket is hot.
Laura Matthews
2. euphbass
The previous commenter beat me to it - no true bowman or woman would ever hold a bow like that. The number of films and TV shows where I've seen a longbow held and drawn correctly could probably be counted on half of one hand, and that includes pretty much all adaptations of Robin Hood I've seen. It's always so disappointing and really ruins any appreciation of the film or show being a decent quality production. If they can't get simple weaponry right, what chance is there they've spent time or effort on getting anything else right?

You draw the bow with the tips of the first three fingers, generally back to level with your ear, such that the string is right at your cheeckbone. Usually, the first finger would be above the arrow nock and the second and third below. The hand holding the bow should be solid, with no stray fingers pointing anywhere and the arrow above the hand, preferably on a rest to stop the skin being torn off your knuckle, or if not, at least with a thin glove. Miss Katniss here fails on all counts.
Laura Matthews
3. Archergal
What euphbass said, mostly. There are bowstring grips other than one finger above/two below the arrow, but that's the most common. Pointing your finger where you want the arrow to go does NOT usually work. Neither does resting the arrow on your wrist rather than on your knuckle (assuming you have no arrow rest.) If you have a primitive bow without an arrow rest and no glove, the fletching will often scratch/cut your hand as it passes over it. Ask me how I know this.

/archery wank

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