Nov 30 2011 3:08pm

Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker to Shake Up Cinemas

Variety has just reported that Tor Books’s very own Boneshaker is headed to the big screen. Cherie Priest’s steampunk novel has been picked up for production by Cross Creek Pictures, Exclusive Media Group, and Hammer Films.

Boneshaker is the first title in the Clockwork Century series and is followed by Clementine, Dreadnought, and the recently released Ganymede. (Two more books are due in this series: Inexplicables in 2012 and Fiddlehead.)

No word yet on casting or a release date. With this news comes the question: Is Boneshaker poised to be the first high profile steampunk film? Will its release be considered a benchmark for the subgenre’s growth?

You can read an excerpt from Priest’s Dreadnought here.

Angela Korra'ti
1. annathepiper
OMG. That's wonderful news. I love that book so much and will be delighted to see a movie version!
Steven Cole
2. scole66
Wasn't "The Golden Compass" a high-profile steampunk film? Or was that not steampunky enough for (And how about "Hugo"? That one seems steampunk-ish from the trailers... And even "City of Ember" had a steamy vibe.)
Rob Blake
3. Rob Blake
It'll be pretty decnet as long as Cherie herself is a part of the production as Geo. R.R. Martin was for GoT and Rowling was for HP.
Alex Brown
4. AlexBrown
@scole66: None of the films you mentioned have been either marketed as Steampunk, targeted toward the Steampunk community, or written/created as part of the (sub-)genre. They may have some of the trappings, but they weren't full-on with it. Cherie Preist's books are hardcore Steampunk, with a dedicated following of Steampunkers, and will have to be marketed as such. That is what makes it the first of its kind.
Steven Cole
5. scole66
@Milo1313: *We* might consider Boneshaker a steampunk novel, but will the trailers push that? Hardly. They'll push zombies, a walled Seattle, and airships. I'll be pleasantly surprised if the word "steampunk" is used in any marketing communication, but I doubt it will appear.

Seriously: Boneshaker is a good enough story that it really doesn't need that moniker anyway.
Dirk Walls
6. dirk
That remake of Wild Wild West with Will Smith had quite a bit of steampunkish stuff in it. Still sucked though.
Jack Flynn
7. JackofMidworld
You have no IDEA how much I'm looking forward to this. The book was awesome, the series is awesome, and, if they do it right, the movie will be outstanding!

Also, side-note, the whole steampunk genre seems to be on the upswing, so, yeah, they'll definitely market the zombies, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll push the steampunk, too.
Ay-leen the Peacemaker
8. Ay-leen_the_Peacemaker
I'm thrilled to finally hear that this book got green-lit. Looking forward to seeing this process unfold :)
Rob Blake
9. Keithrc
I'd call both Wild Wild West and League of Extrodinary Gentlemen high-profile steampunk films.

I think a better question would be, "Is Boneshaker poised to be the first good high profile steampunk film?"

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