Nov 3 2011 11:35am

Amy Pond Must Die! (Says Karen Gillan)

In recent conversations with The Mirror and on The Graham Norton Show Karen Gillan has indicated that the next season of Doctor Who could be her last. And if her character does depart, then, according to these interviews, she thinks death is “an option.” In thinking about the patterns of the Russell T. Davies era of Who, it makes a certain amount of sense that both Amy and Rory will be leaving the Tardis sometime soon. New companions are good because they mix things up in exciting ways. But having a companion actually die can be heartbreaking! Even though Rose claimed to be telling the story of how she died, and Donna kind of “died” by losing all her memories, both of these companions are still breathing. If Amy Pond were to really bite the dust, it could be a brand new moment in contemporary Who. (A companion hasn’t actually died since Adric way back in the 5th Doctor episode Earthshock!)

What do you think? When the time comes should Amy asked to be dropped off at her apartment on Earth or should she be vaporized by a horrible Dalek death ray? Discuss!

2. rogerothornhill
(a) I think KG has no idea what the Moff has in mind. After those last few episodes, how much could Amy and/or Rory come back anyway?

(b) I can't see Amy having a tragic death--I mean, other than old bitter Amy in "The Girl Who Waited."
Jeff R.
3. Jeff R.
I can see Amy an episode set in 2080 or so. That's the sort of thing Moffat might do.

I really, really, really hope, though, that next time around we can see a modern who companion who comes from some time other than the present and some place other than Great Britain. (And if I can only have one of those, I want the different time.)
Ryan Britt
4. ryancbritt
@3 Jeff
The notion of a companion from another time is a great idea! Maybe someone from Mad Men? :-)
Jeremy Goff
5. JeremyM
Amy has been my favorite companion so far, but that may be because I just started watching Doctor Who recently. Having said that I could get behind them killing off Amy as long as it makes since narratively. There's nothing as powerful for me than when character I really like is killed off. On the flip side there's nothing I hate more than when they do that and it doesn't make any sense.
Jeff R.
6. Rayne
I think death would lend a lot of credence to all those "EXTERMINATE!" claims the Daleks keep making.
Jeff R.
7. JeffR60
I think it would be a huge burden on 11 if he was unable to get Amy sorted out and she died. He's already somewhat fragile with guilt and self-loathing. I'm not sure he could handle it. I also don't think lovely daughter River would allow mummy to die. Though, the hell to be paid when River comes to call would be television worth watching.
Tim May
8. ngogam
Note: the actress's surname is "Gillan", not "Gillian".
Ryan Britt
9. ryancbritt
And we have a time machine! (Thanks ngogam)
Jeff R.
10. Muswell
Of course a companion's died since Adric. Rory's done it loooooooads of times. Just because he keeps coming back (yay!) doesn't mean he hasn't died. Especially the first time.
Alex Brown
12. AlexBrown
I vote Amy die before the season premiere. Maybe The Doctor can ditch Amy for the vastly more entertaining and interesting Amelia. Because Amy is gorram pointless.
Kevin Connolly
13. Cross777
Someone needs to remind Karen that River Song died in her first episode and that didn't stop her coming back again and again :->

Killing Amy and/or ( permanently) Rory is not a good idea.
Jeff R.
14. AlBrown
Maybe she could die in the first episode of the next season, and then as the season unfolds, we get to find out how she cheats death (er, um, come to think of it, never mind...).
Ursula L
15. Ursula
Killing off Amy would be a horrible thing to do to Rory. The man waited 2000 years for her! As he told older-Amy, they should grow old together.

But with Amy and Rory having a timey-whimey relationship with their daughter as well as with the Doctor, I could see, perhaps, having an episode set in their old age, when the Doctor and River come to say goodbye after they've lived a long and peaceful life.
Odette Mohammed
16. odettem
I've never been a big Amy-fan but I wouldn't like to see her die. Let her and Rory live a long and happy life, with children and grand-children and the occasional non-Doctor related timey-wimey adventure.
Ryan Britt
17. ryancbritt
@All What about a ganger Amy dying? Would this make Karen happy? What about people who don't like Amy? People who do like Amy?
Kristen Templet
18. SF_Fangirl
NO! The Doctor has had too much tragedy in his life recently. Actually losing Amy and having to watch Rory react to that would be too much guilt. I don;t want or need a really dark Doctor. Honestly Amy and Rory have had enough tragedy in their lives with the now apparent loss of their daughter because of the Doctor and the Tardis. They loss the chance to raise her and watch her grow up (knowing that she is their daughter).
Jeff R.
19. Raskolnikov
Anyone else struck by the tone of this discussion so far? Heavy, heavy focus on what Amy dying would do to impact the Doctor and Rory. Our strong female protagonist, everyone, and our enlightened post-sexist fandom discourse!

On the main question, it's really past time to write off Amy and Rory permanently, "The God Complex" worked fairly well as an ending, and the larger storyline seems to have been accomplished. Of course the increasingly uncomfortable way that she was written in the last season made that a lot more palpable. I'm opposed to killing her off, the threat or reality of death would be distasteful and likely sensationalist.

Now let's get to the more pressing issue of when substantial rumors of Moffat's departure start surfacing, and we can anticipate possibly having a show producer who doesn't believe he's transcended the need for narrative coherence.
marian moore
20. mariesdaughter
I could see Amy's death done as Claire Fisher's death was done in "Six Feet Under". Lots of sentiment and lots of open space for stories that novels oculd fill.
Jeff R.
21. shelleybear
I've ben lobbying for Clyde Langer as a new companion for months.
Jeff R.
22. Kenneth G
Amy doesn't need to die, no heart touching sacrifice or poignant death. Here's a better thought... Amy becomes the enemy. We need a soul croushing scene of Amy stiking a blow at the heart of The Doctor, and then walking away, perhaps as a companion to the Black Guardian, or better yet... The Master.

"I loved you, Doctor... I really did. I loved all my boys. But I've seen what you really are, the real you. You're not human, you're an alien. We're just pets to you, toys to keep you entertained. Susan, Rose, Ace, Donna, Leela, Jack, Adric... Sarah. Even my own daughter. All shiny little toys to be played with roughly then toss to the back of the cupboard when a new prezzy comes along for L'enfant terrible to destroy next.

Well, No more. I waited for you to be the hero I say as a little girl, but I'm through waiting, Doctor. I'm finding out the reality behind OZ. HE's going to pull pack the curtain and let me see the little man before he became all 'great and powerful." A irresponsible brat that thinks he's greater than all of us, al the while being nothing more than a broken down side-show huckster who stole a balloon and pretended to be a god.

But don't worry, because when I'm done. When I've figured out what all the buttons and levers and pulleys do. I'm coming back Doctor. I'm coming back to kick open that cupboard and little all the broken littles toys come out again.

And then we'll deal with you."

As Amy storms out, the Master stops and adjusts his gloves, not actually looking at the Dcotor as he stands in shock.

"Oh Doctor.... I have to say, you've done a man's job with this one. I think I'll keep her."
Jeff R.
23. Leotrak
@Kenneth: intruiging concept, heh. Still, I'm on the side of "DO NOT WANT" when it comes to Amy's and/or Rory's lives ending... No more Tardis hijinks, fine, but at least let em live (relatively) normal -_-"
Jeff R.
24. HPDW
YES! I want Amy Pond to die! I think she is the worst thing that ever happened to Doctor Who! The only bad thing about her dying is that there will be no more Rory! :( And i NEED him! But you know sho i need more? ROSE TYLER! Rose NEEDS to come back! She is the best thing that ever happened to Doctor Who! YOU HERE THAT STEVEN MOFFATT?!?!?!?! BRING BACK ROSE TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HER!!!!!!! Or i will cry :( (Which i have been doing ever sing Rose died for your information!)
Jeff R.
Oh yes yes yes Karen Gillan thank you SO MUCH for saying Amy must die! I honestly HATE HER SO MUCH! But i do indeed want Matt Smith to stay because he is very good looking and also the best Doctor in Doctor Who! ;) Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Amy needs to die and Rose Tyler MUST come back! I agree with HPDW the person who commented above me! Rose is the best companion ever and Steven Moffatt does need to bring her back!
Jeff R.
26. dloc
Yes Amy needs to die in a way that would cause an episode were the last three doctors come together.
Jeff R.
27. Midnight
On Amy and Rory:
I don't want them do be killed; but if Moffat does kill them, I think it needs to be in a WHOLOCK episode and someone from SCOTLAND YARD needs to kill Amy first, and have Rory go on a crazy vengeful rampage that will get him killed (but hint his death).
For next companions:
What if Moffat brought Jack Harkness and Jenny back?
Everybody (that I've asked) said they would love to see the gorgeous omnisexual mand to come back to flirt with other aliens.
And they also demanded that Jenny returns too because SHE'S THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER!!! She didn't actually die, she regenerated!

Have River as the new companion (so they go on the adventures that they've mentioned), and they go visit Amy and Rory in the future (where they grew old together) where they die peacefully and the Doctor buries them on another planet. Then, enter Jack who is married to another Time Lady named Jenny.

12 - Rhys Darby
13 - David Thewlis
Jeff R.
28. Amy-fan
NONONONONONONONONONNOOOOOO AMY CANNOT DIE!!!! It will break my heart into a million peices. She is so strong, funny, beautiful, and damaged. How could naybody ever be as good as her? Rose was as good, but since I doubt moffat will bring her back... I grudgingly allow that it's time for a new companion, but Amy should live happily and recive visits from time to time.
Jeff R.
29. crystalwilson12
No amy should not die she is the best person the doctor has had travilling with him she should return back to earth cause all so she has rory and it will be heartbreaking
Jeff R.
30. Harry Old
No Moffat can't let Amy die! It is heartbreaking enough seeing a companion leave the TARDIS! But to die as well as leaving? I would die myself!
Jeff R.
31. blfffff
amy MUST DIE! she is the worst thing that has happened to doctor who!

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